Launch your Crypto Exchange Platform like Bithumb in 10 Days

Hivelance, a top cryptocurrency exchange development company, provides the best Bithumb clone script along with fully functional cryptocurrency exchange platforms with a wide range of use cases and cutting-edge features

Launch your Crypto Exchange Platform like Bithumb in 10 Days

Since its launch in 2014, Bithumb has been a cryptocurrency exchange platform based in Korea. This trading platform has gained notoriety for its enormous trade volume. Additionally, it has an easy to use interface that is initiative, making it the best option for new beginners. “Remittance” is a  feature of the Bithumb platform.

Traders can instantly transfer money and assets across international borders using this capability. Additionally, this platform has integrated high security measures and encryption technology to safeguard users from future hacking attempts. Most fans of cryptocurrencies were excited to start their own exchange similar to Bithumb.This blog will explore more about Bithumb and growing businesses using our Bithumb clone script. 

Create a Thriving Crypto Exchange with our Bithumb Clone script 

Bithumb clone  is a ready-to-use software solution  that imitates the features and functionalities of  the well known cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb. We guarantee the scalability and user friendliness of our Bithumb clone script with cutting edge technologies. With the help of Hibelance’s cutting edge Bithumb clone script, business owners and entrepreneurs may rapidly and effectively establish their own cryptocurrency trading platform. 

Without devoting time and resources to the development process, businesses may quickly start their own exchange platform with our Bithumb clone script. Our skilled developers may  modify the clone script to satisfy certain business needs and offer dependable technical assistance all along the way. 

Striking features of Bithumb clone script 

Quick payment system

You can utilize the barcode based quick offline crypto payment system you visit often such as cafes, bookstores and theaters. By inputting the  secure password , barcode payments are simple to complete. Enjoy the convenience of paying with crypto first.

QRcode-based quick transfer

The rapid offline crypto payment system with barcodes is available for use in places like theaters, bookstores, and cafes that you frequently visit. Barcode payments are easy to process  by entering the password. Prioritize enjoying the ease of using bitcoins for payment. 

High trading volume

Because Bithumb crypto exchanges handle a large number of trades, it gets challenging to keep market rates stable. Secure transactions are conducted, and equities with larger volume are held by more knowledgeable investors who pay closer attention to the buying and selling of the stock. 


A range of trading pairings that show the trading chart,real time price data, and the 24-hour trade volume surround the exchange section, without constantly scrolling down, users may quickly search for crypto pairs. 

Order book system

The orders that represent various orders from buyers and sellers are listed in the order book. Additionally, it shows the volume and prices that crypto users are eager to buy  and trade. It instantly gives useful information about the market pricing for the advantages of users.

Security Features of Our Bithumb Clone Script

At Hivelance, we enable the following set of high-end security protocols:

  • DDoS Migration
  • Data Encryption
  • Browser Detection Security
  • HTTPS Authentication
  • SSL Integration
  • Anti Phishing Software
  • Biometric Authentication
  • End-to-End Encrypted Transactions

Bithumb Clone App Development

At Hivelance, we provide a group of extremely knowledgeable and experienced developers who focus on building reliable and intuitive Bithumb clone apps. Our team has extensive experience with programming languages, frameworks for developing mobile apps , and best practices for building secure and efficient apps. They make sure that your Bithumb clone app is developed utilizing the most recent technological innovations by keeping up with the most recent trends and developments in the mobile app market.  You can anticipate flawless integration of essential features, user friendly interfaces, real time data synchronization, improved security measures, and fluid performance on both the android and iOS platforms when you choose our skilled team for the Bithumb clone app development. You can be confident that your Bithumb clone app development will be done with the highest level of  professionalism, experience, and attention to detail when you have our professionals on your side.

Get in touch with us right now to begin developing a robust and feature-rich iOS and Android Bithumb clone app.       

Revenue streams of Bithumb Clone Script

Transaction Charges

Charge transaction fees for trades made on the Bithumb clone exchange platform to make money. To encourage high volume trading, establish distinct charge schedules for different trading pairs and volume thresholds. 

Listing Charges

Projects and tokens wishing to list on the Bithumb clone market listing fees to generate income. It provides various listing packages that differ in terms of exposure and rewards to meet the requirements of various projects. 

Interest in margin trading 

Charge interest to users who borrow money for margin trading to make money. It offers traders who are booking to leverage flexible options for margin trading and competitive interest rates. 

Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) and Token Sales

Allow token sales and IEOs on the Bithumb clone exchange platform, a platform fee based on a portion of the funds raised will be collected. It offers blockchain initiatives a secure and effective financing platform. 

Market Maker Initiatives

Provide liquidity providers who contribute to the Bithumb clone exchange with market maker programs. By charging for participation in these initiatives, market makers are encouraged to increase platform liquidity. 

High end subscriptions 

Offer premium subscription options with cutting edge features and advantages like priority customer service, reduced trading fees and access to unique market data. Recurring fees should be applied to these premium subscriptions. 

Promotion and Grants

Earn money by running adverts and accepting sponsorships from ICOs, blockchain companies involved in the crypto space. It offers sponsorships for events or campaigns as well as advertising slots on the exchange platform. 

API Entry

Give algorithmic trading companies, high frequency traders, and institutional traders access to premium APIs. Charge a price to access advanced trading APIs, which provide users access to more data and improved trading capabilities. 

Initial referral scheme 

Create a referral scheme that pays users for introducing new traders to the Bithumb clone exchange. Provide rewards to users that actively promote the platform such as revenue sharing or  referral bonuses. 

Extra facilities 

Offer value added services for a charge such as trading alerts, market research reports, or instructional resources. Assist traders and investors in need of professional advice and insights. 

Development process to Start Crypto Exchange like Bithumb

To establish a crypto exchange similar to Bithumb, you need to have a detailed , tried and true plan for doing so. Before you develop a viable plan, give us an opportunity to offer you expert advice.  

  1. Find out what security features you want to add that aren't currently included in Bithumb.
  2. Upbot emerges as a rival to Bithumb; therefore to overcome the problem, you can create a cryptocurrency exchange that combines Bithumb and Upbit.
  3. Decide the location you want to send your transaction. Due to Seoul’s currency involvement in Bithumb.
  4. Bithumb only allows exchanges with Korean won(KRW), however  you can override its defaults by allowing more and more cash blends.

Comparably, there are several business ideas and professional pointers to help your exchange become more well known than Bithumb. 

How Hivelance can assist you in launching a bitcoin exchange like Bithumb?

With our ready-made Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script, Hivelance has helped our customers create cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Localbitcoins, Paxful, Reamitno, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Bitstamp, Poloneix, OKex, Bitflyer, and more. We offer free customization and round-the-clock support to improve your Bithumb clone site so it runs smoothly and ranks high.

Make an effort not to waste any time! You may start a cryptocurrency exchange in Korea similar to Bithumb! Here is a link to request a free demo of our Bithumb clone script.

Why Choose Hivelance to Create a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Bithumb?

Hivelance is the most leading cryptocurrency exchange script development company expertise in providing various cryptocurrency exchange script solutions with excellent outcomes. We promise to deliver the script you request on schedule.Our team of skilled blockchain developers will take care of your cryptocurrency exchange project. We also have a committed support staff that will provide effective customer service for all of the items we supply. By utilizing cutting-edge frameworks, our flawless Bithumb clone script has full encryption and all the best security features available

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