What is Fork in Blockchain?

To explain this in layman terms, Fork is happening in the blockchain when a new set of protocols or rules are applied in existing blockchain ecosystems to improve or reinvent the new blockchain network with its own algorithm. Soft Fork happens when small changes are added in blockchain for security measures, hard Fork happens when there is a complete change over of the blockchain protocols.

Blockchain Forking models we do

Consensus model

Our blockchain engineers can do Forking in consensus (POW or POS) making the network split up into individual blockchain chains to run on its own algorithms defined by rules.


Forking existing codes of the already backed up DAOs can create seperate blockchain networks that operates on governing layer securely. Build blockchain chain like DIVX with DAO enabled in-built features.


Create any blockchain community by Forking masternodes to the client requirements and adding extra features to network members. PIVX or Dash can be used for masternodes Forking.

Smart contracts

Smart contract Forking can enable you to create your own smart contract project replicating the secured features of the ethereum backed blockchain.

Private transaction services

We can make private transaction services like Privatesend from PIVX that allows coin mixing features to bring added safety in transactions.

Technologies we use

Pioneer in Ethereum Blockchain Forking

Being the easiest crypto to Fork, Ethereum blockchain is the smart choice of ours. Hivelance developers already designed workable private blockchain networks using ethereum. By leveraging the solidity smart contract, we do Forking in geth or parity nodes and guide you to customize the specific features in the blockchain network you are creating. Let’s connect to build your next cryptocurrency.

We construct your own Blockchain by forking existing blockchain frameworks.

Smart Contract made easy

We design & deploy your smart contract that can offer high interoperability and connects with any existing enterprise solutions.

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