Coinomi clone script - Launch Your Own Crypto Wallet Similar To Coinomi

Coinomi clone is a ready-to-launch multi-chain crypto wallet clone script with new-age features and 100% customizability. Launch your blockchain-powered crypto wallet like Coinomi now!

Coinomi clone script - Launch Your Own Crypto Wallet Similar To Coinomi

Instead of buying bitcoins, investors start by creating a crypto wallet. Selecting the right wallet may seem like a time-consuming task with an abundance of possibilities, but it doesn't have to be. With the support for trading over 1770 assets, portfolio management, and storage, Coinomi is a reliable crypto wallet that millions of users rely on. This multi-chain wallet was developed in 2014 and, upon its release, quickly rose to the top of the crypto-storing alternatives. Furthermore, Coinomi has maintained its leading position by consistently releasing new features and updates and maintaining an advantage over its rivals. 
In this blog, we will discuss Coinomi's importance and qualities that make it an excellent cryptocurrency wallet and Coinomi's clone script for business. 

Key-points of Coinomi 

  • Coinomi wallet is equipped with robust encryption technologies to guarantee security. 
  • This Hierarchical Deterministic (HD) wallet generates a seed phrase for each account based on a specific algorithm. 
  • An address is created from a multiword “seed” for each transaction.
  • The wallet’s private key is kept on the device itself and is never sent to the internet. 
  • Coinomi provides improved privacy and anonymity because it does not track, perform KYC checks, or link IP addresses or identities to crypto wallets. There is no proof of Coinomi wallet hacking. 
  • Without internet access, crypto exchanges can be conducted with Coinomi.
  • Coinomi offers native support and genuine ownership such as 382 tokens and 125 blockchains for a total of 507 assets.
  • With Shapeshift and changelly, two integrated instant exchanges, all supported assets can be traded quickly.
  • Coinomi is readable in 25 languages and comes in 168 Coinomi is readable in 25 languages and comes in 168 fiat currency representations. And it's equipped with Seg-Wit.
  • With over 130 cryptocurrencies supported, Coinomi is a multi-currency platform.

Coinomi Clone Script 

Coinomi clone script is a ready-to-deploy solution, where you can get crypto wallets like Coinomi for storage, management, and exchange of blockchain assets. This clone script allows you to exchange your coins from within the wallet and is quick and easy to install and set up. 
Is this the wallet that's best for you, though?
Our Hivelance’s Coinomi clone script is similar to the Coinomi crypto wallet where you can get similar features and functionalities for your business right away. 

Whitelabel Coinomi Clone Software 

Whitelabel Coinomi clone software is a customizable software solution, and this solution is very opt for a brand identity that has additional features and demands based on the client's requirements. Hivelance offers Whitelabel Coinomi clone software for businesses to create their crypto wallet for storage and secure transactions and also for exchanging assets. 

Is the Coinomi clone Secure?

The primary security feature of the Coinomi clone is that it maintains your private keys locally on your device rather than on its web servers. This implies that the user keeps direct access to his keys and that they are not kept on a vulnerable network that could be attacked by hackers. Thus, all you have to do to protect your belongings is to keep your smartphone or computer out of the way and away from other dangerous devices.
Utilizing passwords is the final and most crucial security aspect of the Coinomi clone. You need to establish the password on your own, so even if your smartphone were stolen, it would be difficult for someone else to access your wallet. 
You cannot track, save, or share your IP address with third parties using the Coinomi clone app, and it does not enforce KYC regulations. According to the Coinomi clone website to ensure your IP address remains concealed at all times when dealing with the wallet, our team goes so far as to anonymize all of your requests.

Features of Coinomi Clone Script 

The following are a few of the Coinomi exchange clone wallet's intriguing features:

Multicoin support: The Coinomi clone script offers native support for a large number of cryptocurrencies. Considerable work goes into choosing and adding coins.
Simple setup: In a matter of minutes and clicks, the user may quickly download, install, and establish a new wallet.

Built-in exchanges: Our Coinomi clone script partnership with ShapeShift facilitates rapid and simple cryptocurrency exchanges.

Simple asset trading: Trades are made straight through the wallet using an integrated currency exchange. 

Cross-platform availability: The wallet is available on desktop and mobile devices. The mobile version works with Blackberry, iOS, and Android. The desktop version, which runs on Mac, Linux, and Windows, will soon be accessible.

One-time backup: The Coinomi clone allows for one-time backup, saving you the trouble of periodically backing up each wallet containing every coin.

Prioritizes security and privacy: To keep the wallet safe and secure, Our Coinomi clone script uses robust encryption techniques and cryptographic ideas. The device with the wallet installed never loses the private keys. Strong public cryptography is used by the wallet to offer end-to-end security.

Anonymity: Coinomi clone users are not subject to KYC laws because there is no registration process. By shielding its users' IP addresses from prying eyes and preventing data collection on their spending patterns or transactions, Coinomi clone servers anonymize your queries.

Multilingual and hyperlocal: The Coinomi exchange clone wallet is compatible with numerous languages, including Chinese, Russian, and English. The Coinomi wallet has translations as well.

Custom and dynamic fees: The Coinomi clone is free to use and does not impose any transaction fees. The miners connected to that specific coin may charge you while you're outgoing.

Simplified and User-friendly: The wallet offers one-click cross-chain payments due to cutting-edge technology. It has an extremely user-friendly interface.

Blockchain-based ID: We have the best blockchain-based identity modules.

Supported currencies of Coinomi clone script 

  • Bitcoin
  • Abncoin
  • Belacoin
  • Enjin
  • Bread
  • Jaxx 
  • Exodus

Why Hivelance for developing crypto wallets like Coinomi?

Hivelance is a leading crypto wallet development company, where there are trained professionals in charge of creating extremely interactive wallet solutions. To produce error-free and effective work, our developers make sure that their Crypto wallet development method is of the highest caliber, dependable, and transparent. Hivelance's multi-layered security system preserves the private information of all users while placing a high priority on data protection and security. Our incredible crypto wallet development solutions like Coinomi offer users full risk management services.


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