DotCoin Clone Script: Create a Tap-To-Earn Game Like Dotcoin

Are you looking to enter the exciting world of tap-to-earn gaming? As a leading provider of innovative T2E gaming solutions, Hivelance offers a reliable DotCoin clone script that allows you to launch your own DotCoin-like T2E experience.

DotCoin Clone Script: Create a Tap-To-Earn Game Like Dotcoin


According to research, 90% of the meme coins that appear on the cryptocurrency market every month are false. Launching a bot and then repeatedly tapping the screen allows users to play Dotcoin, a cryptocurrency project that is embedded into Telegram as a game. Your balance rises and your energy level decreases in proportion to how much you tap on the screen. 
It is critical to remain watchful for these scams. This blog explores Dotcoin usage in the crypto market and creates a telegram-based game like Dotcoin using Dotcoin Clone script for enterprises to enhance their business prospects and earn more profit.  

DotCoin Clone Script 

The DotCoin Clone script is a ready-to-deploy solution where you can get earnings by tapping. Our Dotcoin clone script is a telegram based tap to earn games for business that cannot be created from scratch. You can access it easily by deploying it into your business. 
Launch a tap-to-earn game like DotCoin with Hivelance.We designed a reliable and user-friendly tap-to-earn game with several experts to match your user requirements. 

What is DotCoin?

Are you interested in learning about DotCoin? The solution is provided here.

In the cryptocurrency game DotCoin, which is played on Telegram, players can join the DotCoin bot and gain Dot points by only tapping on the screen. $DOT is similar to the popular NotCoin in that it can accrue points prior to exchange listing.
The $DotCoin game on Telegram is simple to play. To play, you can either use a referral link to sign up or look for the DotCoin bot on Telegram and launch it to get an instant message. You will be secure from scammers and hackers 95% of the time with this referral approach. 

Is Dotcoin legit?

Since Dotcoin is still in its early stages, it is impossible to draw firm conclusions or assume that it will not be profitable in the long term. Even though it seems to be a straight replica of Notcoin, they have taken several actions that indicate they mean business. The first is the token's decreased availability. Users could previously double their coins using the X2 feature, but this option is rarely active at the moment.

Our Ways to boost your earnings using DotCoin clone script

Consider the following  ways to improve your DotCoin clone points:

Finish the Earn Page Tasks: To begin chores like registering a Bybit account, following on social media, and referring friends, select "Earn". To begin earning points, tap the job if you already have a Bybit account.

Game X2: You can easily double any amount in your balance by touching Game X2. The special characteristic sets our DotCoin clone apart and makes it easy for you to quadruple your point total.

Boosters: Make use of the boost features to improve your equilibrium. Investing in more taps will supply you with more energy and raise your earnings per tap.

Perks of using tap-to-earn games like DotCoin 

Reduced Development Costs: Using a DotCoin clone script, tap-to-earn games on Telegram may be developed more quickly and affordably than typical mobile games that are made from the ground up.

Easy Game Mechanics: Games made with DotCoin clone script feature simple mechanics that are playable by players of all ages and abilities. One of the main attractions for a sizable player base is the easy work of tapping on the screen to receive rewards.

Accumulating Cryptocurrencies as Rewards: In-game currency, tokens, and airdrops are awarded to players; these may be exchanged for cryptocurrencies, drawing a sizable user base to Telegram's play-to-earn model.

Multiple Revenue Streams: To generate extra cash, business owners can provide subscription services, provide premium players with exclusive passes and character skins, start initial coin offerings (ICOs), allow in-app purchases, and include banner and video advertisements within the game.

How can you earn a DotCoin clone with no investment?

Yes, you may use our DotCoin clone script to earn DotCoin points without having to make any investments. Installing the Telegram app on your smartphone is the first step. Launch Telegram after installation, then start the account creation process:

  • Choose your national code.
  • Put your phone number in here.
  • Click "Next" or "Continue."

Checking the Number You Provide: An SMS with a verification code will be sent by Telegram. Enter this code to confirm your phone number. You can ask to be called if the code is not received.
The DotCoin chat can be started by clicking on the DotCoin clone Bot, which will open Telegram. Upon selecting the "Start" button, an automated message is displayed to you. Click the "Let's go" button to start the cryptocurrency game.

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Why Hivelance for developing tap-to-earn games like DotCoin?

Hivelance is a telegram-based tap-to-earn game development company that offers a prime opportunity to capture the tap-to-earn like DotCoin.With little work and astute marketing techniques, you may take advantage of the popularity of these games to establish yourself as a pioneer in the Telegram gaming business.
Our talented group of game developers creates and configures feature-rich DotCoin clone scripts using the newest technological stacks. We promise prompt delivery, excellent products, and complete branding and personalization. After deployment, our blockchain specialists offer continuous support, guaranteeing thorough testing and smooth integration.


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