Create a Crypto Play-to-Earn Game Similar to Catizen utilising Our Clone Script

Launch a Catizen-like game with our customizable, white-label solution. Engage players in a cat city-building adventure, integrating crypto rewards and Telegram gameplay

Create a Crypto Play-to-Earn Game Similar to Catizen utilising Our Clone Script



According to on-chain data, Caitzen is the fastest-growing application in the TON ecosystem and has the largest crypto gaming community on the Telegram platform, with in-game exceeding $ 10 million.

More than 10 million people play games on Caitzen, which generates over $10 million in income with a steady 10% on-chain user conversion rate. Interestingly, more than half of active users are paying users, showing that Catizen has effectively connected with the broad customer base that blockchain initiatives have been aiming to tap into for a while. In this blog, we explore about Catizen , how it works, and what kind of solution we offer for business, keep reading to know more.

Citizen Clone Script 

Most likely, a Catizen clone script is a ready-to-deploy software solution designed to mimic the features and operations of the Catizen video game. In the simulation game Catizen, players take charge of an anthropomorphic cat village and direct those cats through a variety of jobs and activities to strengthen and develop their society. Our developers can rapidly make a comparable game without having to start from scratch using the Catizen clone script. 

Whitelabel Catizen clone script 

White Label Citizen clone script is a customizable solution where users can get the game's functionality, design, and other elements altered to better suit the developer's vision. Since our white-label solutions are usually general, the customer can add their branding, features, and additional functionality without having to start from scratch with the essential functionalities.

Get in touch with us to get a customized branding solution 

Brief Explanation of Catizen

In the well-liked Telegram-based play-to-earn game Catizen, you take on the role of mayor and are in charge of running a virtual city for cats. As mayor, you build structures, modernize the city's infrastructure, and oversee the city's feline populace to grow and develop your metropolis.

Catizen offers players the chance to earn real bitcoin while playing strategically through a blend of city-building and crypto-economics. The popularity of other Telegram games, such as TapSwap, Notcoin, and Hamster Kombat, has also increased interest in the Catizen game.

Why is Catizen popular?

  • One notable point for its popularity is its play-to-earn approach, which allows you to exchange in-game currency for actual cryptocurrency tokens via airdrops on The Open Network (TON). Numerous players wishing to make money from their gaming experiences have been drawn to this idea.
  • Furthermore, Catizen's cooperative multiplayer option, daily bonuses, and strategic gaming make the game exciting and competitive.
  • The Open League Application Rankings have placed Catizen at the top, underscoring its success and renown within the TON network.
  • Catizen's quick user base expansion and strong income generation have been facilitated by the tight integration of Telegram with the TON ecosystem.

Benefits of using Catizen clone script 

Catizen clone script is seen as the most promising initiative to arise following Notcoin for several reasons.

  • Telegram's strong integration with the TON ecosystem
  • User base and activity increase that happens quickly
  • Strong revenue growth and rates of user conversion
  • Strategic alliance with Notcoin and its deflation mechanism for tokens

Features of Catizen Clone Script 

Typical features of a Catizen clone script might be:

Play-to-Earn model 

The main attraction of our Catizen clone is its play-to-earn function, which enables users to gain $CATI tokens via daily activities, missions, and city building. Players will receive a material reward for their gameplay when they trade this virtual money for actual cryptocurrency tokens.

Token staking and rewards 

Our Catizen clone allows users to stake their $CATI tokens for additional prizes in addition to earning tokens through gameplay. This strategy appeals to both gamers and cryptocurrency investors because it not only improves the overall gaming experience but also offers the possibility of passive revenue.

AI and metaverse integration 

With our Catizen clone script, we utilize cutting-edge technology like AI and the Metaverse to produce immersive gaming experiences. The game gains depth and player interest through player interaction with AI-driven virtual companions and exploration of new realms within the Metaverse.

Integration with Telegram

Playing and trading with the TG Game Bot is a breeze due to our integration with Telegram. Users' gaming experiences are considerably improved by this accessibility and usability, which makes it more immersive and captivating. Players can now enter the game and complete transactions straight from their Telegram accounts owing to this connection, demonstrating the creative way that the cryptocurrency game Catizen clone uses to integrate blockchain technology with popular platforms.

Play-to-airdrop model 

Our innovative "play-to-airdrop" strategy rewards users who actively participate by giving them $CATI tokens. By converting in-game achievements into real value, this approach encourages long-term engagement.

Improving The Usability of $CATI Token

Improving the $CATI token's usability and accessibility is one of the Catizen clone's primary characteristics. Our group is presently engaged in establishing strategic alliances with significant cryptocurrency platforms and exchanges. These collaborations are crucial because they raise $CATI's liquidity, which facilitates users' purchases and sales of the token and allows them to take part in the Catizen Telegram cryptocurrency game.

Anticipations for upcoming airdrops

Watch this space for information on next airdrops. Participating in these events can offer worthwhile rewards and significantly increase your in-game income.

How Does Catizen Game Clone Work?

The play-to-earn Catizen game clone lets you get Catizen coins by building your city and finishing objectives. Engage in daily missions and chores to gain substantial rewards and customize your city with different improvements, buildings, and decorations. Investing in infrastructure, tourist attractions, and feline residents can help your city expand and increase its economic production.

Numerous cute cat figures with distinctive characteristics are available for selection. Play strategically by allocating resources and making investments that maximize city growth. The multiplayer option in Catizen clone enhances the social and competitive components of the game by allowing you to work together or compete against other players worldwide.

Future plans for Catizen platform 

With agreements made for 18 minigames with over 50 million downloads, including the popular game Hero Wars with over 100 million downloads, Catizen intends to develop into a mini-game platform in the future.

Catizen wants to keep growing its ecosystem by adding additional top-notch games and experiences, maintaining its dominance in the cryptocurrency gaming market, and encouraging the wider use of Web3 applications.

Why Hivelance for developing telegram gaming platforms like Catizen?

Hivelance is a Play-To-Earn Game Development Company where you can create crypto games on Telegram like Catizen. In this fascinating world, Telegram's "play to earn" games like Catizen mark a new frontier. You may reach a growing population of casual gamers and cryptocurrency aficionados by creating entertaining and lucrative games.Our Catizen clone developer has a deep knowledge in developing telegram based crypto play to earn games.

All set to go off on this adventure?

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