NFT Ticketing Marketplace Development | White label NFT Ticketing App for Startups

The white label NFT ticketing marketplace is fused with all the essential features, smart contract architecture components, plugins and customizable options too. You can explore all the features in detail as follows.

NFT Ticketing Marketplace Development | White label NFT Ticketing App for Startups

What is the NFT Ticketing system?

NFT ticketing system is the form of digital tickets that is minted, created and stored inside the blockchain networks for repurpose. The digital ticket is represented in the form of Non-fungible tokens(NFTs). Users who attend the conference, concerts, summits can buy the NFT tickets using fiat or cryptocurrency and use them for event access. 

If the user is not capable of attending an event or wants to resell the tickets, NFT tickets can be resold on the third-party marketplaces with the royalty fee passed to the event organizer. Event organizers can fix the price ceilings for the tickets to avoid maximum spend.

NFT Ticketing Marketplace development

There are many NFT ticketing startups appearing in the web3 space to boost the usage of NFTs. But a few startups have succeeded in their vision. Half of the startups have been struggling in technical scalability. Because, the process of developing such a NFT ticketing platform is the common pain point for those startups. 

We at Hivelance addressed this problem and came up with white label NFT ticketing solutions. The white label NFT ticketing marketplace is fused with all the essential features, smart contract architecture components, plugins and customizable too. You can explore all the features in detail as follows.

Features of NFT Ticketing Platform

For sellers

1. Dedicated seller dashboard

The seller or Event organizer can make use of a dedicated dashboard and access the most actionable insights like tickets revenue, off-chain data and secondary markets sales.

2. View Real time data 

The data points like ticket ownership, ticket resale value, identify fan loyalty, and track customer ticketing journey through visually appealing dashboard. 

3. Customizable NFT

Sellers are equipped with the option to customize their NFT tickets based on their objective. The colors, theme, design can be changed with respect to the event nature. 

4. Ticket Royalty split

The royalty split or ticket sale dividend can be traced combining both primary sales and secondary sales. The royalty split, transferable option, resale option is fixed by the ticket sellers. 

For Marketplace owners

1. NFT Buy/sell interface

The most intuitive user interface for buying or selling your NFT tickets through fiat, card transfer and crypto payments. 

2. Wallet compatibility

Users are provided with multi-crypto wallets for accessing their funds. Any decentralized wallets can be integrated into the NFT ticketing marketplace easily. 

3. Secondary marketplace

Users can list their NFT collectibles for sale in secondary marketplace to get access to the thousands of interconnected dApps. Sales can be tracked and royalty split is carried seamlessly.

4. Profile management

As the NFT ticketing website operator, you can control the profile, whitelist the applications to enable the safe transactions. Users are given the option of profile customization, sales alerts, message notification etc. 

Advantages of White label NFT Ticketing app

Ready to go - The white label NFT ticketing app is ready to be live in the market instantly. No external resources needed for cross-checking the platform’s reliability. It’s already tested and used by many NFT ticketing startups.

Cost effective - Comparatively, the budget estimation for white label NFT ticketing marketplace is lower than the custom development. Instead of this, you can use the money for brand promotion, future upgrades of the platform.

Programmable interface - When you are not satisfied with the front-end design of the NFT ticket marketplace, you can always opt- to customization at any cost. Anything can be re-programmed according to the preference. 

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Development stages for NFT Ticketing Marketplace

When following the structured roadmap, you can develop the NFT ticketing platform with maximum reliability. The development stages can be breakdown into multiple stages such as, 

Step 1 -  Create whitepaper that defines your audience, vision, project objectives and the problem you are going to solve. Pen down the pain points in the current ticketing system and release the whitepaper.

Step 2  - Prepare the MVP version of your NFT ticketing platform, get feedback from internal and external groups of users. 

Step 3 -  Build the frontend and backend architecture components using the software solution or get the white label NFT ticketing marketplace.

Step 4 -  Check the viability of the platform using maximum bandwidth strength testing, cross-check security audits, wallet compatibility to ensure the safety of user funds.

Step 5 -  Plan the marketing of your NFT Ticketing marketplace through social medium, PR, Influencer campaigns, Paid news coverage and booth sponsorship etc.

Step 6  -  Launch the initial version and plan for the future upgrades in a regular interval. Conduct rewards programs, airdrops, contests to get the audience engagement in a surreal way.

Why Hivelance for NFT Ticketing website development?

We have the real NFT pros who are actively involved in backend development of the NFT ticketing system. Our team can give your technical support even post release of the platform if needed. Moreover, no one understands the NFT marketplace technology better than us.

We are the recognized NFT ticketing app development company who is actively developing innovative white label NFT ticketing solutions that are ready to deploy instantly. 

Tell us about your project, we're happy to help!


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