What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

Cryptocurrency exchange script is the previously analysed, developed and deployed bitcoin exchange script for carrying out trading and generating incomes. Various cryptocurrencies like fiat, bitcoins etc can be exchanged in this trading ecosystem which is hassle free and user friendly.

We offer a wide range of crypto-currency exchange scripts at hands readily-made based on your requirements. Our cryptocurrency exchange script is a tailor-made platform created inhibiting clients customization ideas like theme, background, add-on features, designs to have a smooth experience. Hivelance’s bitcoin exchange scripts are developed with high talented experts keeping in mind to provide a security enriched platform with zero bugs. Our developers are keen in customers satisfaction to have a responsive, secure, highly reliable and easily accessible scripts without any interruptions.

Preview of Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Working Flow of Our Crypto Exchange Script

Name Surname position Update KYC/ Security Trading Buy / Sell Deposit
User Can Login or Register
Update KYC / Security
Deposit Crypto / Fiat to Wallets
View Order Book / Trading Pairs
Orders Matching EngineMatches the best BID / ASK
Orders Completed Wallet Debited / Credited With Trade Profit / Loss
User Withdraw From Wallet
Website Content
Trade Fee's Settings
Change Logo
View Users
Approved KYC / Reset KYC
View Deposits of Users
Choose Number of Pairs / Cryptos that can be traded
View Pending / Completed Orders
Approved Withdraw
Process Withdraw
Buy Sell General Settings

Whitelabel Cryptocurrency Exchange Solution

We have ready-made whitelabel exchange software that is fully customizable on clients expectations and created with a user-friendly interface. Exchange Operators, Brokerage Services, OTC Desks, Liquidity Providers, Automated Market Makers, and Security Token Offering providers can make use of our software script to build great exchanges.

Our Wide Range of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script to Embrace Your Business

We lead the way of your exchange platform of trading to a successful venture.

Centralized Exchange Development

We help you to launch centralized cryptocurrency exchanges with multiple add-on features like liquidity API integration. We will integrate the order book of any third party exchange and display it on your exchanges. This increases the cryptocurrency flow, which helps in bringing more users for your platform.

P2P Crypto Exchange Development

We develop unique p2p ads based cryptocurrency exchanges like Remitano, Paxful helping many business ventures to have extensive growth. Our P2P crypto Exchange script can empower your crypto exchanges without requiring human operation or supervision.The automated crypto transactions drive trusted transactions, eliminating the need for a middleman and cuts unnecessary transaction fees.

OTC Crypto Exchange Development

We give you complete source code of OTC trading scripts programmed by our developers. Install the file and run the OTC trading platform instantly. We are recommended as the leading player in OTC crypto exchange development having a stockpile of clients across the globe. Our OTC trading platform is a future solution for all the crypto magnets looking to start an OTC desk platform.

Decentralized Exchange(DEX) Development

We developed a decentralized exchange script that is envisioned with customization features and enables you to clone popular dex platforms. Decentralized exchanges are closely regulated by smart contract triggers that make it possible to establish trade between two different cryptocurrencies in atomic swapping mechanisms.

NFT Exchange Development

We provide NFT Exchange Development Services allowing you to start your own NFT Exchange/marketplace on different blockchain such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon etc. We aid you in transforming your idea into an extraordinary NFT Exchange Platform by leveraging the expertise of our solidity smart contract developers.

Escrow Exchange Development

Escrow exchange software is the ready-made script that enables you to launch a secure p2p crypto exchange with a powerful escrow system. It will act as a third-party interface that helps in sending/receiving crypto assets in p2p. We develop an escrow based exchange that allows the admin or owner of the exchange to keep track of the payments on both buyers & sellers who are in the transaction process.

Leverage & Margin Exchange Development

We help you in launching leverage & Margin exchange platforms efficiently. Margin trading exchange models allow exchange owners to extend their revenue wings through multiple sources. Make your exchange filled with features like Shuffling funds, deleveraging, and transaction fees tweaking options to earn more income. We comply with specifics of margin trading and lending when building your exchange.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development involves the combination of both centralized & decentralized exchanges operating under the same brand. The website operating in centralized nature offers free space for decentralized trading to happen inside. We make this possible using highly programmed smart contracts and robust trading exchange engines.

Special Features of Our
Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Modernised Trading Engine

We offer you a highly encrypted cryptocurrency exchange script having all salient features to enlighten the trading process. Our cryptocurrency script has a fully organised trading engine ensuring users to sell, buy and trade cryptos.

Multiple Crypto Wallets

While performing trading, the cryptos invested by the users are in the process of selling, buying and trading. In order to store it, wallets are integrated for every users to carryout various functionalities. Our highly secured cryptocurrency script has a multiple integrated wallets for storage of bitcoins, fiat coins, ripples etc.

Fast Transactions

Get a awesome trading with our more engaged and innovative platform. Our readily deployed scripts has faster transactions ie. 1,50,000 transactions per second. We create scripts by avoiding all delays, errors, interruptions etc.

High liquidity

We design scripts along with APIs to make the system to achieve high liquidity. We also concentrate in providing security measures without involving third parties.

Customer-eccentric Platform

Traders will have their opinion of the trading platform to be furnished. We full-fledgely use tools to make it a customer choice of creation with rapid real time trading.

Whitelabel and full source code

We give you the freedom you need to set up your branding in cryptocurrency exchange. We don’t add watermarks, don’t ask you for license renewal, or limit you with the default template option. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange source code is built for super people who have the vision to build the greatest crypto exchange on the planet.

High security

Our cryptocurrency exchange software is high security enriched platforms with features like two factor authentication, data encryption, https authentication. Threats and fraudulent activities are prevented by our static development.

Admin Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Special admin controlled features are established within our cryptocurrency exchange clone script to take over the entire regulation of your script.

User Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

We encourage startup ventures to furnish cryptocurrency exchange for their trading purposes with fully automated user controlled features.

Security Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Cryptocurrency used in trading platforms are having many chances of theft and are being stolen by hacking the trading platform.This made the need of security in high level to safeguard the assets. To generate more revenues for the crypto traders we offer some security features.

Benefits We Offer in
Crypto Exchange Script

Cost effective

We can develop a cryptocurrencyexchange script from scratch and also ready-made scripts are available. Our ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script can be deployed within a week which is very cost-effective for your trading purpose.

Entire customization of users

Users are provided a fully customised script. They can choose their own theme, logo, colour, trading tools coordinating with our technical support team.

High ROI

With all regulatory functionalities, our Frontend developers with topmost UX/UI designers brings ultra-modern platform to get a high investment in return.

Authentic trading platform with minimal time

Our blockchain solution providers design an authentic platform with reduced time. As we can offer a ready made script, cost is low and also super-fast operations.

Zero bugs dynamic platform

After development, our team of quality check members go ahead in checking bugs to eliminate any mis-functions that happens within the platform.

CSRF/SSRF protection

We provide CSRF protection to prevent state changing requests with unwanted actions and SSRF protection to protect internal systems from attacks from other websites and its users.

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

Foster your crypto exchange business with our robust trading mobile apps for buying and selling cryptos. Our team offers an user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange mobile apps with easier access. Carrying smart mobiles wherever we go, can enable the users for checking the updates and other informations quickly. We provide security mechanisms and features enriched apps to have a good trading environment. We can modify those apps according to your needs.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Cryptocurrency exchange clone script is the Re-fabrication of the original exchange with all its functionalities and tools. At Hivelance we encourage startups and enterpreneurs in their crypto trading business. We develop a less cost white label cryptocurrency exchange clone script to get High business reputation and become the high esteemed venture.

Top-leading Cryptocurrency Exchange
Clone Script


Technology Stack Used in
Our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Our ready-made exchange scripts are prudently developed with special validated tools creating a realistic performance and ground breaking solutions. The breakthrough technology stacks used are

Why Choose Hivelance
for Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development?

Hivelance is the best cryptocurrency exchange software service provider to enable you to stand high among the competitors. With 10+ years in field, we have delivered cryptocurrency exchange scripts with tried and tested outputs to more than 500+ customers. We are the pioneer in blockchain technology providing solutions and services in the cryptocurrency area.

We have achieved a proven records of successful project delivery and earned customers appreciation for launching highly securable and less cost cryptocurrency scripts


Technical support team


Projects delivered


Years of experienced experts


Assistance team


A ready made cryptocurrency exchange script is a tailormade & bug-free cryptocurrency exchange script developed to launch cryptocurrency exchange, which can deploy a fully functional, feature-rich, advanced as well as secured cryptocurrency exchange platform where anyone can buy, sell or hold cryptos in exchanges.

Cryptocurrency exchange script is the readily made exchange software to make your business to grow abundantly with awful trading activities. These platforms are created according to users customisation.

The cost estimation of developing your cryptocurrency exchange script will be based on your requirements and the features to be added on the platform. We create it with a minimal cost expenditure for our valuable clients.
  • Margin trading
  • Admin dashboard
  • Api documentation
  • KYC/Security
  • IEO launchpad
  • Crpto/fiat trading

By building cryptocurrency platform withdrawal fees, trading commission, deposit fees, margin trading, advertisement, stacking, and integrating IEO launchpad into your exchange that helps token issuers to launch their crypto coins/tokens on your platform. You can earn money from them.

The development process depends upon the type of exchange platform to be developed. A white label crypto exchange can be launched within 7 days. A customised exchange is developed from scratch can take longer time for development.

Hivelance is the topmost cryptocurrency exchange script development company fortified with astonishing features ensuring to deliver a secured and worldclass cryptocurrency trading experience.

We offer customers 2 types of services. Development from scratch and white label software for immediate exchange platform delivery within 2 weeks which is cost effective and securable.

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