PancakeswapClone Script

With our PancakeSwap Clone Script, start your journey on DeFi Boulevard! Create a DeFi Exchange featuring farming, staking, and swapping along with other specialized features, similar to PancakeSwap. Create the decentralized trading platform of your dreams with us right away!

Pancakeswap Clone Script

PancakeSwap Clone Script is a ready to use DEX software that enables users to trade BEP-20 standard tokens and cryptocurrencies on a decentralized marketplace similar to PancakeSwap. It incorporates all essential components to build a DeFi based platform, such as automated makers, farming, exchange, staking, liquidity pools, lottery schemes, and NFT.

Start-ups can accelerate platform development and save time, money, and effort by adopting Hivelance’s PancakeSwap clone script rather than developing their platform from scratch.

Features Of Our Pancakeswap Clone Script

Automated Market Making

The user can trade digital assets without obtaining permission using liquidity pools as opposed to a traditional market thanks to the prominent feature known as automated market making (AMM).

Integrated Security Protocol

We have a built-in security protocol that aids in managing and safeguarding the administration with scalability in accordance with the needs and increased security.

Trading Trends

We have incorporated trading patterns that assist in the analysis of current market trends with the most recent data on the values of BEP 20, BNB, and Binance token in a daily or weekly performance.

Trading Activity

Users get access to the transaction details on their accounts as well as the current progress of the transaction. The administrator can monitor user activity, watch the general platform's trade status, and verify the resources that are locked on their platform.

Yield Farming

You can farm LP tokens using the farming feature in our PancakeSwap Clone script to receive rewards in the form of CAKE tokens. The coins are kept in pools to give other cryptocurrency dealers liquidity.

Staking Pools

Our Pancakeswap clone has a staking feature called syrup pools that is used to stake user assets. By staking their BEP-20 tokens in the platform's syrup pools, users can earn yields that can be in the form of CAKE Tokens or other reward tokens.


Our PancakeSwap clone includes a feature called "Swapping" to help users swap BEP 20 tokens for the utility token CAKE. This makes it possible for users to swap tokens freely and easily.


Users are able to purchase a lottery through the lottery features in order to receive rewards. The user must own at least one ticket with 10 CAKE tokens in order to qualify for the lottery system.

Initial Farm Offering (IFO)

This feature enables people to purchase the new token ahead of time, even before the market launch. In this IFO, users can exchange their CAKE-BNB (LP) tokens for new project tokens

White label Pancakeswap Clone Software

Our Whitelabel PancakeSwap Clone Software allows you to create a decentralized platform that meets your needs using the BSC network.Utilizing our Whitelabel PancakeSwap Clone Software allows you to take advantage of a 100% customized solution that guarantees cost-effectiveness while offering cutting-edge capabilities comparable to PancakeSwap. With all the technical and security elements built in, it provides you with the entire infrastructure of a DeFi exchange like PancakeSwap.

Privileges of our PancakeSwap Clone script

Illuminating perks are highlighted to offer users fantastic advantages.Our PancakeSwap offers wonderful advantages

Low transactions Expense

Users who use our PancakeSwap clone can quickly and cheaply complete the transactions. Because of its cutting-edge technical equipment, the working process is efficient and the network does not require a gas price. Crypto-preneurs that want to run their business efficiently and cheaply may pick our PancakeSwap clone.

Pleasant user interface

Users don't need to have any prior experience to utilize the clone platform, therefore they don't need to worry about using the exchange platform.We build the platform with straightforward trading tools that are accessible to traders. When they have trouble, we are always there to help.

Secure platform

We provide highly integrated protocols to specify transactions taking place in a secure way. Our PancakeSwap clone script is executed with a number of multi-layer protection programs that raise the security level and prevent hackers from accessing the exchange platform. Customers can trade in a secure environment.

Excellent app model

Our PancakeSwap clone software is a deliciously trendy model that draws in all users by providing delightful needs that gratify the clients. We create software modes that are well-coded, feature rich, and rigorously tested for your dazzling outcomes.

Wallet integration

A connection must first be made with the recognized wallets to enable users to participate in the transactions.

Liquidity increase

PancakeSwap clone script receives substantial sums of money from customers and converts them into liquidity providers to the platform.

Token use case

Our PancakeSwap Clone script is committed to enhancing the usability of the tokens;it identifies the kind of token a user has from this platform.

PancakeSwap DEX Clone Software

With the help of PancakeSwap DEX Clone Software, you may create your own DEX platform that is both affordable and appealing using the BSC network and minimal trading fees. An expert DeFi development team at Hivelance creates PancakeSwap clone software with eye-catching features, functions, and layered security mechanisms. A DeFi-based decentralized exchange on the Binance smart chain can be created due to our PancakeSwap clone software, which offers a cutting-edge user experience.

Support wallets using PancakeSwap Clone Script

The following wallets are supported through the PancakeSwap clone script. Simply setting up MetaMask for BSC will allow your users to connect and conduct transactions on your platform.

Trust Wallet

Working flow of our PancakeSwap Clone Script

A series of seven sequential steps are used to carry out the basic features of the PancakeSwap clone script. The processes are,

Integration with wallet

To participate in the transaction, one must first sign up with one of the recognized wallets.

Liquidity Increase

The platform promotes users as the site's liquidity providers by accepting a sizable amount of money from them.

Specifying the token use case

Both the token’s usability and its utility are being improved through the PancakeSwap Clone Script.

Token specification for being possessed

The type of token that the participant using the platform has to be specified during this step.

Name the token to be exchanged

In this phase , the user enters the platform and can choose the type of token he wants to exchange.

Track the transaction’s development

The participant can check the exchanges transactions after identifying the type of token.

Verify your results

After the asset exchange is complete , the user will be required to verify the accuracy of the progress.

Why choose Hivelance for PancakeSwap Clone Script ?

Hivelance is a leading DeFi development company that provides the best Binance Smart Chain customers with a working PancakeSwap replica to encourage productive Swapping, Staking, and Farming. With pre-tested smart contracts, unique APIs, and lots of rewards, our PancakeSwap clone solution was created.

We also create DeFi solutions like Uniswap and Yearn Finance that operate successfully on the market for their expanded usage. We have a team of seasoned developers who take a deliberate approach while building a DeFi exchange that runs and operates identically like PancakeSwap.

  • Unique token creation
  • Highly adaptable
  • Affordable solutions
  • Exclusive API integration
  • Superior user experience
  • Reliable and fast solutions
  • Post delivery support
  • Hassle free projects


What is PancakeSwap clone script?

Pancakeswap clone script is the 100% replica of the Binance smart chain Defi exchange platform which is tested multiple times with a complete source code enabling the most prominent implementation of vital features like Automated Market Making, Farming, Swapping, Staking, and Lending.

Can I get obligation free demo of pancakeswap clone script?

Yes, we offer a live demo of the PancakeSwap-like DeFi exchange platform. We understand the importance of trying out a product before making a commitment. Our team is more than happy to provide you with a demo of the clone script, allowing you to explore its features and functionalities firsthand.

Where do I get pancakeswap clone script?

You can get reliable pancakeswap clone script from Hivelance. Our script is multiple tested, maintenance free and built with highly advanced tech stack. 

How do you clone a PancakeSwap frontend?
  1. In order to fork pancake swap front-end, you have to copy the contract of pancakeswap, change hash codes, replace them, add basic trading modules and deploy the contract on Binance smart chain. 
  2. For future upgrades, you can rename the contract version type and add more defi modules like farms, pools, IFO, lottery, profiles as per your vision. 
  3. Copy the pancakeswap frontend template or build the source code and deploy on your server. You can use the pancakeswap clone script to skip the development time.
Does PancakeSwap have its own Blockchain?

PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. BSC is a blockchain platform that is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), allowing it to support smart contracts and decentralized applications (dApps) similar to those on the Ethereum blockchain.

PancakeSwap uses the BSC blockchain to enable users to buy, sell, and trade digital assets in a decentralized manner, without the need for a central authority or intermediary. It also uses BSC's native BNB token for transactions and fees on the platform.

In short, PancakeSwap does not have its own blockchain, but rather uses the BSC blockchain for its operations.

What is pancakeswap clone script nulled?

PancakeSwap clone script nulled is a version of the PancakeSwap frontend that has been modified or "nulled" in some way. This could include removing certain features or functionality, adding unauthorized or illicit features, or altering the code in other ways. Using a nulled script is not recommended, as it can potentially be unreliable or even malicious. It is best to use the official, unmodified version of the PancakeSwap frontend.

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