Avacoin Clone Script - KickStart Your Tap to Earn Telegram Gaming Business like Avacoin

Launch your Crypto Gaming business like Clicker Game on the Telegram Platform with our Avacoin Clone Script developer from Hivelance

Avacoin Clone Script - KickStart Your Tap to Earn Telegram Gaming Business like Avacoin

With an increasing user base, Avacoin has emerged as one of the most widely used Telegram applications in recent weeks.The rise of avacoin is more proof of Telegram's and the TON Blockchain's expanding significance. Over 900 million people use Telegram, and TON has amassed nearly $1 billion in value-locked.
In this blog,you might know more about Avacoin and its statistical value with their usage and its ready-made script solution and features  provided by us

What is Avacoin Clone Script? 

An AvaCoin Clone Script is a pre-made script solution created to mimic the features of the tap to earn games like AvaCoin. Our experts specialized in developing tap to earn games will be more in this development process. Hivelance offers a ready-made script solutions for Tap-to-Earn games like Avacoin for business which is easily deployable to start earning only by clicking or tapping. 

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What is AvaCoin?

AVACoin is a clicker telegram game where users can mine virtual gold. To get actual rewards for their virtual gold mining endeavors, players can level up in the game, perform different challenges, invite friends, form or join guilds, and more.AVACOIN is already a whole marketplace for small apps inside of Telegram, not just a clicker. The Marketplace's principal objective is to draw additional businesses, concepts, and initiatives into micro apps to grow and improve the TON ecosystem. Avacoin distinguishes it from other Telegram tokens because of its unique approach to token development. 

Important Points to Remember:

  • Conversion rate from gold dust to Avacoin token: 1,000 gold dust for every 1 Avacoin token.
  • Introduction of additional revenue streams, including the Tasks page, the Staking function, and the referral system overhaul.
  • Potential enrollment on reliable exchanges in light of the surveys that were done.
  • Put an end to mining or the so-called "tap-to-earn" strategy for making gold.
  • Option to link wallet before listing in TON.

Whitelabel Avacoin clone script 

Our Whitelabel Avacoin clone script is a flawlessly tailored version of the Avacoin game that takes into account the functionalities, features, UI/UX, and branding requirements of the client. We offer white-label Avacoin clone at a reasonable price that allows players to enjoy a seamless gaming experience and enter the telegraph-based cryptocurrency market.

Features of AvaCoin Clone Script:

Our AvaCoin clone script features the most reliable solutions for all the clicker telegram gamers and entrepreneurs.

Tasks page – With this feature, users will have access to easy tasks that can boost their token value. You may now find several social chores to perform on the tasks page, along with the fixed AVACOIN token that you will receive upon successful completion of each task. That is the main purpose and concept behind the tab's debut, and users who make good use of it will have more tokens available for redemption during TGE.

Staking – You can now choose to stake the tokens you've mined to increase your earnings. Until the Avacoin token is launched and the price is made public, we advise everyone to stake.

Frens – One noteworthy aspect that is worth mentioning is the revamped referral program we offer. You can now get paid as a referrer only for direct referrals, and the payout for each referral is set. Unlike in the past, when it was only possible to refer during the mining period, users who do so now will receive one Avacoin token.

Mining Apps – You may now access applications, a section on Telegram devoted to showing other well-liked tap2earn games or mini-apps, by playing our Avacoin clone game. The intriguing—or perhaps more accurately, potentially advantageous—aspect is that Telegram users who are keenly interested in crypto mining apps can now readily access as many as possible.

Integration of TON wallet - Enables you to link your Telegram account to a cryptocurrency payment system.

What is AVACOIN Clone App development? 

We are also introducing a mini-app marketplace inside our Avacoin clone application, which is anotherinnovation.Now all you have to do is visit our Avacoin Clone App to begin using the most widely used clickers on Telegram in one location!

Navigate from our Avacoin clone App to start the most intriguing micro applications currently available—no need to sift through endless chats.You can browse every app on Telegram as the marketplace is updated frequently with new sections and the most intriguing ones.

Are you still searching Telegram for the most intriguing apps? 

Use our AVACOIN clone Apps to start with the greatest gaming experience in  a handy way!

How does the Avacoin clone work?

  • The decentralized blockchain that powers the Avacoin clone ensures safe and open transactions.
  • Cryptographic algorithms protect transactions, guaranteeing their integrity and secrecy.
  • New Avacoins can be created via mining (proof of work) or staking (proof of stake), depending on the protocol.
  • Consumers use hardware or software-based digital wallets to keep their Avacoins.
  • Individual wallet addresses that are stored on the blockchain are used by users to transmit and receive Avacoins.
  • An automatic and self-executing agreement can be made possible by the ability of Avacoin Clone to handle smart contracts.
  • Nodes use techniques like proof of work or proof of stake to come to an agreement on the state of the blockchain.
  • Every transaction is kept on a public ledger that is anonymous to all except the most interested parties.
  • On cryptocurrency exchanges, people can trade avacoin clones and exchange them for other currencies.

Why Hivelance for Developing Tap to Earn games like Avacoin?

Hivelance, a top Tap-to-Earn game development company, provides the quickest ways to create crypto clicker gaming platforms on Telegram. Our skilled blockchain game developers are committed to revolutionizing the online gaming market.

You may develop a distinctive and captivating platform that draws in the expanding cryptocurrency gaming community by working with our specialists and using Avacoin clone scripts. Our all-inclusive solutions include choices for the Avacoin clone script to be used under the white label solution.

Launch your Tap to Earn Games like Avacoin using our ready-made script and Whitelabel Avacoin clone solutions. 

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