What is white label crypto exchange?

White label crypto exchange

White label crypto exchange is the ready to use crypto exchange platform that can be customized with logo, themes, UI, and even functionality. It can replicate whatever operation the crypto exchanges can do. The white label exchanges don’t get watermarks credit from the buyer.

Free white label exchange

Not all the white label exchanges are free. Some of them are offering open source solutions with shared revenue options and some offer one time license fees. You can use open source white label exchange if you are familiar with all the technical know-how for crypto exchange operations. But when taking short surveys from developers around the world, most of them say open source is vulnerable to attacks and not having reliable customer support. 

White label cryptocurrency exchange in India

Some of the renowned white label crypto exchanges in India are Hivelance, Infinite Block Tech, Openxell, Antier Solutions and Tokyo Techie. Make sure you do the proper research and agree with their solutions before signing the NDA. Tell them what type of exchange you need or get a one to one demo if needed

White label crypto  exchange price

The price of the white label crypto exchange ranges from $5000 to upto $50000. Basically, it depends upon the either number of features the exchange can offer, the technology it is built with or head count of developers needed to do the customization for you. 

White label crypto exchange script

The White label crypto exchange script is the collection of programming codes written by the developers to make the exchange operation work. The seamless functionality of the exchange depends upon the quality of the codes written. The script should be lightweight so that when adding extra features don’t add much weight to the code structure.

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