BetWay Clone Script - Launch Your Own Casino & Sportsbetting Platform

A ready-made option for starting your own betting platform that resembles Betway is provided by Hivelance in the shape of a Betway clone script

BetWay Clone Script - Launch Your Own Casino & Sportsbetting Platform

Betway has been drawing Indian players for more than 15 years because of its extensive toolkit, which is necessary for pleasant betting. With exceptional customer service to support it, the bookmaker's attractiveness has been further enhanced by unique bonus possibilities and deals for both sports and casinos.

Do you need a pre-made script to mimic sports betting? Fear not—at Hivelance, we've got you covered! Create a sports betting website similar to Betway to give users even more exciting gaming options. Our experienced team of developers combines state-of-the-art tools and techniques to create responsive betting clone scripts that enable you to start your business quickly.

With our cutting-edge, precisely developed betting platforms, we can cater to both new and existing businesses. We build innovative, intuitive, and technologically sophisticated sportsbook clone scripts that are error- and loophole-free.

Let us dive into the blog, and you might know more clearly about the Betway clone script and its functionalities.

Betway Clone Script 

Betway clone script is a pre-written and ready-to-deploy solution designed for business owners and entrepreneurs to create casino games that are similar to Betway. If you want to support your full-fledged start-up as an entrepreneur in the online casino game market, our Betway clone script will prove to be an incredible platform that will help you build your business on a worldwide scale. 

Hivelance offers apparent, secure, and interesting gameplay to enhance your gaming experience. Utilizing our Betway casino clone script ensures that customers get honest and ethical service for a range of sporting events. By employing the Betway clone script, we can give users the newest and most advanced tool to help them complete online betting services. 

Betway Overview

Betway stands as one of the most established platforms in 2006 for sports betting and online casino gaming. There are 28 sports categories to pick from, with live betting available for popular sports including football, tennis, and cricket. Although local events are also available, you may bet on championships and tournaments like the Indian Premier League.

At Betway, there are numerous alternatives for deposits and withdrawals, and INR is accepted as payment. Additionally, the business is consistently ranked among the top football and cricket betting sites because of its functionality and bonus program. 

Whitelabel Betway Clone Software

White-label Betway clone software helps you establish an online gaming casino platform and is personalized based on your business needs to show up the brand identity in the market. With cutting-edge features like multi-language, multi-currency, staking, cashback incentives, etc., our developers bring you a cheap, bug-free Betway clone script. Hivelance upholds a favorable client relationship while offering prompt solutions at a reasonable cost for you to enter the market and become an investor.

Features of Betway clone script 

User-friendly Interface and Simple Navigation

Our online Betway casino clone offers players a seamless and user-friendly experience with its intuitive user interface and simple navigation.

Numerous Games

Our Betway clone script offers several games from Microgaming, Big Time Gaming, and NetEnt. Players can enjoy a large selection of games, such as slots and table games.

Contemporary Security Procedures

Modern security measures are used by the casino to guarantee that customer information and financial transactions are fully protected. When playing at Betway Casino clones, players can feel confident knowing that their information is protected.

Live Chat Help Desk

We offer multilingual live chat customer service that is available around the clock, so players can always get prompt assistance with any questions or grievances.

Smooth Integration on Mobile Devices

We can seamlessly integrate our Betway clone script with both iOS and Android mobile platforms. It is convenient and flexible for players to enjoy their favorite casino games while on the go.

Unique Loyalty Programs

The casino rewards players for their commitment with special loyalty programs. As they advance in the loyalty program, players will receive excellent bonuses or presents.

Large-Scale Progressive Jackpot Access

Our Betway clone gives players access to large progressive jackpots with the potential to win enormous rewards. In jackpot games, players can try their luck and possibly win a sizable sum of money.

Greetings Bonus

Our Betway clone welcomes new players with a hefty welcome bonus.

Our Betting Options at Betway clone script 

Our Betway clone provides an abundance of useful features to improve your overall gaming and sports betting experience. In addition to a variety of casino games, sports betting offers several wager kinds, such as pre-match and live betting.

  • Live streaming 
  • IPL betting 
  • Online casino games
  • Live Casino
  • Push notifications 
  • Cash-out 
  • Esports betting 
  • Live cricket betting 
  • Virtual betting and virtual cricket betting 
  • Pre-match betting 
  • Multi betting 
  • Live match statistics

Types of Bets at Betway clone script 

At Betway clone script, you may place bets on your preferred sports events using a variety of bet types. Below is a quick summary of the types of bets.

  • Single bets

This is the most common bet, and it is only made on one particular game. The amount of the bet is multiplied by the odds.

  • Parlay bets 

With parlay bets, you can place a wager on many events that are unrelated to one another. The odds of the stake determine how many wins you can have in total

  • System bets

System bets consist of many wager combinations with payouts determined in a manner akin to parlay bets. The maximum stake in the system is 2000.

  • Parlay + bets

With the higher odds, standard parlay bets are essentially the same as parlay+bets. These wagers include a series of precise requirements that must be followed to boost earnings. 

Betway Clone App Development 

The Betway clone app is a mobile app that mimics the features of the original Betway platform. It can be utilized to build an online sportsbook and casino gaming platform. Sometimes bonuses and promotions are limited to the Betway clone app for iOS and Android users, thus users of the internet version are not eligible for the benefit. As a way to get more benefits, our Betway clone software gets even more beneficial.

Hivelance provides amazing betting app development powered by innovative technology to make your app stand out from the crowd. Our skilled team of mobile app developers has produced numerous award-winning gaming applications that are being utilized by users worldwide.

Perks of Betway Sports Betting Clone App

There are several benefits to developing a sports betting app similar to Betway Sports. Let's look at some of this platform's primary benefits:

Broad market reach: Regardless of locality, a Betway clone app allows your company to access a global audience.

High scalability: Betway clone software grows your business and attracts a lot of new customers without degrading performance.

Real-time reporting and analytics - Making informed judgments requires the use of analytics. The platform owners may analyze user behavior and activities, keep an eye on their betting habits, and make data-driven decisions by utilizing the real-time analytics and reporting features that the Betway clone app offers.

Marketing and customer retention: They are crucial in a competitive world. Owners of sports betting clone apps can employ a range of marketing techniques to draw in new customers and keep hold of current ones.

How Hivelance can assist you to develop casino and sports betting platforms like Betway?

Hivelance is a top-grade casino and sports betting platform development company providing a large selection of ready-made game scripts and game packages for sports betting and casinos. Popular and cutting-edge games that promise a unique and exciting gaming experience are among them. Our vast collection of pre-made add-on games for sports betting and casinos reduces the time and cost of development.

You can stay ahead of the game and reach your objectives with the aid of our Betway casino clone software. To help you grow your business, our team consistently goes further than your expectations and produces greater results than competitors. If you would like to introduce a Betway clone script for your business, please connect with us.


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