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Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Our cryptocurrency exchange script is a pre-built cryptocurrency exchange software that allows you to quickly develop and deploy a user-friendly cryptocurrency trading platform. The most recent trading modules and strong security measures are included in our multi-tested script.

Statistics of Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2023-2030

The Global Cryptocurrency exchange platform market size was valued at USD 30.18 Billion a few years ago and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.8% in 2030.

The Total Cryptocurrency Market Capitalization is $1.170 Billion which is equivalent to the 22rd largest economy globally.

The Average daily Cryptocurrency trade volume has dramatically risen to $ 50.90 Billion per day. Hence the necessity for cryptocurrency trading platforms is at peak till these days.

The Top 10 Global cryptocurrency exchanges account for 79% of global daily trade volume. Cryptocurrency exchanges can be the most promising business gateways generating passive incomes.

Statistics of Cryptocurrency Exchange in 2023

Transform Your Crypto Exchange Business with Our High-Performing Exchange Script and Boost ROI by 10x

Hivelance's Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a ready-made source code that allows you to build a trading platform for digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and so on. Our white label crypto exchange scripts are market-ready solutions with a highly flexible design that can be promptly introduced to the market. They are outfitted with appealing features for elegant UI design, liquidity, and security for hassle-free trading. With the help of cryptocurrency exchange script from Hivelance, anyone may launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platform rapidly and for minimal expenditure.

White Label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Did you know that the global cryptocurrency market is expected to reach $5.19 billion by 2026? With such immense potential, it's no wonder that more and more businesses are looking to enter the market. Hivelance offers white label crypto exchange script, which allows businesses to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platform quickly and easily. In fact, our white label solutions can be fully customized to match your branding and unique business needs. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be a part of the growing crypto market.

Premium Features of our Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

Our premium cryptocurrency exchange script has significant admin, user, and security features that make it possible to run a crypto trading platform without any hurdles.

Ardent Admin Panel

The dashboard features a bird's eye view of all user transaction details, KYC verification status, check user documents, pending order status, handling disputes tickets in one place.

Dispute Management

Empower your customer communication support by integrating disputes management systems that can send notification alerts, reply mails to your users easily.

Liquidity API

Our cryptocurrency exchange script has been made with liquidity API support that can get the order book details, cryptocurrency trading pair details from popular exchanges.

Affiliate Programs

Exchange users can recommend other users and earn the commission fee when they sign up or trade. You can manage affiliate dashboard without employing much code implementation.

Multi-Language Settings

Users can switch between multiple languages on the platform depending on their preference. We designed a crypto exchange script that can help you to scale up exchange operations in different countries.

FAQ management

You can answer frequently asked questions by your user community through a simple user interface. Enable the widget that prompts users to ask the question regarding usability queries.

Transaction History

Quick view that shows the entire transaction details of buyers sellers transactions, timestamp ID, filter by time period, and completed/pending orders.

Feedback System

Embed a short survey about the user experience of the platform. This will enhance your cryptocurrency exchange usability to take data-driven action that adds real value to the users.

Launchpad Management

New listing of crypto tokens or coins can be added or deleted easily. Whitelisting of new coins and marketing activities regarding the new addition can be done in a swift way.

Trade Pairs Management

Upto +50 crypto pairs is in-built in our cryptocurrency exchange script. You can deploy the much popular crypto-pairs inside your platform without time.

Smart Filters

Smart filters refine the data in the way you want. It helps exchange operators to take an informed decision and further improve the platform's features.

Multiple Crypto Wallets

Our powerful cryptocurrency exchange script offers wallets that support multiple cryptocurrencies, which allows users to store and manage different digital assets in a single interface.

CMS Dashboard

We provide fully equipped CMS option that you can change or update the content whenever you need. No programming knowledge required.

UMS Dashboard

We offer a fully protected UMS dashboard so you can manage new or existing users data wherever you are, whenever you want.

Reporting and Analytics

The admin panel offers detailed reporting and analytics on various aspects of the exchange's performance, including trading volume, revenue, and user behavior, allowing the operator to make data-driven decisions.

P2p Trading
Spot Trading
Derivative Trading
Margin Trading
Otc Trading
Copy Trading
Cold Wallet Facility
Dispute System
Integrated Core Wallet
Get Cryptos with debit/credit cards
Market, limit, stop-limit order
Multi Lingual Support
HTTPs Authentication
Registry Lock
Data Encryption
Domain Name System Security Extensions
Two-Factor Authentication
SQL Injection Prevention
Anti-DDoS Modules
CSRF Protection
SSRF Protection
Anti Distributed Denial Of Service
Cold Wallet
Web Protocol Security
Modernised Trading Engine

We offer you a highly encrypted cryptocurrency exchange script having all salient features to enlighten the trading process. Our cryptocurrency script has a fully organised trading engine ensuring users to sell, buy and trade cryptos.

Fast Transactions

Get a awesome trading with our more engaged and innovative platform. Our readily deployed scripts has faster transactions ie. 1,50,000 transactions per second. We create scripts by avoiding all delays, errors, interruptions etc.

High liquidity

We design scripts along with APIs to make the system to achieve high liquidity. We also concentrate in providing security measures without involving third parties.

Customer-eccentric Platform

Traders will have their opinion of the trading platform to be furnished. We full-fledgely use tools to make it a customer choice of creation with rapid real time trading.

High security

Our cryptocurrency exchange software is high security enriched platforms with features like two factor authentication, data encryption, https authentication. Threats and fraudulent activities are prevented by our static development.

Whitelabel and full source code

We give you the freedom you need to set up your branding in cryptocurrency exchange. We don’t add watermarks, don’t ask you for license renewal, or limit you with the default template option. Our white label cryptocurrency exchange source code is built for super people who have the vision to build the greatest crypto exchange on the planet.

Our Wide Range of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script to Embrace Your Business

Centralized Exchange Script

We help you to launch centralized cryptocurrency exchanges with multiple add-on features like liquidity API integration added in our centralized exchange script. We will integrate the order book of any third party exchange and display it on your exchanges. This increases the cryptocurrency flow, which helps in bringing more users for your platform.

Decentralized Exchange(DEX) Script

We developed a decentralized exchange script that is envisioned with customization features and enables you to clone popular dex platforms. Decentralized exchanges are closely regulated by smart contract triggers that make it possible to establish trade between two different cryptocurrencies in atomic swapping mechanisms.

Hybrid Crypto Exchange Script

Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development involves the combination of both centralized & decentralized exchanges operating under the same brand. The website operating in centralized nature offers free space for decentralized trading to happen inside. We make this possible using highly programmed smart contracts and robust trading exchange engines.

P2P Crypto Exchange Script

We develop unique p2p ads based cryptocurrency exchanges like Remitano, Paxful helping many business ventures to have extensive growth. Our P2P crypto Exchange script can empower your crypto exchanges without requiring human operation or supervision.The automated crypto transactions drive trusted transactions, eliminating the need for a middleman and cuts unnecessary transaction fees.

Escrow Exchange Script

Escrow exchange software is the ready-made script that enables you to launch a secure p2p crypto exchange with a powerful escrow system. It will act as a third-party interface that helps in sending/receiving crypto assets in p2p. We develop an escrow based exchange that allows the admin or owner of the exchange to keep track of the payments on both buyers & sellers who are in the transaction process.

OTC Crypto Exchange Script

We give you complete source code of OTC trading scripts programmed by our developers. Install the file and run the OTC trading platform instantly. We are recommended as the leading player in OTC crypto exchange development having a stockpile of clients across the globe. Our OTC trading platform is a future solution for all the crypto magnets looking to start an OTC desk platform.

Leverage & Margin Exchange Script

We help you in Crypto Leverage & margin Exchange Development efficiently. Margin trading exchange models allow exchange owners to extend their revenue wings through multiple sources. Make your exchange filled with features like Shuffling funds, deleveraging, and transaction fees tweaking options to earn more income. We comply with specifics of margin trading and lending when building your exchange.

Crypto Exchange Clone Script

Hivelance offers a state-of-the-art Crypto Exchange Clone Script that enables entrepreneurs to launch their preferable cryptocurrency exchange platform quickly and cost-effectively. Our clone script is based on the latest technologies and industry best practices, ensuring a highly secure, scalable, and user-friendly platform.

Crypto Spot Exchange Script

Hivelance introduces its cutting-edge Crypto Spot Exchange Script, designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses to launch their own secure and efficient cryptocurrency spot exchanges. With robust features, advanced security measures, and seamless user experience, our script provides a solid foundation for building a successful crypto trading platform.

Benefits We Offer in Crypto Exchange Script

Cost effective

We can develop a cryptocurrency exchange script from scratch and also ready-made scripts are available. Our ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script can be deployed within a week which is very cost-effective for your trading purpose.

High ROI

With all regulatory functionalities, our Frontend developers with topmost UX/UI designers brings ultra-modern platform to get a high investment in return.

Zero bugs dynamic platform

After development, our team of quality check members go ahead in checking bugs to eliminate any mis-functions that happens within the platform.

Entire customization of users

Users are provided a fully customised script. They can choose their own theme, logo, colour, trading tools coordinating with our technical support team.

Authentic trading platform with minimal time

Our blockchain solution providers design an authentic platform with reduced time. As we can offer a ready made script, cost is low and also super-fast operations.

CSRF/SSRF protection

We provide CSRF protection to prevent state changing requests with unwanted actions and SSRF protection to protect internal systems from attacks from other websites and its users.

Work Flow of Our Crypto Exchange Script

Admin Panel
  • User Details / KYC
  • wallet balance
  • deposit / withdraw details
  • add disable trade pairs
  • open completed order history
  • trade fee / admin profit
  • manage website content
  • Admin Profile / Set logo / banner change
  • Allow or ban users
User Panel
  • Register / Login
  • KYC
  • Deposit
  • View Orders
  • Trade
  • Matching
  • Orders completed
  • Withdraw
  • History

Cryptocurrency Exchange App Development

Foster your crypto exchange business with our robust trading mobile apps for buying and selling cryptos. Our team offers an user-friendly cryptocurrency exchange mobile apps with easier access. Carrying smart mobiles wherever we go, can enable the users for checking the updates and other informations quickly. We provide security mechanisms and features enriched apps to have a good trading environment. We can modify those apps according to your needs.Learn More about Crypto Exchange App Development.


Top-leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Tech Stack- Crypto Exchange Script

Website Android App iOS App
Linux Server Tools : Android Studio Tools : Xcode 9.3
Apache Language : Kotlin Language : Swift(4.2)
MySql DB Web Service : Rest API's Web Service : AFNetworking, Swift JSON, Alamofire
PHP - Laravel / Codeigniter Format : JSON Format Format : JSON
Mongo DB DB : MySql, Mongo DB DB : MySql, MongoDB
Express JS Design : Material Design Design : MVC, MVVM
Angular JS & Node JS General Functions : APNS Notifications, Firebase Notifications, Cloudinary, Payment Getaways, Yoti, SDWebImage,etc...

Why Choose Hivelance for Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development?

10+ years of industry experience
Round the clock support
Advanced built-in technology stacks
Support after project delivery for maintenance
Superior and ultra-modern infrastructure
Easier access for international clients
Regular upgradation based on upcoming embellishments
Quicker development within the required time period
Actively working team of blockchain enablers
Instant launching and profit gaining facilities
High capital gaining business models
Guidelines to clear your technical queries


What is ready-made cryptocurrency exchange Script?
A ready made cryptocurrency exchange script is a tailormade & bug-free cryptocurrency exchange script developed to launch cryptocurrency exchange, which can deploy a fully functional, feature-rich, advanced as well as secured cryptocurrency exchange platform where anyone can buy, sell or hold cryptos in exchanges.
What is cryptocurrency exchange script?

cryptocurrency exchange script is the pre-built exchange software that allows you to start a crypto exchange trading platform. The most advanced trading features and exchange modules are embedded in the script to make the development process easier.

How much it costs in building cryptocurrency exchange script?

The cost estimation of developing your cryptocurrency exchange script will be based on your requirements and the features to be added on the platform. We create it with a minimal cost expenditure for our valuable clients. Learn more about whitelabel crypto exchange software development cost.

What are the features available in your cryptocurrency exchange script?
  • Margin trading
  • Admin dashboard
  • Api documentation
  • KYC/Security
  • IEO launchpad
  • Crpto/Fiat trading
Can i earn revenues from my own cryptocurrency platform?
By building cryptocurrency platform withdrawal fees, trading commission, deposit fees, margin trading, advertisement, stacking, and integrating IEO launchpad into your exchange that helps token issuers to launch their crypto coins/tokens on your platform. You can earn money from them.
How long does it take to build my own cryptocurrency exchange?
The development process depends upon the type of exchange platform to be developed. A white label crypto exchange can be launched within 7 days. A customised exchange is developed from scratch can take longer time for development.
Where can i get the best cost effective cryptocurrency exchange script?
Hivelance is the topmost cryptocurrency exchange script development company fortified with astonishing features ensuring to deliver a secured and worldclass cryptocurrency trading experience.
Can i get my cryptocurrency exchange script within 2 weeks?
We offer customers 2 types of services. Development from scratch and white label software for immediate exchange platform delivery within 2 weeks which is cost effective and securable.
Are you a Crypto Exchange builder?

Yes, we can help you build crypto exchange if you don't have developer support at your end. Get in touch with us for any help.

How do you program a Cryptocurrency exchange?

We have programmed the cryptocurrency exchange source code with all the features you need. Our developers can help you in deploying the code in live server with complete technical support. 

Is Digital currency Exchange script & Crypto Exchange script the same?

Yes. Both are same. Meanwhile, Bitcoin exchange script allows you to start exchange platform that can allow only bitcoin to exchange for fiat currencies and vice-versa.

Do you need a license to run a crypto exchange?

Yes. according to Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), that transactions value that substitutes for digital currency is to be registered with money transmitter registration. 

How do I create an exchange for crypto?

Cryptocurrency Exchange founders have three choices to build their crypto exchange. One is whitelabel exchange software solution, second is readymade cryptocurrency exchange script and third one is building from scratch.

How Can I Launch a Crypto Exchange Within A Short Span of Time?

Using our Cryptocurrency exchange script, you can launch the crypto exchange within 3-4 days. This method comparatively reduces your development time, cost and lets you focus on the business development perspectives.

How can I Grow My Business Revenue with this crypto exchange script?

Using our cryptocurrency exchange script, you can launch a fully developed cryptocurrency exchange. When operating a crypto exchange, you can earn revenue using multiple modules like trading fee, withdrawal fee, deposit fee, margin trading fee, advertisements, coin listing fee etc.

How can I Add Extra Features to the crypto exchange script?

We have 100+ tested features integrated in the exchange script. Moreover, our whitelabel crypto exchange script can let you add any custom feature as per your preference. Our cryptocurrency exchange script is 100% completely customizable.

How much does it cost to build your own cryptocurrency exchange app?

If you want to know more about the detailed cost for developing cryptocurrency exchange app alone, contact our experts.

How Would you confidently maintain my crypto exchange development idea?

We will sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you to ensure that your cryptocurrency exchange business ideas are totally secured and will never leave our premises.

Will I be able to customize my Crypto Exchange?

You can freely customize the features and functionality of the crypto exchange with the help of developer support. Our whitelabel cryptocurrency exchange script is built with customization options for giving you full control of the code.

Is Your Crypto exchange script fit for entrepreneur companies?

Yes, the script can be suitable for anyone interested in starting crypto exchange. It is apt for individuals, startups, and even big institutional organizations.

How can I get Admin Demo for Crypto Exchange Script?

First, you need to submit your contact details. Then our experts team will walk you through with a complete admin panel demo, user demo, price details breakdown and all the specifications you need.

Is this one-time payment only for the cryptocurrency exchange script?

Yes, it is a one-time payment only. But if you opt-in for the regular maintenance and operation support, you need to hire our developers for respective costs separately.

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