Bingo Game Development - Create the Ultimate Online Bingo Experience

Hivelance is the leading Blockchain Bingo Game Development Company, crafting immersive gaming experiences for players worldwide. Elevate your online bingo venture with our expertise

Bingo Game Development - Create the Ultimate Online Bingo Experience

Bingo Game Development Company:

Hivelance is a reputed Bingo Game Development Company that offers the greatest services for creating games that are both highly entertaining and feature-rich.Hire one of our knowledgeable bingo game developers who has the necessary technical gaming expertise to convert your bingo game into a premium Android & iOS bingo game.

What is a BINGO Game?

Bingo is a probability game in which participants check off  numbers as they are called out by the caller. The game is won by the player who crosses off all of their numbers. Numerous locations also refer to the BINGO game as Housie. It is both a very well known family and a game of chance. 

Benefits of Our Bingo Game Development Services:

Share with 0 revenue:

You won't be charged any additional fees because of our policy of 0% revenue sharing. We think that you should get the most return on investment. 

A rapid time to market:

Our developers never lose their enthusiasm or motivation to make on schedule. All of our products are user-friendly and ready for the market. 

Bingo game solutions with affordable cost:

Our team uses cutting -edge technologies to create  Bingo software that is affordable  because we value your time and money.

Multi-Device Compatibility:

Our gaming solutions are responsively designed , allowing your users to access the casino from various devices.

Complete customization:

Our developers are always ready to take on challenges due to the complete customizability of our software development.

Inherit your intellectual property:

We grant complete freedom for you to own your intellectual property. We can give you the solution’s source code, design files, code documentation etc, so you dont need to work later. 

2D & 3D Game Assets:

Our bingo game incorporates 2D and 3D game elements, graphics, and animations to provide your players with a real gaming experience.

Multiplayer Game:

Our bingo game solution enables several participants on the platform and is very scalable. 

Features of Bingo Game Development: 

Multiple Variations - The BINGO game features a variety of BINGO variants from which users can select to play in accordance with their preferences.
Big Jackpots-When a player wins one of our Bingo games, they will receive the largest Jackpot. The greatest users will be drawn to you by bigger and higher payouts. 

Multi-ticket Gameplay - Multiple tickets can be bought by the players to improve their chances of winning the game. This will improve the gameplay experience and thrill the game. 

3D Dice Rolling - A 3D dice rolling gaming experience that feels authentic. It offers a more enjoyable experience. We also provide a variety of dice skins.
Play online games for actual money-Utilize your talents when playing bingo to win real money. Instead of just playing BINGO to kill time, use your knowledge of the game to make money.

Play games with friends - Adding your friends to the buddy list will allow you to play whenever you want. Connect your social media profiles for additional friends.
Quick money transfers and deposits-We create games that allow for quick deposits and cash outs because we want you to spend the majority of your time playing the game. 

Game Background - You will receive a thorough history of every game you have ever played. Additionally, it will include information on how much you gained or lost in each game. 

Retract History - You can access a thorough history of your withdrawals of funds.Consult the list, to find out when and from where you withdrew the money.

Buddy Live Invitation or List - You can view your added friends on the buddy list as you add them. Additionally, you may view who is online and invite them to play with you. 

Live support capabilities - With just a few clicks, players can contact you via the live help tool. The players can use it whenever they want.

Play a guest role in a movie - If you don't want to establish an account using your email address or any social network account, you can play the game as a guest instead.

Google, Facebook, and email login - You may easily register with your Facebook, Google, or email address. Your buddy list will be automatically updated with all of your social network contacts.

Configuration of OTP for email and phone - A player must authenticate their phone number and email address in order to get access to only real players in the game. OTP would be used for the verification process.

Coins Bonus Each Day - Give people a good reason to utilize the app frequently. What could possibly be more motivating than a bonus? If they regularly log in, players will receive a bonus.

Intelligent Alerts - You may send push alerts to all users using smart notifications. You can encourage them to play the game right away by focusing on these notifications.

Anti-Fraud Program - To ensure that the BINGO game we create is secure from online scams, we use cutting-edge security technologies and protocols.

Functionality for Voice and Chat - To increase the excitement of the game, we can incorporate cutting-edge real-time voice and chat capability.

Different Options for Paymen t - We are capable of integrating a wide range of payment gateways, including several cards, Paytm, Gpay, Stripe, and many others.

Functioning Refer & Earn - We've added a feature called "refer and earn" to the BINGO game that gives each player a special invite code and easy-to-get referral money.

Serving advertisements - Use advertisements for greater game revenue. Display a commercial that offers users a bonus when they watch the entire thing. Therefore, all will get more benefits.

RNG+ Certification in Technology - The number that appears when a die is rolled is completely random due to technology called the Random Number Generator. Our BINGO games are RNG+ Certified to guarantee fair gameplay.

Bingo Game Development Solutions we Offer:

Blockchain based bingo: Players can transact in a more secure and practical manner with the help of our blockchain based bingo game. Due to the immutability of blockchain, every action taken by players is transparent , making blockchain based bingo trusted by all. 

Crypto Based Bingo Game: Our bingo game solution accepts all cryptocurrency payments, giving players the option to use the virtual money of their choosing. Digital currency makes it simple for players to purchase bingo tickets and play. Direct interactions between people take place during transactions.

Bitcoin bingo game: Our bitcoin based Bingo solutions come integrated with bitcoin cryptocurrency as the payment method.

Why Hivelance ?

Are you trying to find a reliable bingo game provider? 

Then trust Hivelance to provide affordable and nimble bingo game development solutions. Our group of gifted and knowledgeable experts develops engaging gaming solutions that draw sizable crowds. 

Our bingo gaming solutions have attractive user interfaces and were created with all current market trends in consideration. We have created clever and original methods for creating user-friendly and rich gaming systems.

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