BEP20 Token Development Company

Create your own token on BEP20 using start-of-the-art technologies.

BEP20 Token Development Company

BEP20 Token Development Company

Amplify your brand value by creating imprecise BEP20 tokens on BSC( Binance smart chain) with Standardized protocols. Our team of developers assists you to hasten your business growth ranging from Defi, Dapps to DEX projects. Get started by accompanying us..!!!

BEP20 Token Development

BEP20 is a technical standard to represent tokens built over Binance smart chain incorporating smart contracts that are digitally coded.DeFi markets are utilizing the needs of BEP20 tokens facilitating add-on properties and functionalities to the startups and entrepreneurs. Similar to ERC20 tokens, this token runs on Ethereum Virtual Machine ( EVM) paving the roads to creating successful and scalable projects with cross-chain functionalities. We guide you by explaining all the algorithms included and the prominent ways to create your BEP20 tokens. 

Features of BEP20 Token Development

  • Faster transactions
  • High scalability
  • Low transaction fees
  • Listings on exchange
  • Cross-chain compatibility
  • No intermediaries
  • Ownership rights
  • Token minting and burning
  • 100% verified source code
  • Dual chain architecture
  • Smart contract coded
  • POS and DPOS support

BEP20 Token Development Services

BEP20 Token development:

Our developers create BEP20 tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain. We create both fungible and non-fungible tokens.

BEP20 Token Minting and Burning:

Our team is capable of creating mintable BSC tokens and token owners can choose to either mint additional tokens or burn extra Tokens.
BEP20 Token Migration:

Our blockchain developers can move your tokens from one blockchain to another including Ethereum, Tron, EOS, and BSC.
BEP20 Token Listing:

We can help you to List the developed BEP20 tokens on various top cryptocurrency exchanges to make it more popular.
BEP20 Token Wallet Development:

We develop secure token wallets to hold and administer Binance Smart Chain tokens developed according to the BEP20 standard.
ICO Development:

We successfully design and launch your own ICO platform and raise cash for new business plans by distributing ICO-based BEP20 tokens.
Benefits of BEP20 Tokens:

  • High scalability
  • Decentralized
  • Creation is simple
  • Collateralized
  • Quicker efficacy
  • Staking with insurance options

Specification of the BEP20 Token Standard

If you’re looking to create tokens on Binance Smart Chain then it’s helpful to know the BEP20 token standard specification.

  • Can Mint – The “Can Mint” specification is inflationary, and it establishes whether new tokens can be minted to increase the BEP20 supply over a period of time.
  • Can Burn – The “Can Burn” specification is a deflationary one, determining whether tokens can be burned, thus leading to a decreasing supply over the period of time.
  • Blacklist – The “Blacklist” specification allows you to ban or blacklist malicious addresses. 
  • Can Pause – The “Can Pause” parameter is useful during malicious attacks or incidents where the platform becomes vulnerable. 

BEP20 Token development process:

Research and planning:

We kickstart your project with market research and further concentrate on new token standards like token value, symbol, and total supply. Planning is done in a systematic way.

Design and development:

Documentation is carried out with the designs to be implemented for token creation. We incorporate a team of developers who have the efficiency to develop your project with null defects.

Testing and deployment:

A token is brought into existence after undergoing various testing methods to find the errors and bugs.

Vital Agenda for creating  BEP20 Tokens:

  • Token name
  • Token symbol
  • Token decimal places
  • Total supply
  • Balance of
  • Supply type
  • Token type
  • Network

Cost estimation of creating BEP20 Tokens:

The cost estimation depends on the features added based on the user’s requirements and the considered factors are:

Features of BEP20 tokens

  • Design of BEP20 tokens
  • Business model
  • Number of BEP20 tokens needed
  • BEP20 Token listing
  • Support and maintenance
  • Distribution of tokens.

Why Hivelance for BEP20 Token Development?

Hivelance is the leading  Token development company having talented professionals to create the tokens on the user’s preferred blockchain networks. We help startups and Entrepreneurs by providing reliable BEP20 token development solutions to establish wide spectra of their business and witness growth. We are well expertise in token development and have rendered ERC20 token developments previously. Users can get assistance throughout the entire development process. With deep knowledge in the field, our main added features on the crown are:

  • 10+ years experienced as blockchain developers
  • 50+ crypto projects delivered
  • Agile methodologies included
  • Agnostic solutions
  • On-time delivery
  • Quality checking professionals
  • Zero bug outputs
  • Helped more than 100+ startups. 

Start to create your dreaming crypto token project and connect with our team to get your free consultation.

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