SimpleFX Clone Script To Create A Stunning Crypto Trading Platform Like SimpleFX

SimpleFX clone script is a ready-made crypto exchange trading script that allows you to create your own exchange with extensive features and functionalities comparable to SimpleFX.

SimpleFX Clone Script To Create A Stunning Crypto Trading Platform Like SimpleFX

SimpleFX Clone Script

Start your own unique and market trending Crypto exchange like SimpleFX by fetching our readily-available SimpleFx clone script. Our design modules permit the successful exchange of 60+ crypto pairs with faster execution, phenomenal trading factors, snowballing incomes and so on. Reach our expert panel right now to make the grade in your business conquests..!!!!

Why Opt for SimpleFX Crypto Exchange?

  • SimpleFX Crypto Exchange can serve as the Ultimate trading experience for traders.
  • Among all trading platforms, SimpleFX is the fastest and the most intuitive trading tool for enhancing your business.
  • The availability of automatic trading solutions conjoined with a safe API manager makes the ecosystem more identical.
  • By using this trading platform, transactions happen cautiously and there is no need for minimum deposits.

Features of our SimpleFX Clone Script

Making your preference as the top priority, the experts on our side accomplish them thrivingly. Some of the splendid features of our SimpleFX clone script are:

User’s Account:

  • It has Lucrative affiliate programs
  • Staking of Cryptos is possible
  • The account supports multiple currencies
  • There is no need for any minimum deposits


  • It is described as the transparent third-party affiliate system
  • Snowballing incomes are guaranteed ( Users can receive up to 50% of the revenue share generated by the SimpleFX client referred by you, plus 5% of the revenue produced by the traders recommended by your referrals.)
  • Monthly earning possibility is higher
  • The system is simple cookie-based

Security System

  • Two-factor authentication for ensuring high security
  • Protection of negative balances
  • Clients have segregated accounts to safeguard their funds
  • Transaction of funds are faster and safer

Trading Process

  • API manager
  • Execution speed is faster
  • It is the Metatrader4 platform (A flexible trading system, Inherits technical analysis options and trading signals)

Alignment of Special Community

  • Providence of trading ideas to flourish the business
  • Signal trading between all metatrader 4 brokers are possible 
  • In order to test the platform, there is no need for any registration.

Exclusive Attributes in Our SimpleFX Clone Script

Bitcoin Lightning Network:

Our SimpleFX clone script is developed with a purpose-built Bitcoin Lightning network payment system. This system allows sending and receiving bitcoins to prospective SimpleFX accounts with no fees and without any hassles or delays. Uses of these networks are:

  • Easier transfer of bitcoins 
  • Privacy is maintained constantly
  • Zero payment for withdrawals
  • Acts as the second layer protocol supporting micropayments 
  • Security is higher as it demands QR scan codes, invoices, addresses, and so on.
  • Transactions done are cheaper and are easier to verify.


Our SimpleFX clone script supports ETH2.0 staking and includes special architecture to regulate the transactions and the validators. Some of the ETH plans we hooked up in our script are detailed below:

  • Stable Interest earnings from the ETH Deposit
  • Profits from the rising Ethereum price
  • Ability to use staked funds for trading
  • No minimum deposits are required.


Metatrader4 is the top notch trading software implemented in our clone script and is faster, stable, and reliable. Our team of developers develops the script with numerous in-built analytical tools with automatic trading options. It has different order types like market, pending limits, and stops and trailing stops with price alert notification features. 

How does Our SimpleFX Clone Script Work?

  • Users need to register by entering all the details required mainly with a mail id.
  • Receiving a verification mail, it is confirmed and sign-up is done and the account is ready to use.
  • Two-factor authentication and KYC verification are performed for ensuring that security measures
  • Users can initiate the crypto deposits and start trading…!!!!

SimpleFX Clone App

SimpleFX clone app is the crypto exchange app is the ultimate replica of the SimpleFX platform to trade cryptos developed with enhancing trading features. These apps act as the perfect ecosystem for exchanging the cryptos within mobile phones to have access from anywhere. Our team of app developers are masters in designing and developing apps to progress your business toward peak success. The SimpleFX Clone apps support both Android and iOS to make the profits double in the crypto markets.

Why Choose Hivelance for SimpleFX Clone Script Development?

Hivelance is the Global level top prioritized Cryptocurrency exchange development company, with a team of well proficient developers with 10+ years of experience in the field. Our SimpleFX clone script will be the solution to support all types of trading processes with highly encrypted wallet amenities. Avant-garde security pinpoints, token modules, and faster lightning transaction capacity are the highlighted features implemented to reshape your business. In each and every phase, the guidelines would be the right path-finder in achieving the targeted goals.

  • Widgets for attracting audiences
  • Hassle-free exchange supporting platform
  • Team to clear all your doubts immediately
  • Best coordinators to support post-delivery of the platform
  • Intuitive solutions to find bugs and make faster processing.

Want To Launch Your Own Crypto Exchange Like SimpleFX?

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