NFT music marketplace development

Unleash your music abilities to cross the borders. Start your NFT music marketplace.

NFT music marketplace development


NFT Marketplace development for Music

Unleash your music abilities to cross the borders. Couple your music with world-class NFT standards and earn the fanbase recognition while having monetization success too.

Being the distinguished NFT music marketplace development company, we serve as a bridge to showcase your eminent music innovations by selling it and gaining high ROI packed with our NFT marketplace solutions. 

Are you ready to bring marvelous transformations for your musical journey? Let’s discuss this.

Importance & scope of NFTs for musicians

NFT relays the scalable and adorable representation of arts, games, photographs, music, and paintings etc. NFTs for music apprise the buying, selling and trading process of digital music assets with royalties. 

Reason behind why musicians should engage their work in NFT format is that it generates compatible incomes.They can choose their own network of blockchain like polygon, solana and start developing their multichain NFT marketplace development for music. 

Business behind NFT music marketplace development

1. The release of albums

Release of new music albums to selected communities can give you a profit that’s free from middleman commissions like third party audio streaming platforms.. On-chain sales of limited copies of your music can create exclusive content in a fun way. Furthermore, every secondary sale of the NFTs earns the artists a portion.

2. Beat selling

Producers can now offer beats as music NFTs directly to music fans. Because of the immutability of NFTs, end-users can buy these beats on-chain and use them immediately or store them for resale profit. Every resale earns the music producer a royalty.

3. Merchandise Sales

On-chain merchandise, both virtual and actual, is possible. They are available for purchase and resale by anyone. Artists also get a percentage of all secondary sales, as is customary.

4. Stock-type distribution system

Consider selling 20% of your forthcoming album's rights as NFTs. This means that, in addition to on-chain money, fans who own NFTs will receive a portion of off-chain revenue from your music, such as streaming, TV collaborations, and retail sales. 

Let's call this as a tokenized stock certificate that confers album ownership rights. This manner, you may create an ecosystem around your work that benefits both you and your committed followers.

Functionalities of NFT music marketplace

In user side

  • Account registration and Login
  • Adding your funds to wallets
  • Search for music or creators
  • Buying Non-fungible tokens with funds
  • Hold or resale in third party NFT marketplace
  • Gain royalties for every sale.
  • Access to membership club

In creators side

  • Uploading of NFT with ownership
  • Spot trading or reselling with royalties
  • Social collaboration with limited community

Features of NFT music marketplace development

  • User authentication API
  • Media management
  • Multi blockchain support
  • Payment split up 
  • Peer to peer interactions
  • Customizable widgets
  • Diversified business model
  • Multiple category listings
  • Advanced Minting engine

NFT Tokenomics development

NFT music marketplace development involves a lot of technical layers behind the screen. The first step in the roadmap is tokenomics. Tokenmics is the process of defining a sustainable economic model for the token project. It includes the feasibility of the project, amount of token supply, and monetization policy of the token in general. 

We create or audit existing NFT tokenomics models that suit the smart contract developed. Our NFT experts can build and optimize the workflow of the model and eliminate the flaws that exist in your current tokenomics.

Benefits of NFT music marketplace development

NFT music marketplace can bring you enormous earning potential. Setting up a gas fee for minting and exchanging music NFT is the great source of revenue for budding entrepreneurs. 

As a music producer, or creator you can launch your own marketplace with multichain NFT support. With the NFT marketplace, you create a decentralized ecosystem that tends to have multiple business models in future. Some of the promising benefits like,

  • No middleman commission.
  • Music Content ownership.
  • Opportunities for independent musicians.
  • Global reach of your music.
  • Loyal fan base support.
  • Encrypted  transactions in crypto.
  • Active community building.
  • No need for centralized streaming platforms.

NFT music token development solutions

Our team will create NFT tokens in the best standard algorithm that lets musicians be in control of their represented music. NFT tokens we create are free from vulnerabilities and prevent your marketplace from smart contract code injection. Read our NFT music token development process below.

  • Selection of blockchain network.
  • Choosing token standards.
  • Writing tokenomics whitepaper.
  • Specifications of tokens.
  • Token burn specification.
  • Smart contract creation for NFT tokens
  • Minting engine setup in front end.
  • Combining front end, backend with smart contract.
  • Test and launch the platform on mainnet.

Why hivelance for NFT music marketplace development?

Hivelance Technologies is one of the leading NFT music marketplace development companies with excellent portfolios. Our NFT development team design a viable platform for NFT music and design your existing marketplace that adapts to various kinds of activities. We specialize in the creation of NFT minting websites with highly programmed logics and less energy consumption.

Speak to our experts and book free consultation.

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