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Decentralized Exchange Script To Develop a DEX Platform With Cutting-Edge Technologies

Decentralized Exchange Script To Develop a DEX Platform With Cutting-Edge Technologies

What is Decentralized Exchange Script?

Decentralized exchange script is the pre-built programming source code or software that is intended to do the operations of decentralized exchange when deployed. The script should be composed with essential elements like hardware wallet access, multi-crypto support, atomic swap engine, liquidity pool and audited smart contract code. 

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In-built Features in Hivelance DEX Script

hivelance dex script features

  • Atomic swap engine
  • Unlimited crypto support
  • Decentralized exchange smart contract
  • Wallet extension integration
  • Decentralized exchange liquidity pool
  • Peer-peer chat integration
  • Native token integration
  • Defi ecosystem creation
  • Decentralized order book 

Add-on Features in Decentralized Exchange Script

  • DEX trading smart contract
  • Secure wallet extension
  • Hack-proof source code 
  • Decentralized exchange API
  • DEX arbitrage smart contract
  • DEX aggregators integration

How to Create Decentralized Exchange using DEX script?

Step 1 - Whitepaper creation

Step 2 - Front end documentation(DEX Script)

Step 3 - Backend infrastructure setup(DEX Script)

Step 4 - Link the smart contract(DEX Script)

Step 5 - Liquidity pool creation

Step 6 - Testing & Launch 

Decentralized Exchange Clone Script (Customizable)

DEX clone is nothing but a ready-to-use decentralized exchange template that’s cloned from existing decentralized exchanges. Altering the source codes, front end become possible in clone script and reduce the developers time in code development process. Well documented decentralized exchange clone script with audited smart contract is available with us.

Best DEX Clone Script you can use

How long will it take to set up decentralized exchange?

With the help of a decentralized exchange script, you can launch the exchange in a maximum of 2 weeks. Meanwhile, when you go for development from scratch, it will take 6 months to finish. It is always advisable to outsource the development process to experienced developers who are having prior experience in it. 

White Label Decentralized Exchange DEX Software

White label decentralized exchange software can enable anyone to start decentralized exchange in an easier way. You can simply buy decentralized exchange source code, make consolidated changes in appearance, create a secure smart contract logic and operate the exchange in a swift manner. 

Blockchain Networks We Expertise to Create DEX Platform

  • Ethereum
  • TRON
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avalanche
  • Solana
  • Polygon

Decentralized Exchange Protocol Explained

Decentralized exchange works the opposite way how centralized exchange operates. It is the platform that facilitates the peer to peer transactions of cryptocurrency while maintaining the assets in users' individual wallet. Importantly, only crypto to crypto  exchange is possible in DEx whereas Fiat-crypto exchange is possible in CEX. That’s why Decentralized exchange is meant for advanced crypto traders who have the experience in it.

Business Model of Decentralized Exchange Platform 

1. Transaction fees

Users in the decentralized exchange are charged with 0.01% of transaction value. The smart contract is written and defined to execute the process automatically. No alteration is carried.

2. Crypto Listing

The token owners can list their coins in the decentralized exchange by offering a particular fee. Some exchanges are levying a revenue sharing option in the coin enabled. Coin owners pay a percentage of commission for every coin sale.

3. Market making charges

To enable the liquidity pool in DEx, users are given permission to invest & hold cryptocurrencies in trading pairs to earn the interest from it. Users are then assigned with transaction fees when a smart contract executes.

Centralized Vs Decentralized Exchanges

Since the emergence of cryptocurrency, centralized exchanges have been in the forefront of promoting the buying and selling of cryptos within a regulatory framework. In centralized exchanges, one had to rely on third parties to safeguard and trace the transactions because the blockchain network was not being used in this instance. In addition, in order for businesses to conduct the trades, the transactions must be verified, and personal as well as corporate information must be reviewed.

Having centralized exchanges has some advantages, but overall, the drawbacks outweigh the benefits by a wide margin. Decentralized exchanges were therefore required.

Since all relevant information about the transaction is recorded on the blockchain network, there is no third-party integration in DEX exchanges. In contrast to centralized exchanges, users have more control over their assets in decentralized exchanges. Additionally, it reduces the chance of hackers stealing private information or tampering with any data. Comparing DEX exchanges to regular exchanges, the cost is also lower.

On the DEX platforms, smart contracts may automate and process transactions without human intervention, which is a drawback of centralized exchanges. DEX is becoming more and more popular over centralized exchanges due to the superior protection provided to crypto assets by private keys.

DEX exchanges are a great option for entrepreneurs that want to go big in the crypto economy since they provide unmatched security and quick speed.

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Core Benefits of Decentralized Crypto Exchange Development

For users 

  • Reducing hacking risk
  • Avoid market manipulation
  • End-to-end privacy

For DEX maker

  • Automated market making
  • Less operational cost
  • No single point of regulation

Why Choose Hivelance for Decentralized Exchange App Development?

Being in the landscape for over 10+years, technical experts at Hivelance are the backbone of some popular decentralized exchanges. We continue to deliver outstanding works from even startups to big unicorns.  We understand, evaluate, and empower your decentralized exchange with all the super power needed. Get a visual presentation of our decentralized exchange script by dropping your details below.


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