1 inch Exchange clone script


Start building DEX aggregator like 1 inch.io  and explore the opportunities to earn through multiple products streams. Use our 1 inch clone script and open the defi gateway for your users to enter.

Replicate the 1 inch defi wallet, DEX aggregator with options like aggregation protocols, limit order protocol, liquidity protocol, and 1 inch earn models. 

Let’s see the detailed breakdown of our 1 inch clone script in detail

Features of 1 inch exchange clone script

Aggregation protocols - Aggregation protocols source the trade information from various decentralized exchanges and enable a single mode of translation that delivers the best exchange rates. Operated by smart contract, the protocol is encrypted and provides a safe place for users to have best EX trades.

Limit order protocol - Limit order protocol is defined by smart contract agreement that can run on any blockchain based on EVM such as(Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, Gnosis chain, Avalanche). It can offer enough flexibility to make the DEX trade with gas fee elimination. The protocol functions two main order types called Limit order and RFQ order.

Liquidity Protocol - The protocol allows users to lock their crypto assets in a specific liquidity pool to earn the interest and win tokens. By providing a liquidity source to the DEX ecosystem, the users can have unlimited earning opportunities like farming and mining. Through the use of tokens, the holders can participate even in the private token sales happening across other DEX.

Staking - Token holders can participate and vote in the organization proposal agreement. The token holders can also get added advantages like instant governance, DAO governance, and  gas fee refunding when doing swap exchanges on the DEX aggregator.

P2P Deal - User to user exchange of tokens can be done privately. P2P order can minimize the price fluctuations happening in the aggregator since its' happening outside the platform. Fair price for exchanging tokens can be dealt with user communication.

1 inch wallet clone 

1 inch wallet clone is the cloned version of 1 inch defi wallet that can give you access to hundreds of dApps in categories like defi, DEX, NFT and gaming. The 1 inch wallet clone we designed has the same features as you see in 1 inch defi wallet. Some of the notable core features as follows

  • Single access - Only using the wallet app alone, users can get involved in the dApps, and DEX platforms easily. Getting the best liquidity sources on every DEX happens seamlessly in the app.
  • Military grade security - Our 1 inch wallet clone is equipped with top-notch security called Secure Enclave so that users have a clear understanding of their process in an easy UI.Additionally, private key & key phrase scanning is accessible through the user's camera so that importing wallet addresses is an easy job. 
  • Flash transactions - In the Ethereum network, flash transactions have an extremely little chance of reaching the public memory pool prior to execution. We integrated flash transactions into the 1 inch wallet clone with the best use case.
  • Flexibility in connecting wallets - A number of connection choices for wallets can be utilized concurrently, and this capability can be used in the background. 
  • EIP-681 support - The 1 inch wallet clone can support the exclusive EIP-681 that can request payments through URLs. Users can click on the URLs securely and do the transactions.
  • Faster Transaction signing  - No matter the transaction size, it can be instantly verified and signed through wallet connect options.
  • Advanced order setting - The users can set up the gas fees on their own and execute the trades from their comfort. The higher the gas fees, the faster the transaction speed. 
  • iCloud Backup - Switching between other apple devices can be done easily with the help of password and import the wallet via iCloud.

Benefits of 1 inch clone script

  • Multiple blockchain networks supported
  • Faster & secure transactions
  • Readymade smart contract combination
  • In-built liquidity sources
  • Governance protocol integration
  • Tokenomics roadmap
  • Fluid user interface
  • Flexible for customization
  • Non custody wallet with tight security

1 inch exchange clone development 

Developing the 1 inch clone involves a lot of background tasks combined. It starts from API integration, smart contract deployment, Liquidity pool creation, Wallet integration, dApps connectivity protocols and much more. We can do the 1 inch clone development process with all the deployment done securely without time delay. 

Why to choose Hivelance for 1 inch clone script

We are named as the fast growing blockchain development company with accomplished projects in defi, dApp, Web3 solutions, NFT, Crypto Exchange, DEX, and other Blockchain based Fintech applications. Having the readymade 1 inch clone script gives you competitive advantage to start the DEX aggregation platform without hassle. 

Moreover, we have expertise in blockchain engineers who previously worked on the popular crypto exchange ventures. The guidance you get from us will shape your ideas into the sustainable MVP in less time. 

Get in touch with us to know more about 1inch clone.

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