Develop a Fantasy Sports App Like DraftKings

Hivelance's Draftkings Clone Script is a 100% customizable pre-developed sports betting software that replicates core functionalities of Draftkings with top-tier features

Develop a Fantasy Sports App Like DraftKings

Sports are the only human activity that unites people worldwide,outside the religion, caste, nationality, and language background. In addition to participating , people also love sports. A smartphone or tablet can be used to experience the thrill of sports while lounging on the couch due to numerous possibilities accessible presently with the advancements in technology. 

In the case of fantasy apps like DraftKings, you may also view it as one of the best places to make money. Fandom for fantasy sports spans all age groups, with enthusiasts playing every kind of fantasy game. This may be its most astounding feature.

DraftKings has been  a well liked sports betting site for millions of sports enthusiasts worldwide. When entrepreneurs employ clone scripts to swiftly launch their platforms, they avoid having to invest a significant amount of time and money in creating their own sports betting platforms from scratch.

This blog discusses the benefits of adopting a DraftKings clone script for your sports betting business and how it may help you build a successful enterprise. 

DraftKings Clone Script 

DraftKings clone script is a ready-made script that imitates the features and operations of the DraftKings fantasy sports site. It is essentially a pre-made template that the developer only needs to make minor changes to in order to launch it as a new platform. Using  our Draftking clone script, entrepreneurs can quickly start their own sports betting website without having to spend time and money constructing it from the ground up. 

At Hivelance, creating a draftking clone script will be a quick and efficient approach to launch a sports betting platform and get into the lucrative and quickly growing sports betting market.

White Label Draftkings clone software

White label Draftkings software is a customized solution that shares features and functionalities of draftkings with additional capabilities to brand your business. Put differently, users have the ability to customize the platform to meet their unique needs and preferences for their businesses.Our  white-label Draftings clone application comes with the branding, logo, design, language support, and additional features like social network integration and affiliate marketing.

Features of DraftKings Clone Script 

Real-Time feed-Users of our Draftkings clone software have the option to see a live feed of the game while they're participating.

Attractive dashboards: Effective management and user engagement are facilitated by the attractive dashboards for administrators and users. 

Future Athletic Events

Your smartphone will receive push notifications about upcoming sporting events, which will be located and displayed in your dashboard.

Ancient Registry

Your previously played games will be kept in the History section, where you can review your options, review past errors, and alter the outcome of the game.

Performance Synopsis

The transaction history alerts the performance overview section, where you can review your previous gaming performance.

Private Competitions

Your user can start or join private competitions with friends or rivals, and everyone in your circle can share in the prizes for the winners.

Pop up alerts 

You can notify people about impending events by showcasing all of the improvements made to the Draftkings clone development software in your alerts.

Feature of Fund Deposit

Anyone you want can enter the competition and deposit the necessary cash into your player account. There are several ways to pay for deposits made into the player's account using our DraftKings clone app.

Multilingual Assistance

With your multilingual support capabilities, you can compete with other top fantasy sports apps and reach a global audience while increasing engagement.

Multi-Currency Assistance

We offer a variety of payment methods for your DraftKings clone program so that users may deposit and withdraw real money right away.

Programs for Referrals

Referral programs allow users of our DraftKings clone script software to make additional money.


We have a Draftkings clone software with customer support available around-the-clock to answer questions.

Revenue models of DraftKings Clone script 

Entry fees 

Permit users to pay an entry fee to participate in each sports league and competition. After you win, users may return to play more matches, which will increase your revenue. It is a significant means of generating consistent revenue from fantasy sports applications. 

In-app purchases 

Incorporate your products within the platform so that customers can purchase them at particular pricing. Users have two options for making payments:real money or coins won from fantasy sports that rely on predictions. Through your app, users can also buy coins , generating additional revenue for you.

Promotion fees

Now that you have a sizable following, your platform is a great way for a lot of other businesses to market their brands. To increase the number of people who download the business’s apps, you can charge a promotional fee. These businesses also provide sponsorship to you. 

Our Draftkings Clone script includes various sport

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Cricket
  • Baseball
  • Golf
  • Tennis and so on

DraftKings clone app 

DraftKings clone app is an exact replica of the Draftkings fantasy sports app, which offers more drafting options and fantasy gaming options. DraftKings clone provides daily and weekly fantasy games instead of matches that are played over a long period of time, in contrast to traditional fantasy sports apps. Users can easily create a team and draft players here.

Fan-made teams are assigned fantasy points based on the outcomes of live sporting events. The fantasy sports point winners are the users with the highest total. In order to assist users in making wise judgments, live match scores and leaderboards are frequently updated.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Fantasy Sports App  DraftKings ?

Globally, fantasy games are becoming a popular idea. These games have a large fan base that plays them and hopes for further improvements in the future. Due to its widespread appeal, investors and business owners find it impossible to resist creating a fantasy sports software similar to DraftKings and expanding its user base internationally. Cost will be purely based on the requirements from the user and it is up to their additional features and functionality to create their own brand. 

All players want to dive in and experience the mind-blowing experience of playing unique games, regardless of how experienced they are.An advanced tech stack is located at the back of the contemporary fantasy sports software like DraftKings. Additionally, creating scalable apps that adapt to shifting paradigms and never get state for users has become popular these days. It is true  that investors are finding these fantasy sports applications provide a reliable steam of income. 

Various fantasy sports app models to take into consideration while developing apps similar to DraftKings

It takes the same kind of reasoning and analysis that we need on the ground to play fantasy sports. In order to achieve the optimal outcome-such as taking home actual cash prizes-the payer must choose the team. At first , fantasy sports apps were limited to cricket; later , additional sports including football, rugby, baseball, hockey, and others were added using this idea. When writing a fantasy clone script, you can use a number of ideas. 

You can download mobile fantasy sports apps like these:

  • Weekly and daily competitions
  • Contests centered around games
  • games with a conceptual basis
  • Several games based on leagues
  • Leagues held every month

To take your fantasy game app to the next level and provide customers a unique experience, it would be wise to adhere to the current trends in addition to the game type.

DraftKings clone  sportsbook

DraftKings clone continues to proudly hold a top spot among the industry’s top platforms, even after helping to pioneer the U.S online sports betting business. 

Few other online sportsbooks can match the sophistication of DraftKings clone’s unique desktop and mobile user interface designs. Accessing tutorials , the promo page, and the many sports options is made simple on the user-friendly desktop website. 

Furthermore, the mobile app builds upon and shares many of the same design elements. Mobile customers’ betting experience is streamlined with a main menu located at the bottom of the app, featuring your bets, live betting options , prizes, and a search bar. 

Why choose Hivelance for fantasy sports like DraftKings ?

Hivelance is a top grade Fantasy sports development company , provides excellent DraftKings Clone Development Services that are user-focused and tailored to unique requirements. As per the latest market trends, we consistently offer a user-friendly solution that meets all needs. We provide eye-catching, creative solutions that help you stand out in a crowded market.

We will fully satisfy all of your DraftKings Clone Development wants if you're searching for an excellent solution for your upcoming DraftKings Clone Development. Furthermore, we offer DraftKings Clone Developers Solution. We replicate the top-performing application available on the market.Specializing in work quality, client specifications, and optimal suggestions based on market trends, we are a top web and app development company. When we begin work, we always listen intently to our clients and then generate the greatest ideas and prototypes to gain their approval.

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