Cryptocurrency Clone Script: Launch Your Own Bitcoin and Crypto Betting Platform

A clone script is a pre-built crypto betting game solution that includes all of the features and functionality to create a fully effective online sports betting platform. Clone Script: Launch Your Own Bitcoin and Crypto Betting Platform

What is is an online bitcoin betting game platform offering a numerous betting games like blackjack, slots, roulette, baccarat, table games, live dealer games and more. In a bet section players can communicate with dealers in real time, likewise the sportsbook also provides players with a fantastic assortment of bonuses and promotions, and making it a tempting choice for gamblers. is a legitimate crypto betting gaming site with a legal license.

What is clone script? clone script is the ready-made game script with exact replication of successful crypto sports betting platform and also similar with all features and functionality of one of the main things consider about betting clone is having a user-friendly interface for players to place their bets and has a wide range of betting marketplaces, including sports, E sports and betting games. clone script development: clone script might be a fantastic choice if you're thinking about launching a betting website. These scripts may help you to get your website profitable in the market also saving you a substantial amount of time and money. And Clone scripts are more affordable than other custom-built solutions. 

White Label clone software:

White label software refers to the customized solution which is similar to the functions and features of This means the clients can customize the platform for their business needs and preferences. These customized white-label clone software includes branding, logo, design, language support, and other additional features like social media integration and affiliate marketing.

Key Features of Clone Script: Clone Script is packed with features that will help you create a successful sports betting platform. Some of the key features are as below.

User-Friendly Interface: 

The clone script's user interface is designed to be incredibly simple to use and intuitive. Thus, the player may not feel trouble while navigating the platform, searching and finding the game they like to play and placing bets.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Another vital feature of any online betting platform is a safe and trustworthy payment gateway.  With the built-in payment gateway integration of the clone script, you can easily accept payments from players all around the world.

Live and In-play Betting:

Live betting feature lets the player to place his bet on a tournament or event that is in live progress and In-Play betting allows player to place hos bet on a tournament that has already started which is an excellent strategy to get profit from shifting odds and place more strategic bets.


Another significant advantage of the clone script is that it is completely customizable. This implies that you may customize the platform for your own requirements and desires, such as implementing new features, adjusting the style, or modifying the user interface.

Live Streaming of Sports Events:

Through the live streaming option, the user may be able to watch the other live events, such as sports event or E sports tournaments from his website and check the points of sports events at live update.

SSL security:

The clone script is included with SSL encryption, which means all the data sent between the platform and players is completely encrypted and secure.

Live Chat Support:

Players can easily communicate via chat box with the technical team for 24/7 regarding issues occurs while playing the games or need any withdrawal support, this will help to improve the overall user experience and keep players coming back.

Mobile Friendly:

This clone script is also having mobile responsive feature, players may play their betting game via mobiles now a days. Mobile devices are the essential way for people to access the internet, so having a mobile-friendly website may pulls you a wide audience.

Revenue Generation Methods of clone script:

There are several revenue generating opportunities for Platform owner in clone script these are

Commission: The Primary source of revenue in the platform is commission, Platform owner may earn through charged commission on bets places by the players on website. This may set by the betting platform owner depends on type of bet and amount.

Premium Features: Another method of generating revenue is offering premium features for the players and Charging subscription fess for those features like advanced weapons, skins and live streaming options and more.

Advertisement: Offering advertising space on your platform is also a revenue generating method. Owner may charge advertisers for showing their advertisements on your website.

Tips For Launch Your Clone Script

Implementing the crypto betting game like Clone Script may involve careful planning and executions, firstly you may have clear goals and objectives before develop your website and finding the right provider is also important and making sure your provider may reach the minimum criteria of your requirements. And you may give priority to the user experience and focus on website must regularly be updated based on user and player reviews.

Why Hivelance is the right provider of Clone Script?

Hivelance is the leading bitcoin betting and sports betting game development company, we offered the services of developing the popular crypto betting game clone script, Hivelance has the pool of developers who’s are having expertise over 8 years in blockchain game development services. Our team may lead you through the project and build your clone script that meets your maximum requirement. Hivelance has the strong reputation for clients service you may get the support whenever you need. If you are considering launching your clone script, then Hivelance is the perfect option for you

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