NFT Development Company - Kickstart your NFT Journey with us

As the pioneer of NFT development services, we have emerged as the successful technical partner for many NFT marketplace projects at full scale. Through our constant upgradation in the NFT domain and shaping our NFT skillsets, we accept any complex challenges in NFT development.

NFT Development Company - Kickstart your NFT Journey with us

We are the emerging NFT development company with the quickest rate of growth, and we offer practical NFT solutions across all industries. We support businesses and brands in utilizing the potential of NFT to delight their consumers.

NFT Development Use Cases

1. Avatar NFT 

We can guide you to develop an avatar NFT collection which is a type of non-fungible token (NFT) that represents a digital avatar or character. You can create a generative avatar NFT based on the theme of your business or products.

2. Art 

Art NFTs can take many different forms, including digital paintings, sculptures, and photographs. The use of art NFTs has become increasingly popular in recent years, as they provide a way for artists to sell their work in a digital format and for collectors to own unique, digital versions of artworks.

3. Music 

Music NFT represents the true ownership of the music album composed by the music director. When everytime the music is listened to, the royalty fee is given to the music composer for valuing the creators community. Hence, no big organizations can buy the music label and tap the monetizing benefits solely. 

4. Collectibles

Collectibles can be of any type that may include digital cards, photographs, signatures etc. For example, the NFT collectibles are widely used in play-to-earn games where players are collecting unique NFT to go forward in the game’s next level. 

5. Photography 

The photographs or pictures taken by photographers can be converted as NFT and sold out in auction based NFT marketplaces. Vintage photographs, Rarely taken photographs can be minted as the NFT to protect the authenticity and adds creators value in it. 

6. Games

In-game purchases can be made in the form of NFTs to make them interoperable in other web3 games. Traditionally, web2 games were controlling the entire gaming ecosystem with their own assets developed. NFT games made the play-to-earn model to reach the gaming economics at a certain height.

7. Event Tickets

NFT Tickets open up the new gates for influencers, celebrities, and brands to engage their audience post events. Through loyalty programs event organizers can give extra perks to people who have the NFT tickets for the next event. It can be in the form of ticket discounts, merchandise sale, membership pass and more.

8. Domains

NFT domains looks similar to how web2 domains works but in a decentralized way. No other renewal fee or hosting charges are applied for displaying the content. Content creators, fans, celebrities can own their domain name through decentralized website hosting with multiple domain extension types available. 

Our NFT Development Services 

1. NFT Smart Contract Development

We can develop smart contracts on any preferred blockchains to facilitate the creation and management of Non-fungible tokens. Meta data for NFT is specified in smart contracts that hold all the NFT attributes like ownership details, transfer function, issuance authenticity and royalty fee percentage. The programming languages used to create smart contracts may include Solidity, Rust etc. Our smart contract developers can program your customized NFT smart contract to let you deploy the same on mainnet blockchains. 

2. NFT Marketplace Development

NFT marketplace is the important aspect of the NFT ecosystem that offers an easy interface for showcasing your NFT and selling it to the end users. As a leading NFT Marketplace development company, we offer custom NFT Marketplace development services as well whitelabel NFT marketplace development. Create your own private NFT marketplace or storefront and eliminate the high gas fees incurred by third party NFT marketplaces. 

3. NFT Game Development

NFT game development has a significant part in making the play-to-earn game economy better. Our team consists of talented developers with extensive expertise in NFT game development services like NFT token creation and in-game NFT assets development. Whatever game genre you're working on, we assist you by adding digital elements like 3D gaming tools and materials.

4. NFT Minting Services Development

NFT minting platform lets anyone create their non-fungible tokens on the blockchain and generate the NFT address on the same. We help Entrepreneurs to start their own NFT Minting Platform using our feature rich NFT minting script. NFT minting platform enables users to mint their NFTs without the need of deploying their smart contracts on the blockchain.

5. NFT storage and management services

NFT requires decentralized storage like IPFS solutions to store the NFT attributes. These services typically offer features such as secure wallet storage for NFTs, and tools for tracking and organizing NFT collections. You can avail NFT storage and management services as part of the NFT marketplace services or standalone services.  

6. NFT wallet creation & integration

NFT wallets are an integral part of every NFT marketplace or games or anything NFT is related to. We offer NFT wallet creation & integration services that’s applicable to any of your NFT ecosystems. The NFT wallet functionality and features are developed by the NFT experts in guidance with blockchain consultants. 

7. NFT Token Development Services

With the perfect blend of using NFT and smart contract programs together, we cater incredible NFT token development solutions to our clients according to their specifications. We can cover many blockchains to create your NFT token and help you in defining the token supply and NFT collection limitations.  

8. NFT Design and Marketing Services

When generating an NFT collection, the graphic format follows the same pattern with unique identifiers in each NFTs. We have expert NFT developers who can make stunning visual NFTs that can be re-generated as multiple NFTs using identifiers. Moreover, NFT collection marketing is the part of our NFT development services and solutions which you can use ultimately to increase the reach of NFT presence.

9. NFT consulting and Advisory services

We offer expert guidance and advice to individuals or organizations looking to get involved with NFTs, such as helping with market analysis, strategy development, and more. NFT advisory services may conclude all the important elements of the NFT ecosystem like marketplace creation, wallet creation, NFT minting and much more. 

Hire our NFT Developers

You can hire our NFT developers at the comfort of your flexible terms and conditions. We have dedicated NFT developers to allocate for your project with all the desired skills they need to have. 

State your NFT project requirements and clearly explain how your NFT is to be structured. Leave the technical job to our NFT developers and build your creative NFT project. From start to finish, our NFT developers can guide you to clear all the technical obstacles. When comparing our competitors, we stand out as the affordable choice for hiring experienced NFT developers. 

Why Choose Hivelance for NFT Development?

As the pioneer of NFT development services, we have emerged as the successful technical partner for many NFT marketplace projects at full scale. Through our constant upgradation in the NFT domain and shaping our NFT skillsets, we accept any complex challenges in NFT development. We are leveraged by 50+ developers and consultants in all the areas who work hard round the clock to move the needle.

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