Blum Clone Script - Your Gateway to Launch Your Hybrid Telegram Based Exchange

Start Your Telegram-based Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform like Blum with our Blum Clone Script with Elite security features

Blum Clone Script - Your Gateway to Launch Your Hybrid Telegram Based Exchange

Introduction To Blum Exchange:

Blum Exchange is a hybrid crypto Exchange App and game platform that is available in Telegram as a Mini app, having the feature of consists both centralized and decentralized exchanges. Which is designed on the web3 platform for users looking to explore. The unique feature of Blum is it integrates its functionalities into the Telegram mini app. Which makes Bitcoin trading accessible on Telegram. Where Blum offers access to tokens over 30 chains. 

The Main feature of Blum Exchange is users can perform trade, grow, connect, and earn Blum points on multiple interactive tasks. Users may perform activities like completing missions, inviting friends, and other tasks for Farming Blum points which are used in this ecosystem and later converted as rewards.

What is Blum Clone Script:

Blum clone script is the pre-built software that allows the user to develop a hybrid crypto exchange with various trading options of Peer 2 Peer trading, margin trading, bot integration, and telegram integration similar to the Famous Blum exchange. Blum clone script provides the cost-effective and fastest way to launch your Telegram-based crypto exchange. 

We Hivelance the leading provider of cryptocurrency Exchange Scripts offer the service of Blum Exchange Clone Development including the features of Telegram integration, and Blum app clone for smartphones developed by industry-leading blockchain and web3 developers.

Key Features of Bum Clone Script:

Hybrid Exchange:

Blum clone script stands out from other exchange clones with unique features, and it is a hybrid exchange model that combines both centralized and decentralized this feature offers traders to access the wide array of tokens in a single place

Seamless Trading Experience:

Our Bum exchange clone provides access to trading without chain-switching, and fewer native token gas fees.

Trading in Telegram:

Our Blum app clone script offers a mini-app experience in its design, this feature may enable users to perform trades in Telegram. This app may integrate the gamified mechanics for trading.

Localized P2P trading:

Enfold the global opportunities by trading in local cryptocurrencies.

Support Multiple Blockchains:

This Blum clone script supports more than 30+ blockchains, this coverage helps the user to manage all their trading needs in one place without switching.

Self-Custody Wallets:

This feature enables the user to access their digital assets with full control enhancing security and trust.

Blum Points Farming:

This Blum clone script provides the user rewards through Blum points by clicking the farming option continuously and claiming their points every 8 hours

Social and Community Interaction: 

Ensures an open and engaging environment for all users by emphasizing transparency and community involvement. Conduct live Q&A sessions and user tutorials for users and 

Revenue Generation Model of Our Blum Clone Script:

Transaction Withdrawal Fees:

charging a percentage of the fee on each transaction made on the platform. This includes both the buying and selling of crypto assets and a withdrawal fee may be charged for exchange to an external wallet.

Listing Fees:

Projects that want to list their token on your exchange may be required to pay listing fees.

Margin trading and Lending:

Our Blum clone script may offer a margin trading feature where the user can able to borrow funds to trade with leverage 

Advertising and Sponsorship:

Placing Display ads and Video ads on the dashboard for third-party services and products will gain a fair amount of revenue.Giving priority to Listing certain tokens and coins in our exchange interface

Why Hivelance is the best place to develop Your Blum Exchange Clone?

Hivelance is the leading Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company, especially providing cryptocurrency exchange script development services like Blum Clone Script development. Our Pool of Experts where developed the Blum clone script with cutting-edge source code and offered a hassle-free experience then adapted easily which enables the investor to customize them as per requirement. Our Support team is always available to address your issues and tickets related to Blum Exchange Cone development

Want to Develop a Hybrid telegram exchange similar to Blum, reach our hivelance's expert team any time for consultation 

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