OTC Crypto Exchange Script - Launch a Crypto Exchange With OTC Desk

Create and launch your own OTC crypto exchange platform!

OTC Crypto Exchange Script - Launch a Crypto Exchange With OTC Desk

OTC Crypto Exchange Script Development Company

As the crypto business is at its peak these days, businesses Persons started showing more interest in adopting trading businesses. Are you an Investor keenly looking to start a trading business with low investments? Here we offer the best solution through our OTC crypto exchange script to earn passive revenues. Peep the guidelines of how the OTC exchange is built, the architecture, and the working functionalities.

We are paramount in OTC crypto exchange development services. Our team of efficient developers provides flawless, secured, and cost-effective OTC Crypto exchange software scripts furnished with add-on features based on your business requirements.

What is OTC Crypto Exchange Script?

OTC Crypto Exchange Script is a highly customizable and user-friendly OTC cryptocurrency exchange script that you can use as a pre-developed framework to build an entire Over-The-Counter exchange platform for your business. It has all the primary features that allow you to launch a successful and profitable OTC exchange platform with minimum effort.

OTC exchange script is a one-stop shop to develop your own customized white label OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform in weeks. Our team of experienced blockchain developers will build you a customizable and scalable OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform with a high focus on high-end security, usability, and a seamless environment. 

What is OTC Exchange?

OTC( Over-The-Counter) Crypto exchange process takes place directly between two parties without the dependency of public deals and occurs in a secured environment.

Without the need for any supervision, The Crypto assets are exchanged between both parties. OTC trading brings in the picturization of exchanging financial elements like stocks, commodities, and digital bonds. In Over counter trading, Counter is the term that indicates the crypto assets being exchanged with the admin of the platform. OTC trading supports bulk trades and has no limitations or rules like other exchanges. 

As it encourages a bulk amount of crypto assets to be traded, it acts as a feature in centralized exchanges. The Admin has the power to estimate the price of cryptos. OTC exchange platforms are subjected to less transparency, offering users exclusive options like quoting prices that are unaware to others until the transaction is completed. Taking place in a secured way, OTC allows buyers and sellers to negotiate prices for single orders and perform bulk trades without any hassles.

Before starting the trading process, the affirmation from users is needed vitally to agree in case of any loss occurs. But OTC trading is gaining a staggering reach with the highest revenues.

Difference between OTC Exchange and other centralized Exchanges

  • In OTC trading, a bulk of crypto assets can be traded. Meanwhile, other exchanges do not support bulk trading but a restricted amount of assets can only be traded.
  • As discussed earlier, OTC trading platforms are subjected to lower transparency than other exchanges.
  • The listing of crypto coins will be in a structured way in other exchanges. But in OTC exchanges, the coin listings do not follow a proper pattern.
  • As the Admin of the exchange plays a vital role, contracts are handled and customized under their supervision. Other exchanges undergo standard customization.
  • Physical location will not be encountered in OTC platforms.
  • In traditional exchanges, there are certain limitations and rules laid out to exchange crypto assets.Hence the possibility implies a limited amount of trades. But in OTC trading, no such limitations are laid.

Why should you start OTC Crypto Exchange?

  • Starting an OTC crypto exchange business will assure you of rewarding the highest profits in a short duration.
  • A suitable platform for carrying out bulk trading.
  • It encloses ultra-modern architecture attracting millions of users to the platform.
  • Buying/ selling bitcoins can be done without any hassles as the security features are predominant.
  • A certain amount of transaction fees can be collected when bulk trading is performed.
  • Being the admin of the platform the price estimation depends on your own wish.
  • Support of multiple crypto wallets is the bespoken element.

OTC Crypto Trading Software

We are the Masters in blockchain technology offering definitive solutions which can propel your business to a higher ranking level in crypto markets. By eliminating third-party interference, and cutting higher prices and interruptions, Our developers bring in the successful launch of your OTC crypto trading software. We structure the financial market trading architecture with the implementation of the latest tools to deploy the long-lasting and hassle-free OTC exchange platform. We guarantee in assisting you throughout the development process of your platform with the inception of required ideas. Get started by joining our team…!!!!!

Why do people opt for the Bitcoin OTC trading script?

With a deep analysis of crypto markets, the astounding allegations utter that the OTC crypto trading markets have reached nearly $300 M.That’s really a huge volume and we can look forward to an increase in volume. Investments made in this platform can assure you bigger success. Hivelance’s Bitcoin OTC trading script is a ready-to-deploy script that helps you to launch your OTC trading platform instantly.

Key Features of Our OTC Crypto Exchange Software

To have a seamless trading experience, we create your OTC exchange scripts with well-equipped features and they are listed below:


Usability is the main focussed factor of our platform that is lined up with scalable features, a responsive user interface, an intuitive dashboard, market depth chart and trade charts, etc. Our designers implement attractive UX/UI designs to bring out perfect themes, and backgrounds.


Our OTC exchange script is highly scalable to handle multiple altcoins, simple integration of API layer with third parties,ultra-modern architecture, and upgraded features.


OTC exchange platform developed for your business endeavors is armed with a secure transaction, two-factor authentication, wallet, and also decentralized ledger ensuring high security.


With many benefits incorporated, Our OTC crypto exchange script is configurable and structured with user access control, managing platforms with admin console, and configuration of smart contracts.

Suitable for business:

Our specially configured Bitcoin exchange trading script makes your business easier along with many benefits stimulating automatic IP detection, KYC options, tracing funds, and transaction reports.

Flexibility in transactions:

Our OTC crypto trading software allows the users to perform trading and make successful transactions of multiple cryptocurrencies. When transactions happen flexibly, millions of users will start heading toward the platform.

Security Features of OTC Crypto Exchange Development

  • End-to-end encryption
  • Two-factor authentication
  • DDOS protection
  • Vaults with several signatures
  • Protection against phishing 
  • SSL protection
  • Ethereum-based smart contracts
  • Secured API connections
  • Browser security detection.

Working functionalities of OTC Crypto Exchange:

  • Users need to register themselves using the required credentials.
  • Funds are added to the crypto wallets
  • Submission of essential documents like government ID, proof of residency, proof of income, etc has to be done simultaneously.
  • Verification of documents is done by the admin to check the eligibility for bitcoin transactions.
  • The deposited amount will be displayed on the deposit page.
  • After the above steps, the user will be able to buy bitcoins at OTC desks and the price of buying/ selling bitcoin is determined by the admin of the platform.
  • If you are satisfied with the bitcoin price, you will receive an email.
  • You need to send the instructions in the email and then the admin will start transferring bitcoins to your wallet. Finally, the OTC trade is completed.

Benefits of OTC Crypto Trading Software:

  • Multiple Cryptocoin wallets
  • Safeguard transactions
  • Attractive UX/UI designs
  • Customizable solutions
  • KYC verification
  • Audit transactions
  • Resistant to cyberattacks
  • Integrated cold storage wallet
  • Escrow system to have safe transactions.

Use cases of Our OTC Crypto Exchange Software:

Commodities trading: Meanwhile, Commodities can be converted to cryptocurrencies and are traded on OTC platforms.

Peer-to-peer trading: This enhances direct trading between two parties without any interruptions.

Revenue generation: The Admins will be the most benefited one from the OTC crypto exchange platform as the revenues generated will be in higher numbers.

E-commerce: As it eliminates third-party involvement, e-commerce can rejoice in the efficiency of the Bitcoin OTC trading platform.

Why Choose Hivelance for OTC Crypto Exchange Development?

Your search might be difficult in getting the best solutions for developing your OTC crypto trading software. As a frontrunner in the crypto markets, Hivelance will be the right destination in catering your business to the next level by adopting our exclusive Bitcoin OTC trading platform. The main attribute of our firm relies in valuing our client's needs as ours and we turn into great progress with first priority. To present you with our previous works, we have delivered 100+ crypto exchange platforms to customers across the global level. Our group of well-talented developers organizes their work process in a structured pattern, bring-in marvelous designs, multi-test the platform for checking the performance, and deploys a seamless OTC exchange software. Some of our strong suits are:

  • Highly skilled crypto & blockchain professionals
  • Active open source contributors
  • Live demonstration
  • Automated testing process
  • Affordable price package
  • Agnostic solutions
  • Regular updations
  • Dedicated quality assurance team
  • 150+ crypto projects rendition
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Doubt clarification sessions 

Are you looking to start your own OTC crypto trading platform to perform price stability, execution speed, security, and privacy as well as secure transactions for your customers? Let’s get started and start generating revenue by launching your own OTC trading platform.

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