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White Label NFT Marketplace Development Company

White Label NFT Marketplace Development Company

Why Do Brands Leverage NFT Technology?

Brands and Enterprise companies can create never imagined NFT experiences for their customers and employees. The NFT experience gives brands a new platform to showcase their brand’s identity, for better community engagement and improving customer loyalty. 

For example, a popular fashion brand Coach launched their NFT collection back in 2021 to carry out their giveaways for customers. The giveaways presented in the form of NFTs can be transferred to physical fashion products when the NFT owner redeems. Coach has developed their own NFT marketplace and released NFT collections to boost their other insider campaigns.

This brand approach towards NFT have been welcomed by the customers across the world. According to the, the number of NFT sales in the popular categories can be seen in the image below.

NFT sales data according to

What is White Label NFT Marketplace?

White label NFT marketplace is the purpose-built software solution that’s intended to do the full-cycle operation of NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace source code is developed by infusing all the attributes found in popular NFT marketplaces. The solution comes with a license so that brands can independently start their own NFT marketplace without big upfront cost. 

Get Whitelabel NFT marketplace demo

Comparison of white label vs Custom development

White Label Nft Marketplace

  • The solution is one-time payment, you don’t need to pay extra hidden fees.
  • 2X faster time to market as the solution is plug and play.
  • Customization part is much easier.
  • No need to hire a developers team.

Custom Development

  • Custom development needs a hierarchical  team structure.
  • Everything needs to be started from scratch.
  • The development cost is higher and time consumption.

Deliverables in White label NFT Marketplace 

The white-label NFT marketplace developed by our Hivelance team is feature packed. Get to witness the range of features and deliverables we are offering in our product as follows.

1. NFT marketplace smart contract

The programmed smart contract combinations can suit the logical operations of an NFT marketplace. The smart contract contains logics like Pre-sale, Whitelisting, Public sale, Reveal function, Transfer ownership and Distribute Revenue.

2. NFT minting engine

NFT minting process can be progressed using the NFT minting engine. The uploading of digital art, minting, compressing and delivering the final NFT address can all be done automatically. Gas fee optimized minting engine is built by us.

3. Auction format

The buy/sell process of NFT takes place on the backend which can be monitored by the smart contract logic. There are different auction formats like fixed-price, timed auction, bidding, ‍Dutch, Classic, Reserve, No reserve embedded in our white label NFT marketplace.

4. UI design

You can get the intuitive user interface that attracts the NFT community. The theme is appealing in terms of usability, navigation, appearance and responsiveness.

5. NFT search filters

The NFT search filters allows users to narrow down the NFT categories like image, music, collectibles, and videos. This is the default feature deployed in our white label nft marketplace. 

6. Wallet integration

The crypto wallet compatibility is the user-pivoted element. We have included multiple crypto payment gateways & wallets in our product that can let your NFT audience to swap wallets instantly.

White Label NFT Marketplace App Development

You can get whitelabel NFT marketplace from us in both web and mobile app formats. The app is developed using the latest stack and follows developer friendly code structure. Our NFT marketplace app demo contains 100+ screens that covers the entire framework. We use Reach and Flutter tech stack to develop mobile apps that can be scalable easily. 

How much White Label NFT Marketplace Cost?

On average, the white label NFT marketplace cost much lower than the custom development as we discussed earlier. This white label solution can be suitable for Startups, Influencers, Celebrities, Creators, Brands and Enterprises.

To know the cost estimation for white label NFT marketplace, you need to connect with our experts for detailed breakdown. Depending upon your requirement, we may be able to give you the exact quotation.

Build NFT Marketplace in Desired Blockchain

The USP of our product is the Blockchain flexibility. We have a dedicated white label NFT marketplace for any blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon. You can choose the desired blockchain network and get started with your NFT marketplace. 

Hivelance’s Expertise in Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Solutions

We are the NFT marketplace development company who can develop NFT marketplace for X.  We delivered whitelabel nft marketplace for multiple startups and guide them in installation process and deployment. There is always a strong developer crew to support your project whenever needed. We have pro-developers in the programming languages like Solidity, Typescript, JavaScript, Python,Swift, and Kotlin. 

Being active in the industry with hands-on experience, we can leverage your NFT marketplace idea to stand out among the crowd. 

Drop us a message and consult with experts.

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