ERC721x Token Development Company

Hivelance provides ERC721x Token Development services with best in-class technical support.

ERC721x Token Development Company

ERC721x Token Development company

Hivelance provides ERC721x Token Development services with best in-class technical support. The ERC721x token development includes all the features of ERC1178 standard with ERC721 standard compatibility.

The development process contains the stages such as Blockchain nodes implementation, smart contract creation, Ethereum wallet development, Testing the token contract and Deployment on EVM network. 

What is ERC721x?

ERC721x is an extension of the ERC71178 token standard. ERC1178 was created to resolve the allowance of multiple fungible tokens to be included. Due to its limitations in compatibility, ERC721x comes as the variant version.

It is compatible with existing wallets, exchanges and includes a single contract to allow multiple fungible classes in one platform. 

Why does ERC721x exist?

Non-fungible tokens are the type of cryptocurrency token that can be in any form such as Image, Video, Art, Signature, Real world assets, Music and tickets etc. ERC721 is the standard protocol for Non-fungible tokens. ERC721 doesn't have the capability to allow different types of crypto collectibles in the same contract. 

ERC1178 solves the problem by supporting multiple non-fungible tokens to be used inside the same contract. But the ERC1178 has no compatibility with current age wallets and exchanges. That's Why ERC721x is founded as the extension of ERC1178. It is compatible with wallets and offers interoperable nature in multiple non-fungible tokens.

Benefits of ERC721X Token development

1. Low gas fees

ERC721x has the capacity to transfer the ethereum tokens without much gas fees. The gas fees can be greatly reduced by this token standard and being adopted in most of the NFT marketplaces.

2. Compatible

ERC721x is a complete ecosystem that includes ERC721 token compatibility layer, crypto collectibles support, and ERC1178 feature set. Hence, the token standard is preferred for accessing all dApps without writing a separate contract.

3. Multiple fungible class

You can import crypto collectibles that can be in any digital form. You can allow gaming assets, characters, virtual places all in one one place. The dApp application can support any form of assets written as per the code.

Right choice for ERC721x Token development

We are the best pick as a ERC721x token development company obviously. Hivelance has proven itself as an important player in ethereum token development projects. We have production ready ethereum token smart contracts in standards like ERC20, ERC721, ERC721x to fulfill your objectives.

You can hire our solidity developers dedicatedly in case additional support is needed. We are fully flexible to assist you in any stages of development. 

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