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Building trust in the digital world with our Blockchain development services. We provide a strong blockchain development solution to grow your business with high ROI with our skilled blockchain developers. We customize our blockchain development services to specific corporate use cases through feature integration, system modifications, and deployments.

Top-grade Blockchain Development Company

Hivelance is a top-grade Blockchain Development Company that guarantees perfection in every aspect and assists businesses in unlocking their hidden potential with our exceptional team of highly trained blockchain developers. As a prominent Blockchain Development company, hivelance has developed a brand for providing high-quality blockchain based business solutions for a wide range of industries.

Using EVM, Hyperledger, Cosmos, Solidity, or Substratum, we create unique blockchain systems.We also know to design a decentralized platform for NFTs, Bridges, DEX, Metaverse, Tokens, DeFi, dApps, and utility token production to create fully functional blockchain-based applications.

Exhibiting The blockchain Benefits

Authentic Ecosystem

Create a network that makes data more dependable, tamper-proof, and accessible. Because the network’s transactions are traceable and verifiable, it can foster a trusting environment among the supplier, consumer, and partners.

Business model

Blockchain accelerates cross-border transactions, strengthens supply chains, and makes secure data management easier through distributed ledger technology, all of which help to create more effective business models.

Lower Risk

Use distributed, immutable, and permissioned ledger to create transactions. To simplify and automate procedures like payment settlement, ID verification, and legal arbitration, use digital contracts known as smart contracts.

Transparency and unchangeability

Every piece of data or information stored on a blockchain network is unchangeable and transparent.

Having no single point of failure

Decentralized blockchain technology does away with the necessity for a single point of failure.

Prevents tampering and fraud

It is difficult to perpetrate fraud or tamper with the data kept on a Blockchain network because of the transparency and immutability of technology.

Our Pioneer Blockchain Development Services

Blockchain Development Platform we work on

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A popular blockchain platform that allows dApps and smart contracts. It pioneered the idea of programmable blockchain and made it possible for programmers to create a broad variety of apps on the network.

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A Linux Foundation-hosted project that serves as a hub for open-source blockchains and related technologies.It intends to develop modular, enterprise-grade blockchain libraries for a range of commercial use cases.

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A distributed ledger technology platform created for the financial services sector. Corda places a strong emphasis on upholding privacy and scalability for businesses that share information within a network.

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A decentralized platform with the goal of delivering swift and expandable blockchain networks. It swiftly and effectively achieves consensus using the innovative avalanche consensus mechanism. Polkadot

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Polkadot is a multi-chain platform developed by the Ethereum co-founder that enables several blockchains to communicate with one another and share data in a safe and scalable manner.

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A blockchain platform for building DApps that focuses on providing user-friendly interfaces. Fast and inexpensive transactions are what Near intends to provide in a developer-friendly ecosystem.

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A public distributed ledger named Hashgraph using the Hashgraph consensus method. It seeks to offer enterprise applications high throughput, low latency, and safe transactions.

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An autonomous blockchain platform that enables its users to change the protocol without having to wait for hard forks. It highights security, scalability, and formal verification.

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A framework for creating customizable blockchains is called a substrate. It enables programmers to build custom blockchains with unique features and consensus algorithms.

Blockchain industries we serve

Retail and eCommerce
Logistics and supply chain
Voting and government

Technologies we expertise in for blockchain development

Hivelance oversees project demands across sectors while using cutting-edge tools and technologies to create contemporary solutions. So, we are recognized as a top blockchain development company to fulfill your business needs.

Node js
Angular JS
Next JS
The Graph

Our streamlined blockchain development process

We transform your concepts into feasible , scalable, and dependable applications. Our blockchain specialists adhere to a reliable approach to test rapidly and achieve product viability at an early stage. We have adapted our process to fit with the ongoing development of blockchain technology due to our extensive expertise developing blockchain powered applications.

Investigate and evaluate

We help our clients assess the value of blockchain to their operations. In addition to doing market research, we also evaluate the viability of projects and prioritize blockchain platforms, tools, and features

User experience and practical design

On each blockchain project, we offer high-fidelity designs together with a seamless user experience. Testimonials from users, platform database design, technical component descriptions, and system blueprint design are all included in the technical design.

Corporate blockchain development

In order to help clients reduce time to market and boost return on investment, our blockchain developers create enterprise-grade apps and scalable, decentralized solutions from idea to design and development.


The backend, the frontend, the establishment of the blockchain network, and validating the nodes are the four phases in which our team provides your blockchain network. Additionally, before they are released, we test fully functional deployed programs like smart contracts and dApps.


We monitor , maintain and offer support for managing new OS versions, third party upgrades, and new releases. Our blockchain developers can assist in solving any issues.

Improvements and Migration

We provide the operational assistance necessary for a seamless conversion of your cryptocurrency applications to blockchain technology or from one blockchain protocol to another. To ensure little downtime, we also maintain the dApp updated.

Why should you prefer Hivelance for Blockchain Development ?

Hivelance is a renowned Blockchain Development Company, offers cutting-edge blockchain solutions to satisfy the needs and expectations of end customers, whether you're seeking for enterprise blockchain solutions or specialized blockchain development services.

Blockchain Developers with experience
Cost-Effective Growth
High-end skills
Exceptional Assistance and Maintenance
Process of Agile Development
Quick Delivery

Hire qualified Blockchain Developers

Hire Hivelance’s Blockchain developers to create smart contracts for NFT initiatives, crowdfunding campaigns, blockchain supply chains, and a variety of decentralized applications. Over the years, we have assisted firms in hiring 100% internal Blockchain developers that have undergone extensive background checks. We have Blockchain engineers for hire who may work exclusively for you, full-time, or on an hourly basis.


What is blockchain development?

Blockchain development is the process of creating , maintaining, and designing blockchain applications. However, it is also utilized to develop solutions such as smart contracts. Blockchain development and web3.0 developers are in high demand. This is because dApps and smart contracts are trending right away.

How Does Blockchain Work?

Basically, the node initiates a transaction by signing it with a private key. When a transaction is validated , it is added to a block known as the genesis block. The new block will be added to the edger. The transaction will be reconfirmed whenever a new block is added. And finally , a network requires six confirmations before considering a transaction completion. 

What does a blockchain developer create?

Blockchain developers created decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts using blockchain technology, as well as comprehending the architecture and protocols of the platform. They are in charge of creating 3D models,3D designs, and 3D content for use in games.

Do you create custom blockchain development?

We provide unique blockchain software development services for individuals as well as companies. We create custom blockchain systems with hyperledger, EVM, solidity, Cosmos, or Substrate. 

Is it true that Blockchain should only be used in a specific industry?

Blockchain, the irreversible technology, has claimed triumph in a variety of industries such as railway, solar energy, agriculture, education, and various supply chains. Thus there is no requirement that blockchain can be used solely in one industry.

Do you provide blockchain development for applications?

Yes, Hivelance expertise in decentralized application development. Our primary attention is to create DeFi applications, Decentralized autonomous organizations, staking platforms, cryptocurrency wallets, NFT games, cryptographic games, and decentralized exchanges.

How much time is needed to create a blockchain application?

Building a blockchain application can take anywhere between 4-6 weeks , based on the size of the project.

What blockchain platforms do you work with?

We place our trust in only a few blockchain development platforms out of numerous ones accessible since they meet our security and scalability standards. We provide cutting-edge blockchain development services across a number of different blockchain platforms, including:


  • Solana 
  • Ethereum 
  • Cardano 
  • Hyperledger 
  • Polkadot
  • Stellar
  • Tron 
  • Hedera 
  • Texos, and more
What are the business applications of Blockchain?

A few of the blockchain business applications are, 

  • Healthcare
  • Insurance 
  • Lending 
  • Supply chain and logistics
  • Media and entertainment 
  • Digital identity
  • Real estate 
  • Waste management 
  • Government projects
Can you provide blockchain fork development services?

Yes, we create various blockchain forks for blockchain networks such as Binance smart chain, ethereum, Tron, Solana , Polygon, Polkadot, etc.

What are the tech stacks used for blockchain development?

Programming language 



Node js
Angular js 
Next js

How to hire blockchain developers from a blockchain development company?

There are a number of factors to take into account while looking for a blockchain developer or development team to bring your idea to life. This is due to the fact that selecting the ideal blockchain developer can boost your chances of achievement and assist you in achieving your objectives. 

Hivelance is a leading Blockchain development company, providing a broad variety of blockchain solutions for businesses wishing to enter the blockchain industry.

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