Digital asset management platform development

Hivelance have been called as a top digital asset management platform development company

Digital asset management platform development

Through the outstanding support we gave our clients, Hivelance has the intense knowledge as the digital asset management platform development company across overseas. We provide strong infrastructure for your digital asset management platform with 24*7 technical support.

What is a digital asset management platform?

Digital asset management platform is the website or app which gives users access to their digital assets that are owned by them. It can give you opportunities to make your asset distributed in the ecosystem without leaving the platform.

Digital assets can be of any type including image, documents, video, graphics, crypto, NFT, animations, and other digital materials. 

The platform even facilitates organizing and maintaining the digital assets through secured storage of digital records with easier access and a proper structured system. 

For example, when taking crypto asset management platforms, users are provided with tons of investment options to diversify their portfolio in other business models like defi, NFT, blockchain games and crypto trading.

Users can easily switch between their portfolios in a single tap inside the digital asset platform. That’s the beauty of the platform.

In this blog, we’ll see what digital asset management platforms are and what business models followed in that too.

Digital asset management in general

A digital asset management solution is the regulation that offers a systematic approach in storing, organizing, managing, retrieving and distributing an organization’s or user assets. It serves as the centralized location from which the datas can be accessed. 

It streamlines the brand value through automatic updates and reinforcement with digital transformations and proper guidelines. 

1. Institutional services

One of the main products or services that every digital asset platform offers is the institutional services. Unlike fiat currency, digital currency requires some extra layer of security protection to avoid cyber attacks.

For the small investor, the loss can be bearable but for big investors it’s destructible.

The centralization of assets with digital asset management enables organizations to safeguard their valuable digital assets from hacks and theft. Institutional services like crypto custody, crypto staking, lending & yielding, OTC trading can add more income streams to the institutional investors.

The institutional investors always hunt for the digital asset platform with minimum risk with maximum profits. Hence in a digital asset management platform, licenses, legal documentation, KYC norms, security features can play key roles in meeting industry-driven compliance demands. 

2. NFT 

Nowadays, the most common inclusion in every digital asset management platform is NFT.

Being a novel asset, NFTs are used to leverage many industries, mainly the gaming field. Virtual real estates sold as NFTs have already reached sky-high prices when metaverse enters.

 Apart from earning rewards by playing games, purchasing virtual lands, NFT assets can also be managed to create a generational shift that no industry has witnessed yet. Like defi, dapps, and metaverse, the utility and scope of NFT seems promising too.

Startups who aspire to start a digital asset platform should adopt the nft management in their business model. It’s very clear that this is the best time for the asset management industry to adopt these new concepts and help determine the future in multi-dimensional.

3. DeFi

Decentralized Finance can be called as the big umbrella serving a number of fin-tech possibilities through blockchain. Defi breaks the geographical boundaries of accessing financial products anywhere anytime. 

No middleman needed, everything is automated and transparent in the distributed ledger system, thanks to blockchain.

Popular defi applications used in Digital asset management platforms are saving, staking, liquidity farming, swap farming, Dual investment and AMM which generates passive incomes to the users.

Defi asset management system eliminates the use of third parties by automating the functionalities with the help of smart contracts. Asset management follows certain protocols in defi apps offering liquidity to the investors.

4. Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrency asset management is the process of purchasing and selling digital assets with the systematic managing portfolio to have an overall massive growth.

Investors are increasingly looking to add crypto assets such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, altcoins and crypto tokens to their portfolios for diversity and to capture some of the potential upsides of this new asset class. 

Despite managing multiple accounts and wallets from different exchanges, crypto asset management platforms are simplifying the process by helping users consolidate their diverse holdings while simultaneously providing improved portfolio management tools.

When seeing the investment pattern of investors, it is strongly believed that crypto asset is the inevitable source of asset portfolios.

Digital asset platform development

Onto the crypto markets for more than 10+ years, we have partnered with many crypto ventures in technological support and maintenance.

We can even start from the creation of a digital asset management platform from zero stage. Assigning the certified developers for your project, we can build the digital asset platform with impeccable foundation.

Tell us about your project! 

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