Defi lending & borrowing platform development

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Defi lending & borrowing platform development

Creating a defi lending app can be a challenging job if you didn’t have much experience in dapps development.

We(Hivelance) are the renowned defi lending and borrowing development company offering the most innovative Defi solutions. Our Blockchain Developers provide the best services to start your Defi Lending/Borrowing project.

Kickstart your project without much delay. Timely delivery is guaranteed for developing your defi app’s frontend and backend.

Defi lending and borrowing platform development

Defi Lending & Borrowing Platform facilitates the process of lending, borrowing funds, cryptocurrency loans to the users in exchange of interest. Operated by the smart contract, it enables the process automatically and logs into the disturbed system in a decentralized manner.

We utilize the open-source DeFi protocols, to create deFi apps that can offer inbuilt benefits for lenders and borrowers which makes the platform more attractive in the crypto market.

We help startups and entrepreneurs in acquiring the opportunity to enter into the billion dollar Defi market by launching their DeFi lending and borrowing platform.

What you will get in defi lending & borrowing development packages  

Benefits of Defi lending and borrowing platform development

Defi lending and borrowing platform gives the borderless permission for the users to access financial services. As an entrepreneur, you can unleash more business ideas that can be applicable in deFi. The fundamental benefits defi can offer to the users as follows,

  • Elimination of third party involvement
  • Decentralized platform
  • Highly secured fintech accessibility
  • Transparent P2P transactions
  • Able to obtain loans instantly
  • Smart contracts for an automated process
  • Flexibility in loaning period
  • Anywhere, anytime easily accessible
  • Timely updations
  • Supports both currencies Fiat & Altcoins 

Features of  Defi lending and borrowing platform

Smart contract: The smart contract with highly programmed codes serves as an automated digital record, controlling the flow of funds, transactions and calculations done on the platform.

Liquidity pool: The liquidity pool refers to the funds deposited by lenders and ensures that the platform has sufficient funds available to be borrowed.

User dashboards: The user dashboard is designed with all the features and controls for efficient management for both borrowers and lenders.

Defi wallets: The DeFi wallet enables both borrowers and lenders to deposit their crypto assets for borrowing and lending respectively.

High security: The platform is designed with high leading security features ensuring security of borrower and lender funds.

Why choose a Defi lending/borrowing platform?

Building a defi app seems to be a promising idea for any business organization since it has tons of advantages. Maintaining and scaling the defi app can be easily doable and requires less engineering support.

Once the platform is built, you are good to go. The community runs the platform and you’re just providing backend support to run the operation. 

The defi community has gained traction day by day and users are flowing into the idea. Most common reason for people accessing the defi apps are,

  • Readily accessible
  • Immutable records
  • Highly flexible process
  • Open access to everyone
  • Lender passive income
  • Transparent transactions
  • Faster fund transfer
  • Permissionless processing
  • Fully automated process
  • Margin trading enabled
  • Low investment option

How does Defi lending/borrowing work?

Lending process

Users have to deposit the assets and the platform enables both lenders and borrowers to connect easily. Lenders can provide loans to those who are in need.

Once the process is initiated,the smart contract verifies them and authorizes the borrower for opting the loan. After the conditions are met, the contracts are deployed.

The transaction takes place and is stored on the blockchain for future reference.

Borrowing process

The request for loan is done by the borrower and they can take the loan with the crypto asset as collateral for the repayment of the loan.

The loan demand process is then verified by the smart contracts after the requirement conditions are met.

The transaction of loan is carried out with express consent of both lender and borrower.

Once the full amount is paid back by the borrower along with interest,the borrower will be given back with the collateral asset.

Some of the Defi lending/borrowing platform examples


Aave is a popular open-source non-custodial DeFi lending protocol that shifted from DeFi P2P lending strategy to a liquidity pool strategy.


Compound is an open source lending protocol that allows users to earn interest and also borrow assets against collateral on Ethereum network.


Maker is another crypto lending platform with DeFi open source protocols which primarily offers lending and borrowing.


Dharma is a non-custodial DeFi lending protocol which allows users to lend and borrow DAI or USDC and receive variable interest rates.

Why choose Hivelance for Defi lending/borrowing platform development?

Recognized by the crypto industry regarding our client portfolio, Hivelance is the fastest growing Defi development company with experience in both blockchain networks and dapps development. 

We have a separate team of app developers who can provide Defi development services to launch your Defi lending/ borrowing platforms with the best features and functionality. 

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