Bitso Clone Script- Launch A Crypto exchange like Bitso!

Discover the game-changing potential of our Bitso clone script and revolutionize your cryptocurrency exchange business. Attract a global user base by offering support for multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Bitso Clone Script- Launch A Crypto exchange like Bitso!

Learn more about cryptocurrency exchange and uncover an innovative approach to investing. 

Businesspeople would be idly pondering where to invest, how much to invest, and what kind of profit to anticipate. The emergence of fresh crypto exchanges has captured global attention and provides an answer to these queries.

Most cryptocurrency lovers have found it entertaining to use trading platforms due to their expanding features and benefits. The idea of starting your crypto exchange platform is an alluring endeavour in the often-changing crypto world. Well-known Mexican cryptocurrency exchange Bitso entered the market in 2014. Over 1.4 million people utilize it. On its platform, it supports nine of the top cryptocurrencies and stablecoins.

With enough liquidity available at the optimum market prices, it facilitates the execution of limit orders in spot trading for both institutional and retail participants. On the Bitso platform, stop-loss orders and margin trading capabilities will also soon be available.
Join the crypto world by launching the Bitso clone script with us!

Let's dive into the topic 

Assessing Why Is Bitso So Famous Nowadays?

Qudex is a Gibraltar-based cryptocurrency derivatives trading platform that Bitso recently purchased. It will expedite order settling by leveraging its trading engine.
The cryptocurrency exchange intends to rapidly grow in nations such as Argentina and Brazil. Argentina's Peso fiat money can be exchanged for Ethereum via traders.

  • In Mexico, it holds a market share of almost 95%, while in Argentina, it stands at 77%.
  • Bitso has over $20.88 million in trading volume in 24 hours.
  • Between February and August 2020, Bitso saw a staggering 7058% surge in demand for DAI stablecoin.
  • Between September 2019 and May 2020, Bitso's platform saw a 342% increase in trading volume.
  • Has already received more than $66.4 million in funding from 12 investors.
  • Aims to establish a robust Bitcoin economy in Mexico, given that the $22 billion in remittances that Mexicans living in the United States send home each year are a result of their immigration.
  • It is the only cryptocurrency exchange in Latin America that complies with every rule set forth by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission (GFSC).

Bitso Clone Script: Create your cryptocurrency exchange like Bitso

Bitso clone script is a pre-made solution that embodies the characteristics and attributes of the Bitso exchange platform. It includes all the elements required for a successful trading process. This is a platform that cryptocurrency lovers can use to automate their exchange business. This is the perfect time to start your exchange business using our Bitso clone script since there is a growing need for this exchange that will bring you large earnings. Our Hivelance’s Bitso clone script provides a worthwhile chance for developers and business owners to start the process of creating their cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Whitelabel Bitso Clone Software 

Our Whitelabel Bitso clone software is a customizable software solution for entrepreneurs to create their own branded cryptocurrency exchange platform. Hivelance has a better solution that offers white-label Bitso clone software that is bug-free and customizable, creating its brand and identity to level up your business needs. 

Key features of Bitson clone script 

  • Accessibility to clear graphs and charts: Show price fluctuations and market trends so that investors can make more informed judgments when purchasing or disposing of cryptocurrency.
  • Extremely user-friendly design: This makes it easy for startups and professional traders alike to use Bitso’s clone exchange platform, and orders can be fulfilled quickly and profitably. To learn more about the advantages of cryptocurrency, startup investors can watch interactive videos.
  • Accepts a variety of payment methods: Debit cards, credit cards, online bank transfers, Paypal, and QR code scanning of wallet addresses are just a few of the quick and easy ways that traders can settle transactions. A significant 
  • Traders can settle transactions: A significant amount of money can be sent for free with SPEI.
  • Simple deposits and withdrawals: The Ripple payment gateway and international wire transfers are two ways to make deposits. Bitso customers can make withdrawals in both Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • Third-party API integration: Bitso clone gives cryptocurrency users extensive access to historical data, enabling them to design automated trading plans that will help them efficiently manage their holdings. A Bitcoin wallet that serves as a secure keeper of the traders' assets is also included in the integration package.
  • Minimum deposit amount: Crypto investors can trade digital assets by depositing just 100 MXN (Mexican Peso) on the platform. OXXO convenience outlets also accept cash deposits.
  • Trading fees: According to the terms and conditions of the built-in Maker-Taker program, trading fees are reduced if trading volume increases within a 30-day window. The trading fees range from 0.1% to 1% at the minimum and highest, respectively.
  • Mobile trading facilities: With functional Android and iOS mobile apps, digital assets can be exchanged 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Backing for the most popular fiat currencies: Bitso clone supports Mexican and Argentine pesos to encourage more merchants to enter the cryptocurrency space.
  • An integrated referral scheme: This allows current Bitso users to suggest new users to the trading platform and receive generous benefits in return. They have to be verified at level 2.

Bitso clone app development 

Bitso clone app development refers to the process of developing a Bitso-like platform. This can entail recreating in a new application all of its features, functionalities, and user interface. Furthermore, creating a clone app does not ensure success because user acquisition, efficient marketing, and continuous maintenance are still necessary to draw in and keep customers. Users can purchase and sell cryptocurrency with our Bitso clone software from any location in the globe.

The advantages of the Bitso clone software are as follows:

  • Without waiting or spending time, users may buy and sell cryptocurrencies instantaneously.
  • Additionally, users may use the app to view real-time cryptocurrency pricing and make decisions about what to buy and when.
  • The software generates a secured code to guarantee user safety. For extra security, they can also enable facial recognition and fingerprint authentication.
  • Users only need to scan the QR code to transfer cryptocurrency immediately.
  • Additionally, anytime they need to, traders can instantly check their funds in one location.

Facilitate Crypto trading easily through Registration and Begin your exchange platform

Make a report: Go to the designated website, select "create an account," and fill out the requested information to proceed to the next stage.

Put money down: To move money from your bank account to your Bitso clone account or any other cryptocurrency exchange, select the deposit option. After reviewing all of the information regarding the trading pairs on the exchange interface, begin trading.

Purchase, sell, and preserve: Sellers can view the option of a "quick sale" to obtain the best market rates, and buyers and sellers are free to negotiate the terms of the transaction. Users of the platform can utilize Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and their local currency according to their needs.

Why Hivelance for developing cryptocurrency exchanges like Bitso?

Hivelance is a top-notch Cryptocurrency exchange software development company with a committed development team that produces top-notch projects. We provide enterprise-grade solutions through our Bitso readymade script, which employs cutting-edge technologies.
We keep our clients interested by offering them long-term business support and project maintenance services that will be beneficial to them. Our knowledgeable team will build you a cryptocurrency business plan that will succeed more with their expertise.
Seize the chance to develop a platform that offers your target market a distinctive value proposition and meets the growing need for digital asset trading.

Contact us to create your crypto exchange platform like Bitso !!!

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