Benji Bananas Clone Script To Create 2D/3D based adventure P2E Game

Benji Bananas Clone script is a pre-built adventure gaming software that includes the features and functionalities of a popular 2D/3D P2E gaming platform like Benji Bananas.

Benji Bananas Clone Script To Create 2D/3D based adventure P2E Game

After its 2013 release, the mobile game Benji Bananas quickly became well-liked by users of all ages. The game's monkey protagonist, who swings between trees on vines and gathers bananas, is straightforward and incredibly addictive. The levels of difficulty increase as players advance through the game, encouraging players to keep playing in an effort to improve their abilities and surpass their personal bests.

This blog explores more about a play-to-earn game like Benji Bananas, and about our readymade script, features and gameplay. 

Benji Bananas Clone Script 

Benji Bananas clone script is a ready-made, 100% tested, and bug-free solution for adventure games that everyone can use to establish their own gaming platform similar to Benji Bananas on Ethereum blockchain. Hivelance offers services for ready-made scripts like Benji Bananas that adhere to strict guidelines and have the advantage of an ERC-20 token called PRIMATE token which can be exchanged for other fungible tokens. 

Introduction to Benji Bananas 

Benji Bananas is a blockchain game that utilizes the Ethereum network and polygon layer 2 side chains. Primate and Ape coins are associated with it, and it provides an NFT membership permit. In this adventure game, players take on the role of a monkey that swings around the jungle from vine to vine while collecting fruits and other items to level up. Among the playable upgrades are a jetpack, speed boost, eagle ride, and other abilities and power-ups. Another kind of upgrading is cosmetic, such as new skins. Even without engaging in the play to earn components, users can still enjoy themselves with the game, which can still be downloaded and played for free. 

Why Are Benji Bananas Clone So Popular?

The primary benefits that go into the Benji Bananas clone script are enumerated here.


This blockchain game with a jungle theme is quite entertaining, in contrast to many other games with a similar subject. Even though the rules of the game are simple, this game is fun to play and quite addictive.

This game was first developed as a standard mobile game without taking the play-to-earn strategy into account.
This also acts as the game's primary competitive edge because, when it first joined the blockchain market, it didn't just have an existing player base. 

It is, nevertheless, a versatile mobile game that has the potential to attract new players. All of these had a big impact on how well it performed in the play-to-earn environment. 


The majority of play-to-earn games are not long-term viable due to low user preservation rates. It also comes down to giving income an undue amount of weight.

The Benji Bananas clone's script refers to it as a "play-and-earn" game, but it doesn't say "play to earn the game." The two are comparable, but there is a noticeable distinction.

In contrast to play-to-earn games, which are primarily concerned with collecting tokens with little to no attention for gameplay, play-and-earn games place a higher priority on enjoyment and gameplay than token acquisition. 

Stated differently, the focus lies on actively participating in the gameplay and obtaining enjoyment from it alone. This is how strong preservation is achieved, as the Benji Bananas clone script discovers.


Blockchain-based gaming is a relatively new phenomenon. Nothing that works every time is a tried-and-true formula.
To succeed in the play-to-earn ecosystem, developers must therefore be flexible and open to changing as they go. 
Benji Bananas clone script was used to accomplish it.The game developers most importantly cherish player feedback, which influences the way the game changes with time.

Whitelabel Benji Bananas Clone Software 

Whitelabel Benji Bananas Clone Software is a personalized software solution where businesses can get their extra added features and functionalities to show up their brand identity. You can customize our Benji Bananas clone as per your business needs.At Hivelance, our team of proficient blockchain game developers will go above and beyond to fulfill your project's requirements through extensive study. Along with white-label solutions, we provide a ready-made clone script that has undergone multiple tests.

Features of Benji Bananas clone script

Membership Pass

With our membership pass feature, players can start amassing PRIMATE, the game's token which is a form of NFT. The NFT markets where gamers can purchase PRIMATE tokens are OpenSea, LooksRare, Rarible, Coinbase, and X2Y2. Our players just need to buy one Membership Pass in order to start earning money, although doing so increases their profits.


A multitude of factors determine how much is given to each player in general basis. Our Benji Bananas clone script encourages players to acquire more PRIMATE tokens in addition to purchasing multiple Passes.

Primate  token

Our PRIMATE is the game's main—and ostensibly exclusive—token. On various liquidity pools on the Ethereum Binance Smart Chain networks, users can trade it for other fungible tokens. 

How does a Benji Bananas clone work?

The gameplay is interesting despite its simplicity. To gain more points, the main objective is to collect bananas. Despite being a running game, players are free to continue as long as they choose because the stages don't end after a set amount of movement. At these stages, the rate at which bananas are gained varies, but level advancement is linear and players' visuals alter after a certain amount of walking.

A certain number of jumps, a set quantity of bananas to pick, and a set distance to swing are among the automated tasks that are given to the players. After finishing the missions, players get extra bananas. Playing a light smartphone game is appropriate because the gameplay mechanics are generally simple yet highly addictive.

How Can I Begin Playing and Making Money Using Benji Bananas Clone Script?

In order to begin playing this blockchain game, users must first connect their wallet (MetaMask or Coinbase). After that, players must confirm their Membership Pass; if they don't already have one, they must buy one.

The next step for players is to access their Google or Apple account and finish the identity verification process (KYC) offered by Animoca Brands.
Animoca Brands states that "we conduct KYC to establish our players' legitimacy and build a level playing ground for play-and-earn."

If players do not go through this process, they will not be able to earn in the game by taking part in the PRIMATE rewards programs. These play-to-earn events usually run for a few weeks and have only been released in two seasons to date.

Why Hivelance for Play to Earn games like Benji Banana?

Hivelance, a leading Play-to-Earn game development company, offers you a solution to create a flawless gaming platform for your business. Players can receive the exact features and functionality of play-to-earn games like Benji Bananas. Our experts have deep knowledge in developing pay-to-earn games and they know the advanced technologies. At Hivelance, we provide a ready-made script like Benji bananas where the play to earn enthusiasts are highly attracted and do connect with us to boost up their business as well. 

Are you planning to launch your own play-to-earn games like Benji Bananas? Then get in touch with us. 

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