Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development Company

Hivelance, a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange development company, assists you in developing crypto derivatives exchange platforms such as Futures, Forwards, Swap, Options, Perpetual, and so on.

Crypto Derivatives Exchange Development Company

Cryptocurrency Derivatives Exchange Development:

Witness the potency and durability of crypto trading features by adopting our crypto derivatives exchange development services. Our efficient resources can assist you in embellishing your trading platform.

Crypto Derivatives Trading Development:

Being the pioneer in developing derivatives trading exchange platforms, our team can ensure the ways to obtain the benefits at a higher level. With a list of rewards and appreciations from industrial investors, we have engaged ourselves in bringing out marvelous accomplishments. We can promise in handing over your project with ultimate security and enhanced user experience, troubleshooting done regularly when needed.

What is a Crypto Derivative Exchange?

A crypto derivative functions similar to traditional derivatives where both buyer and seller assign themselves into an automated financial contract inorder to sell the digital asset. The assets are sold at a particular time and price. Some of the popular types of crypto derivatives are futures, options and perpetual contracts. HiveLance is the most reputed crypto derivatives exchange development company who can offer the best solutions with security features for speculative business growth.

Working functionalities of a crypto derivative exchange:

In crypto derivatives trading, the buyer and seller will enter into a financial contract to analyze the existing price of the cryptocurrency. Once the contract is agreed and initiated , the parties need to affix the price of the cryptocurrency on the approved date.Crypto derivatives can be traded on both centralized exchange and decentralized exchange platforms. Exchange owners can increase the sustainability  of a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange to attract more users.The purpose of derivatives trading in crypto are hedging and speculation. Derivatives can prevent the user’s portfolio from any adverse situation and it is known as hedging.It can mitigate the potential losses.Speculation is where the derivatives are used to predict the future prices of cryptocurrency. 

Advantages of using our Derivatives Exchange Platform:

It provides an excellent opportunity to explore the untapped crypto holders.
The platform mainly rejects the risks of high volatile digital assets.
As highly coded smart contracts are included, transactions happen without interruptions.
It is expected that the platform can provide a brighter future to the traders.

Exclusive features of our derivatives trading exchange platform:

  • Robust trading engine
  • Intuitive admin panel
  • High end security features
  • Latest order types
  • High transaction throughput rates
  • Auto deleveraging options( ADL)
  • Insurance funds
  • Multi currency wallet
  • High leverage
  • Market leading features that can be customizable.

Types of trading reinforced by our crypto derivative development services:

Futures trading:

In Futures trading, the contracts are standardized and have an expiry date. Fixed price of crypto asset is enlisted by buyers/sellers at an estimated date in future.

Forwards trading:

Even Though being identical to Futures, the contract is customizable and flexible as per the needs of both parties. Buyers and sellers can modify the conditions of the contract including the underlying asset.

Options trading:

The buyer can decide whether  to make the purchase as per the agreed date and also the buyer can ask for a purchase at a particular time.

Perpetual trading:

Both buyer and seller can exchange a type of cash flow to another at a particular date and time.These are regulated by interest rates,commodities.

Why Hivelance, the right option for crypto derivative exchange Development?

We are your trustworthy companion in developing your crypto derivatives exchange platform with a powerful trading engine. We have a team of best smart contract creators, to project your project to the world with full automation. Our frontend and backend developers can align the processing functions in a correct format enabling them to run in a simulated way. Designs play a vital role in every project, we can submit you the demo to showcase how we are different from the competitors.As we give importance to your requirements, the output will be 100% the replica of your customization.

  • Advanced order match types
  • Efficient professionals to guide you
  • Interactive and user friendly meeting sessions
  • Fast processing trading engine
  • Post delivery support
  • Latest trading options can be incorporated based on your needs

We can guarantee you that our crypto derivatives trading platform can hand over you the profitable business integrity. Get our crypto derivatives trading services and get started with your crypto journey.

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