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Revolutionize your crypto activities with our top-grade Cryptocurrency exchange software development services.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software

Cryptocurrency ExchangeSoftware Development Company

Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Development is one of the most recent advances in the cryptocurrency business. By enticing additional cryptocurrency traders who they can securely purchase, sell, or exchange cryptocurrencies with, effective crypto exchange software will enable your business to develop and ensure its success.

Hivelance is a top provider of cryptocurrency exchange software development services, providing cutting-edge, scalable, and secure solutions for the cryptocurrency market.Our professionals have years of expertise setting up and running changes , guaranteeing that their solutions satisfy the requirements of the clients. Our services for developing bitcoin trading software with an eye towards the future ensure that your cryptocurrency exchange software succeeds in the fierce competition with ease.Work with us if you want a dependable and secure crypto trading platform.

Whitelabel CryptocurrencyExchange Software

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Software is a custom-made solution that includes all necessary features and functionalities. It enables the cryptopreneur to quickly establish a fully functional crypto trading platform.We are a one stop-solution for customizing whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange software to facilitate secure and quick transactions, as well as providing full cryptocurrency exchange development services.

Our Cryptocurrency ExchangeSoftware Development Services

Centralized Exchange Development

You can build a cryptocurrency exchange platform that offers transactions mediated by a central regulating authority, ensuring the highest level of se...

Decentralized Exchange Development

You can build a cryptocurrency exchange platform that facilitates the exchange of cryptos through decentralization phenomenon, while providing transpa ...

P2P Exchange Development

Launch a P2P crypto exchange and collaborate with Hivelance to offer a hassle-free means of crypto asset transfer. Using a specific framework, you can ...

Escrow Exchange Development

Merge-up with Hivelance to build a multi currency trading platform with unlimited token support, escrow protocol, and error-free source code. ...

Hybrid Exchange Development

By creating a hybrid exchange that allows cryptos to be moved with both types of exchanges, boosting the flexibility of the exchanges, you can take us ...

OTC Exchange Development

You can develop an exceptional platform for carrying out a sizable amount of cryptocurrency trading with Hivelance. The OTC carries out direct transac ...

Derivative Exchange Development

Start a Derivative Exchange with Hivelance to execute cryptocurrency trades that are based on the performance of the cryptocurrency market. On the DEX ...

Crypto Spot Exchange Development

We provide assistance to spot exchange software development with proper pricing. Our developers have demonstrated success rates in a short amount of t...

Crypto Copy Trading Development

We provide globally accessible ideas for crypto copy trading software development and construct your platform with cutting-edge security features. Als ...

Prime Features ofCryptocurrency Exchange Software

Industry-leading features are built into the development of our cutting-edge cryptocurrency trading platform.

Dependable trading engine

Using this functionality, you can ensure that cryptocurrency transactions are performed quickly and improve user engagement.

AML/KYC validation

You can verify a user’s identity by collecting their photos, gmail account , bank accounts, legal documents, and other forms of government issued identification.

Admin dashboard

User friendly admin dashboard helps the platform’s administrator effectively manage resources, user data, and other crucial functions.

User Dashboard

User dashboard we provide for your exchange platform comes with all the tools required to assist your users in trading virtual currencies, viewing trading charts and cryptocurrency prices, making deposits, and transferring money.

Integration with wallet

Your customers can securely store, receive , and transfer digital assets from one wallet address to another using the bitcoin wallet that we enable in your exchange app.

Superior chart view

The past and present bitcoin prices are visible to your users in a chart form. Additionally, it will help them with their study of future price forecasts for all digital currencies.

Integrated Payment gateway

Your users will be able to complete transactions more quickly by integrating a cryptocurrency payment gateway. Thus , your users will find it easier to withdraw or deposit money.

Order book

By using this service, your users can rapidly trade digital assets by accessing the order book, which lists all bitcoin buy and sell orders.

IEO module built-in

To facilitate sales for recently issued crypto tokens, we offer an IEO launchpad in the program for the benefit of token owners to generate passive income.

Lending API

It is a critical element of our development strategy for crypto exchanges. Transactions made by your users could be effective and unaffected by changes in the market price.

Refer and Earn

Users profit from the referral and reward programme, which also enables quiet liquidity in bitcoin trading through the earning of incentives.


Offering staking benefits through your users' crypto assets and giving them the chance to earn sizable rewards might help you keep them interested.

Security Features ofCryptocurrency Exchange Software

  • Jail Login
  • HTTP authentication
  • Encrypted data
  • EScrow system
  • Wallet security
  • Cross-site request forgery protection
  • Anti-distributed denial of service
  • Server side request forgery protection
  • HTTP parameter pollution protection

Business Perks of developingCryptocurrency Exchange Software

Get a world-class cryptocurrency exchange development solution from Hivelance and enjoy a host of business advantages.

Ready to take off
Effective in terms of cost
100% adaptable
Large-scale solution
Reduce the time to market
Rapid deployment
No technical knowledge is required.
Produce high ROI quickly

Our Precise Roadmap DuringCryptocurrency Exchange Software Development

As a well-known provider of cryptocurrency exchange software, we employ the below-mentioned method to build a trading platform for cryptocurrencies.


Obtaining Requirements

Analysation will be done from the client by our business team. Then, based on the product that is being built, we compile all of the client's appropriate needs. Since the quality of requirement gathering ultimately affects the outcome, we give it additional consideration.



We have a plan and let the client know exactly how the cryptocurrency exchange will be created by us. Planning effectively is always helpful in determining the areas that require concentration, and completion of the project.



Our seasoned developers are capable of creating stunning UI/UX designs. The cryptocurrency trading software we create is based on current blockchain developments, -a focus on user appeal.



Once the product design is complete, we immediately begin the development process. Throughout the Crypto exchange development process, we make sure the developers adhere to the client's expectations and needs.



We evaluate our top-notch Crypto exchange software after development to find any flaws. Testing may occasionally uncover faults or minor problems, which will be fixed before proceeding to the deployment step.



Clients can be sure that a development will be successful, once it reaches the deployment stage. Here, we set up the exchange software on the server and assist the clients with finishing the procedure.

Why Choose Hivelance ForCryptocurrency Exchange Software Development ?

Hivelance is a top-grade cryptocurrency exchange software development company, offering complete solutions in accordance with the needs and specifications of corporate organizations operating in various industries or sectors. We are a group of very talented blockchain specialists who specialize in providing the best blockchain solutions.

With the help of our white-label crypto exchange creation services, you may achieve great success by gaining an edge over rivals in your particular market. No matter the size or industry, the crypto trading platform we designed will be ideal for all types of company ventures.Here is why,

Time consumption
Affordable pricing
Flexible software
Sophisticated security mechanism
Easy deployment
Simple add on integration
High ROI
Customizable whitelabel solution


What is cryptocurrency exchange software?

Cryptocurrency exchange software is a customized crypto trading solution that helps to launch a crypto trading platform where users can buy, sell, and trade digital assets such as cryptocurrencies, tokens, stablecoins, NFTs, etc.

Can I customize the cryptocurrency exchange software according to my requirements?

Yes, our white label cryptocurrency exchange software is completely customizable. With that, you can modify the design, logo, theme, and other features based on your specific requirements.

How much does crypto exchange development cost?

The cost of developing your cryptocurrency exchange software will be determined by your needs and the features that will be added to the platform. Reach our experts to get a complete price quote.

What are the features of cryptocurrency exchange software?
  • Trading Engine
  • Liquidity API
  • Multi wallet integration
  • KYC/ AML
  • Referral system
  • Payment funds management
  • And more
Can I add additional features to the cryptocurrency exchange software?

Yes, Hivelance allows you to add additional features to the cryptocurrency exchange software based on your business needs. Our team of expertise can help you execute the modifications that you require.

What are the security features of cryptocurrency exchange software?

Crypto exchange software must include some essential security features such as CSRF protection, registry lock, DDoS mitigation, database encryption, biometric authentication, two-factor authentication, and more.

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