Dream11 Clone Script To Build A Feature-rich Sports Betting Platform Platform

Dream11 clone built with mind-blowing functionalities and features. Run a profitable Sports Betting Platform with our Dream11 clone script

Dream11 Clone Script To Build A Feature-rich Sports Betting Platform Platform

Dream11 is a well-known sports app that has gained greatly in popularity in the modern day. In addition, Dream11 is the best fantasy sports software available, offering users access to a wide variety of games. In light of this, there is a tremendous demand for fantasy sports apps like Dream11 all around the world. As an outcome, the business owners want to create a fantasy cricket script software similar to Dream 11 and make a million dollars.

In this blog we explore Dream 11 concept and our ready made script solution to boost up your business perspective. 

Dream11 clone script 

Dream11 Clone is a script that mimics fantasy sports solutions like Dream11. This Dream11 clone script is pre-configured with all of Dream11's features and outfitted with the necessary technology to enable it to function independently. Hivelance offers a ready-made script for fantasy sports enthusiasts to level up their business like Dream11. Many sports are available in our Dream11 clone script, including well-known ones like football, basketball, cricket, and more. We have developed a fantasy Dream11 clone platform that captivates sports fans worldwide.

Whitelabel Dream11 clone software 

Entrepreneurs can utilize our white-labeled Dream11 Clone software to create an app that resembles Dream11 by customizing it to show their own brand identity. With our incredibly dependable & secure whitelabel Dream11 clone software solutions, we give your users the greatest online gaming experience possible. Our experts provide in-depth analysis, cautious consideration, and tactical personalization to develop a distinctive and profitable fantasy sports platform that stands out in the competitive market.

Distinctive Features of Dream11 clone script

Interactive User Interface

Users can rapidly traverse the site and take part in any games due to the dynamic user interface, which is simple to use.

Support for Many Languages

Users from various locations can utilize the site in their favorite language due to the multilingual support that our Dream 11 clone script can provide.

ML and AI

When users are building their favorite teams, the platform can leverage AI and ML algorithms to assist them in making well-informed decisions on player selection and team composition.

Safe and Expandable

With strong security features like two-factor authentication, SSL encryption, and secure payment gateways, our Dream 11 clone software may be quite safe.

Real-time match updates

Real-time updates on the progress of the matches in which they have taken part are available to users. These updates include player performances, results, and other pertinent data.

Affiliate Schemes

With our Dream 11 clone software, users may participate in affiliate marketing schemes, allowing them to recommend friends to the platform and receive incentives for each successful recommendation.

Push Alerts

Push alerts for forthcoming games, competitions, and other significant occasions are available to users, keeping them informed and involved on the platform.

Support for Multiple Devices

The platform is made to work with a variety of devices, such as tablets, smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers, guaranteeing a smooth user experience.

Rankings And Leaderboards system

By enabling users to monitor their performance in comparison to other players through a leaderboard and ranking system, the platform can incorporate a competitive aspect.

Updates on Player Injury

In addition to informing users when a player is absent, users can receive regular information on player ailments, which helps them choose their favorite clubs wisely.

Virtual Currency Scheme

Users can play games and enter contests using the platform's virtual currency system without having to use real money or risk losing any real money.

Dream11 Clone App Development 

Users may create their own teams using the Dream11 clone app Development by choosing players, setting up games, competing, and earning points and pocket money based on how well their players perform.DappsFirm offers a fantasy sports program covering a range of sports, including football, hockey, NBA, cricket, and others, with features and functions similar to Dream11.Is your objective to create a mobile version of Dream11-style fantasy sports software in order to generate revenue?

Our Dream11 clone app development solutions

Fantasy football app development 

Approximately 70% of sports enthusiasts currently participate in fantasy football. We also know that the sport with the biggest global fan base is football. Given the enormous fan base, releasing a fantasy football app is always a risky business decision.

Fantasy Rugby App Development 

The two fundamental human emotions, fury and compassion, have been embodied in rugby. With almost 12.8 billion viewers in 2019, the Rugby World Cup has once again proven its magnificence. Get bonus points by launching an app for rugby lovers.

Fantasy NBA app development 

There are four professional sports leagues, including the NBA. This basketball league has fans from all around the world. It will be a three-point shoot for you to release a fantasy app for these fans.

Fantasy kabaddi app development 

Kabaddi has always been a very popular sport. The number of kabaddi spectators has increased since the creation of different leagues, such as pro kabaddi. If you've observed this increase in kabaddi fans, it's time to release your fantasy kabaddi app.

How does the Dream11 Clone App Work?

  • A user account is created once the user provides their email address during the sign-up process. The referral code that the user got from a friend or enemy can also be used to sign up.
  • The user can select the fantasy team and the contest he wants to play in after creating an account.
  • Each player will cost a specific amount of credit points, and the user will receive a given number of credit points for selecting the player. Within that specific credit point, the user may select the maximum number of participants.
  • The user is eligible to take part in the competitions. There are restrictions on the maximum number of teams that can enter each competition.
  • Only before the commencement of the contest may you choose your team. Points will be awarded to you according to how well each player performed in the actual game. Based on the number of points you have accrued, you will be given the money and winning prizes.

Business revenue with our Dream 11 clone App

  • Receive a commission for each game that is played on your platform. A fixed amount or a fixed proportion of the entire pot may be used for this.
  • Able to provide sponsorship options to businesses wishing to advertise their goods or services to your user base. Sponsored content, banner adverts, and other marketing materials are examples
  • You can let your users buy in-app items like virtual currency, premium features, or access to only your content. This may be a really effective approach to bring in more money.
  • By providing customers with access to premium subscriptions that offer extra features like quicker withdrawals, entry to exclusive tournaments, and more.
  • Delivering adverts to your users in order to monetize the platform. This may be a very effective approach to make money without sacrificing user satisfaction.
  • To draw in new customers and keep hold of current ones, offer incentives and promotions. Users may become more engaged as a result and decide to make additional wagers.

Why choose Hivelance for your dream 11 clone script?

Hivelance is a prominent Fantasy sports game development company that contends in offering a Dream11 clone script with features and functionalities that are beyond your expectations and satisfy all of your demands. Our design team gives users an excellent experience because of the incredible competence of our UI/UX designers. Contact us whenever you'd like to speak with one of our industry-leading specialists for a free consultation.Our developers work tremendously hard to deliver highly functional mobile apps and virtual sports software to our clients.With our vast experience in the sports industry, we offer a range of tailored whitelabel clone software for numerous sports and solutions. 

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