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Looking to build your own NFT marketplace like OpenSea? Hivelance offers a customizable OpenSea clone script that allows you to create your own unique platform for buying, selling, and trading NFTs.

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Hivelance's OpenSea Clone Script

Opensea clone script is an NFT marketplace script solution that includes all key functions of Opensea and so can be used completely to build a full-featured NFT marketplace within a short span of time. Therefore, launching and running a lucrative NFT marketplace will never be hard work with the readymade and Whitelabel Opensea clone script. Grab your own modernized high-quality Opensea clone script built on a blockchain platform fulfilling your innovative ideas for the exchange of digital collectibles like arts, music, etc.

Statistics of the largest NFT Marketplace ''Opensea '' in 2023

Opensea clone script is an NFT marketplace script solution that includes all key functions of Opensea and so can be used completely to build a full-featured NFT marketplace within a short span of time. Therefore, launching and running a lucrative NFT marketplace will never be hard work with the readymade and Whitelabel Opensea clone script.

Grab your own modernized high-quality Opensea clone script built on a blockchain platform fulfilling your innovative ideas for the exchange of digital collectibles like arts, music, etc.

What we deliver in our Opensea Clone Script

  • Single NFT
  • Multi NFT
  • Collections
  • EVM Chain (Multichain)
  • Minting
  • Lazy minting
  • Buy
  • Sell
  • Auction & Bidding
  • Royalties
  • Affliates
  • Launchpad
  • Perfect Opensea Clone Script Tailored To Meet User Demands

    NFT users now are really required an alternative NFT marketplace due to the demand of the market. So, grab this wonderful opportunity to get shine in this crypto industry by building your own impressive NFT marketplace with a well-built Opensea clone script from Hivelance. Our reliable Opensea clone script will help you in launching a full-fledged, convenient, and safe NFT marketplace to entice users within a very short time.

    What is Whitelabel Opensea Clone Script?

    Whitelabel Opensea clone is a 100% customized NFT marketplace script that can be used to create an NFT marketplace for buying, selling, creating, and listing NFTs. So, going for a Whitelabel Opensea clone will be the best way to launch your own P2P NFT marketplace like Opensea with incomparable performance.

    Whitelabel Opensea clone script is the mirror image of Opensea NFT Marketplace developed on blockchain Ethereum, in which the users can create NFTs, buy, sell and trade them. We can opt for the safest trading of arts, music, photography, metaverse lands, videos, etc. Our white label Opensea clone script software is designed the way of enfolding highly programmable smart contracts for a safe execution method.

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    Magnificent Features for the Opensea Clone Script

    The features of the NFT marketplace like Opensea is mentioned below that can be personalized and be framed according to the requirement.

    • Web3
    • Front-end display
    • IPFS Storage
    • NFT Wallet Integration
    • NFT Minting
    • Single Minting
    • Multiple Minting (ERC 1155 Standard)
    • Multiple Currency Support
    • Multiple Currency Support
    • Royalty Payment Support
    • Metaverse Capability
    • NFT Listing
    • P2P Transaction
    • Multi-chain interoperability
    • Native Token Governance
    • Gas-Free Marketplace Solution
    • Notification option
    • List, Sell and Buy NFTs
    • Metamask Login
    • Like, Watchlist, and Report options
    • Royalty Payment Support
    • And more

    Overview Of Gas-free Opensea NFT Marketplace

    The users previously trading on blockchain networks were urged to pay high gas fees. The new feature called the Gas-free NFT marketplace built on polygon blockchain is in existence now, eliminating the gas fees.

    Polygon is a blockchain that provides scalable, secure, and instant transactions. By getting NFTs on polygon blockchain, there are no costly wallet initialization fees with no cost of buying and selling NFTs.

    Isn't that an amazing attribute for the traders?

    We at Hivelance technologies can create your gas-free open sea clone script readily available with minimal cost and in a short duration. Multi-chain marketplace solution is too available with us.

    Top Features of Opensea Clone Script

    Opensea clone script is a splendid creation replicating the features of Opensea and its functions which provides the users a wonderful NFT marketplace experience.

    Made-Easy Architecture

    Our developers developed the Opensea clone script including all aspects like high security, and quicker processing with a simple and tailormade architecture.

    Top-Notch NFT listing

    The clone script of Opensea developed by our team implements many options in the NFT listing to have the best scope for NFTs usage.

    NFT Trading

    From checking the availability of NFTs on the marketplace to the trading of NFTs, everything is tracked with mintable options.

    Multiple Wallets

    Different types of crypto wallets which are used for storing the cryptos for activities like buying, selling, and trading are available within this script.

    Multiple API Integrations

    For a quicker and highly enhancing NFT marketplace development, multiple APIs are added in the clone script to make the developer's job easier. Advanced API can be integrated in the future if needed.

    User-Friendly Interface

    The script comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for buyers, sellers, and traders to navigate the platform.

    How Does Our Opensea Clone Script Works?

    When installing the Opensea clone script on your web domain, the following operations can be done at the front end.
    Users can create an account and log in
    Users can connect their decentralized wallets to the marketplace for trading, buying, and selling NFT.
    Sellers have the option to mint the assets as NFTs by declaring minting fees.
    Buyers can buy their NFTs in auction-based offers.
    Users can use their NFTs for different purposes anywhere on a third-party marketplace.

    Opensea Clone App Development Solution

    Opensea clone app is an NFT marketplace app designed with the ability for customization on the development side like performing trading, buying, minting, etc. We create mobile apps in iOS and android having the entire functionalities of the Opensea. This easy-to-adopt solution reduces your technical development by half of the time.

    Build your Opensea clone app that is built on blockchain networks like Ethereum, Solana, Polygon, etc. Hivelance delivers 100% hassle-free and no bugs detected apps to avail all the features as in the NFT marketplace like Opensea.

    Why Opensea Business Model is a Unique One in This NFT Marketplace?

    Nowadays people are looking for an NFT marketplace more than buy, sell, and discover exclusive digital items, crypto-collectibles, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). why because of NFTs are makes huge demands on one and when it comes to business people think that it is a kind of digital collectibles that can be listed in the NFT marketplace. This is why people interested to trade digital collectibles via the NFT marketplace more than normal other exchange platforms.

    Why Opensea Business Model is a Unique One in this NFT Marketplace?

    Reason Behind Opensea Business Model To Look Unique One!

    • It's King of the NFT Marketplace in the Crypto era
    • Opensea aid around $14B in transactions in 2021 and already crossed $1B in 2022
    • OpenSea is currently valued at $13.3 billion.
    • According to Dune Analytics, on OpenSea (Polygon) sold nearly 2 million NFTs in December last year.
    • Competitive market commissions
    • N numbers and a variety of NFT & crypto collectibles
    • Industry-leading security protocol
    • OpenSea is secured by immutable smart contracts, creating fraudulent transactions nearly impossible.
    • Opesea charges some minimal commission fees for buying and selling NFTs.

    Choose Opensea Clone Script To Stand Out From This Competitive Crypto world!

    If you are looking for a Kingpin of NFT Marketplace like Opensea, then choose Opensea clone script as a startup that is flexible for users to buy, sell and create NFTs on your marketplace. There are a lot of NFT marketplaces are running. But Kingpin of Opensea Clone Software is the only business that earns more profit by promoting others NFTs.

    The important thing about Opensea business is there is no need to invest more funds and also no need to own any NFTs. Yes!” In simple terms, we can say that Opensea business is nothing but gaining more money by listing other NFTS. In Opensea business you don’t require to invest more and also you don’t need your own NFTs.

    Wanna be a unique entrepreneur then choose Kingpin of Opensea Clone Script!

    In the NFT business marketplace, Opensea marketplace deserves a unique place. Because it gives benefits for both the user and the owner. Want to know more about Opensea clone and start your Kingpin of NFT marketplace like Opensea in a smart way?

    The Kingpin of Opensea Clone Script Development

    Our skilled and dedicated experts understand the exact demand to accurately work on it right from the scratch. A complete list of customized white-labeled development for Opensea Clone Development. We ensure comprehensive support to execute the NFT marketplace requirement and work with extreme zeal and hard work.

    Hivelance is an NFT marketplace clone development company that developed some of the best NFT Marketplace Clone scripts for our clients worldwide. As a leading NFT marketplace development service provider, we have taken into discussion the most comfortable way you can use these services. Our Readymade Opensea Clone Script is designed in a way that meets your requirements and surpasses them.

    How Opensea Clone Script Benefits the Entrepreneurs?

    Opensea clone script is the instant solution for crypto entrepreneurs who want to start an NFT marketplace like Opensea immediately Opensea clone script is the ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace script that is trending on the NFT marketplace right now. This ready-made clone script includes all the technical features and security protocols of the well-known NFT marketplace like Opensea. Our first-rate Opensea clone script is one of the best scripts that help to build a Web3-based NFT marketplace with NFT gifting & minting just like the Opensea platform. The development and other functions of this Whitelabel Opensea clone script are the look-alikes of the Opensea.

    In simple words, This script is a 100% replica of the NFT marketplace. The Opensea clone software allows your users to create, trade, and Mint NFTs and other digital collectibles rapidly and securely. As a cryptopreneur, You can easily gain High ROI by starting your own NFT marketplace using our Opensea clone script. It supports a cross-chain network with highly advanced serviceability and adaptability.

    Why Do You Prefer To Buy Opensea Clone Script From Hivelance?

    100% Source Code

    We provide the complete Opensea clone web and mobile source code for your business

    Easy Customizable

    Our Opensea clone script can be easily customized according to your business requirements

    Installation & Set Up

    We offer installation and set up of the Opensea clone application on your server free of cost.

    Multiple Languages

    Our Opensea clone script supports multiple languages in order to empower the customer experience in a smart way

    App In Your Brand Name

    We offer white labeled Opensea clone solutions for your business along with advanced features and functionalities

    One Time Payment

    An NFT marketplace like Opensea clone offers one-time payment to enrich the business performance in a scalable way.

    Cutting-edge Technology

    We use the latest tools and technology in the development of the Opensea clone script to maintain the performance of the NFT marketplace.

    Skilled & Dedicated Developer

    We have highly skilled and dedicated designers and developers to work on your Opensea clone as per your choice.

    Comprehensive Support

    We provide complete solutions and support to your NFT marketplace like Opensea to streamline the business performance.

    Technologies Used in Our Opensea Clone Script

    Technology expertise we use to develop a powerful Opensea Clone Software. We employ advanced technologies and utilize their potential to create and deliver stunning & highly responsive custom Opensea clone software.

    Front End
    Back End
    • NodeJS
    • ExpressJS
    • Java
    • Spring
    • GO
    • Laravel
    • YII
    • MongoDB
    • MEAN
    • MERN
    Mobile App
    • Swift
    • Kotlin
    • Java
    • Flutter
    • Database
    • MongoDB
    • PostgreSQL
    • Amazon AWS
    • Google Cloud
    • Digital Ocean
    • Linode
    • Kubernetes
    • Jenkins
    Blockchain Network
    • Ethereum
    • Tezos
    • Cardano
    • Flow
    • Binance Smart Chain
    • Tron
    • Solana
    • Polygon
    • Stellar
    • And more
    NFT Standards
    • ERC-721
    • ERC-1155
    • FA2
    • dGoods
    • TRC-721
    • BEP-20

    Why Choose Hivelance forOpensea Clone Script?

    Hivelance is the leading NFT marketplace development company offering the best solutions in creating the classic Opensea clone for your business. Our professional's expertise in developing a utility-based platform for our valuable customers. We adopt blockchain technology for your project development that supports various aspects.We have 10+ years of experienced blockchain specialists on hand for giving you the best clone script of Opensea. We carry out various deep research about innovative ideas and shape them according to your expectations.

    We have launched more than 30+ projects on NFT marketplace development. Get a reference for your better understanding to join hands with us.

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    What is Opensea Clone Script?
    Opensea clone script is a ready-made & bug-free NFT marketplace script that helps to create a Web3 marketplace like Opensea that allows users to create, buy, sell NFTs, crypto-collectibles and more
    Is it possible to launch your own NFT Marketplace like Opensea?
    Yes, it's very easy and simple to set up an NFT marketplace like Opensea with our help of a ready-made script of Opensea clone.
    Do you provide complete NFT Marketplace development solutions?
    Yes, we build complete NFT marketplace development solutions for your business with advanced features and functionalities as you like.
    Will you provide a white-labeled Opensea clone solution?
    Yes, we provide you with customized white-labeled Opensea clone development solutions that can be combined according to your business requirements. Contact us for the Opensea clone demo.
    Will I get the Opensea Clone source code?
    We understand that you wish to have complete ownership of your Opensea clone. For this, Hivelance provide your Opensea Clone source code at a very reasonable pricing. Connect with our experts for more details now.
    Will I have ownership of IP rights for my Opensea Clone?
    We provide you with end-to-end IP rights too. Our Opensea clone solutions are future-ready and proficient enough to provide all your scalability needs.
    Can the Opensea clone app be customized?
    Yes, the Opensea clone app is highly customizable and loaded with advanced features and functionalities.
    Can the Opensea clone be launched on all major blockchain platforms?
    We assist you in launching the Opensea clone on all blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, EOS, Solana, Polygon, Tron, Tezos, Binance Smart Chain, and more.
    What will be the cost of the Opensea clone development?
    The cost of the Opensea clone entirely depends on the features and functionalities that you would like to add in your NFT marketplace.
    Do I need to pay Opensea Clone cost one time?
    As said above, Opensea clone pricing plans are different for varying requirements. We do provide one-time investment plans. But there are monthly, and annually paid plans too. Want more information? Let’s connect.
    What are some of the best features in the NFT marketplace like Opensea?
    The Opensea clone script has numerous features like NFT Gifting, payment integration, NFT Minting, Multi-sign wallet, and more. With our exclusive Whitelabel solutions, you can also fit in several other features in your NFT marketplace.
    How do I get in touch with you?
    We are available 24/7 online, chat with us, and our support team will guide you to us. You can drop us a mail at and our team will reach out to you.
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