About Us

We are the next generation technology services provider facilitating it’s noble patrons that in turn empowers business and ensures lasting benefits and partnerships.

We develop your digital ideas and present it in the best of its performance in the booming software era. Hivelance has the workflow which propels ahead with learnings and transforms to an effective and efficient product. This helps our several clients grow in their online business and gives an idea of our capabilities. We keep up with rapidly evolving trends and appropriate techniques which are effective and elegant. The main work of ours is framing the project and allowing rapid development while maintaining quality. Our goal is to combine brandable names, competitive prices and excellent services to make the most of your domain registration. Also we have a team which has an eagle eye to track defects in the products. Then, making sure of the client's approval, we deliver the product with uncompromising quality. The main advantage in choosing us is we come up with the product with minimal level of expenditure.

We care for our customer's projects as our own and we earn our clients trust. The main services we do in Hivelance are Exchange Development, NFT Marketplace, NFT Gaming Platform, Coin Creation, Daaps, DeFi Exchange and so on. We make use of all the resources available to the clients and commit ourselves to them. Finally, the delivery of the quality products would be our aim propelling the customer needs to the next level bigger and higher.


We adhere to become a client centric technological company providing secure and top-rated IT services and solutions. We align with the goals through empowerment and engaging ourselves in a competitive world, with our leading expert team.

Our Mission

Hivelance is a customer friendly organization, having a goal of delivering raving fans service with top-notch quality. We have a mission to prosper as an independent community-minded firm offering sustainable profitability with cutting edge standards.

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