Gemz Game Clone Script - To Start Your Telegram based Clicker Games With TON Integration

Launch your Crypto Gaming business like Clicker Game on the Telegram Platform with our Gemz Clone Script developer from Hivelance

Gemz Game Clone Script - To Start Your Telegram based Clicker Games With TON Integration

Introduction To Gemz:

A growing number of telegram crypto games have emerged such as GemZ which modifies the formula of Hamster Kombat slightly by letting players take on the role as fuzzy hamsters instead of mining coins as cartoon sloths. Hamster Kombat gamers will recognize Gemz a great deal even with that change in tone. In the entertaining telegram game Gemz, users can gain Gemz coins by tapping on a gem. Users can work toward goals, invite friends, join groups, and advance through various leagues by earning points. 

In this blog, we explore a Gemz telegram game and its development which replicates Gemz coin’s features and functionalities using our Gemz clone script. 

Gameplay key points for Gemz telegram game 

  • Purchase cards to increase your hourly wage and tap to earn coins.
  • Finish extra missions to earn more money.
  • Ask your friends to sign up; you will receive more cash for each referral.

What is Gemz clone script? 

A Gemz clone script is a pre-made script solution that is a duplicate of a clicker game that was probably produced for the Gemz platform and gained popularity, but it is now optimized to run on Telegram. Clicker games are a genre of casual games in which the main gameplay mechanic is clicking or tapping to accomplish objectives, frequently requiring upgrades and resource acquisition.

Hivelance offers Tap-to-Earn game development services where you can get a tap to earn games like Gemz. This can be done easily with our skilled T2E game developers who are well-educated  and researched in telegram-based games 

Get your tap to earn clicker games like Gemz using our Gemz clone script !!

Whitelabel Gemz clone script 

Whitelabel Gemz clone software offers a distinct brand identity and is completely customizable to meet the business demands of our clients. Our talented tap to earn game developers can create it to your specifications.

Hivelance’s whitelabel Gems clone software solution provides a bug-free add-on features and modification can be done based on their  business requirements.

Are you seeking a customized ready made script solution ? then you can try our Whitelabel Gemz clone software solution.

How to boost their point earning using our Gemz Clone Script?

The following resources can help players maximize their point-earning potential using our ready made  Gemz clone script solutions:

Rocket: Offers a momentary 5x multiplier on taps.

Multitap: Provides more Gemz Points for each tap, with progressively more expensive tiers available.

Full Energy: Provides the player with an instant energy boost.

Recharge Speed: Increases energy recovery rate per second; three settings are available.

Tapbot: After a player reaches the Silver level, an AI assistant becomes accessible and earns points while the player is away. Within a day, players have to claim these points.

While using Gemz Coins to purchase boosters lowers a player's balance, it has no effect on their lifetime score, which is what ranks them on leaderboards.

Key Features of Gemz clone script 

Mine Page: The Mine page in the game allows players to invest in power-ups that will earn coins for them in real-time. With the use of power-up cards featured in our Gemz clone script, you can generate coins for three hours, after which the player needs to return to the game and claim them in order for the earnings to continue.

Reinvest in card: By investing additional coins on a card, players can enhance its earning potential. You can level up these cards endlessly.
Certain cards have conditions that the player must meet in order to use them, such inviting friends, having another card at a certain level, or doing an activity from the Earn page.

There are four main categories of cards:

  • Gear
  • Companions
  • Services
  • Specials

Available Boosters: To maximize your coin-earning potential, you can use tools like TapBot (an AI assistant for earning while you're away), Full Energy (which rapidly recharges energy), Multitap (which raises points per tap), and Rocket (5x multiplier).

Different tabs usage: There are three tabs that you will view when playing the game; each tab has a unique feature that is meant to help users;

  • Friends
  • Mine 
  • Earn 
  • Boosts 

Team play and collaboration: Our Gemz clone also allows you to take part in team activities to increase your chances of winning additional game rewards. 

How does a Gemz clone work?

Once you have installed Telegram, you can search for Gemz bot and click on it to start. Then click let’s go button and tap on the Gemz logo. Next, you need to claim the daily awards to gain more coins. By inviting Telegram friends or acquiring a referral link, you can invite new users and earn extra money by heading to the "Friends" tab. To get multipliers such an enhanced energy limit, multi-tap, and even bot performance in the "Boost" tab, purchase boosters with the coins that were mined. Acquire in-game objects on the "Mine" page to receive automated hourly profits.

Why Hivelance for developing a tap to earn telegram clicker game like Gemz?

Hivelance is a reputable Tap-to-Earn game development company for creating expansive and engaging gaming environments. Our team of blockchain technology professionals can provide error-free Gemz clone script to assist you in creating your own T2E game.You may alter the many elements that our tap-to-earn clone scripts come with to make them more or less what you require. In addition to development, if necessary, we can offer modification and integration support.

Partner with a trusted provider that provides reasonably priced, very dependable readymade scripts.

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