Celebrate Freedom with Up to 30% Off - Independence Day Deals 2023

Hivelance Independence Day deals & offers 2023 - Get up to 30% off on all products and services such as Crypto Exchange, Casino Games, Web3, DAO, Metaverse, NFT, DeFi, DApps, Token, Blockchain, and more.

Celebrate Freedom with Up to 30% Off - Independence Day Deals 2023

Do you want to start your business with exclusive offers provided by Hivelance? Then, this is the right time to invest and develop your crypto and blockchain-based business ideas.

Crack up to 30% discount on all the products and services.

Hivelance is the top-grade Blockchain Development Company, offering many development services like  Blockchain, Token, Web3, Metaverse, DeFi, NFT, Crypto, DAO, Dapp, and more.

Come on! Let's know more about our services and deals in detail for the upcoming Independence Day 2023. And Our offer exceeds up to August 16’ 2023. 

List of services we provide

Hivelance offers up to 30% discounts on development services listed below. 

  • Crypto Exchange Development 
  • Crypto MLM Software Development
  • Web3.0 Development 
  • NFT Marketplace Development 
  • NFT Game Development 
  • Metaverse Development 
  • Blockchain and crypto casino Game Development 
  • Token Development
  • ICO/STO/IEO Development 
  • Launchpad Development 
  • DeFi Development 
  • Crypto Wallet Development 
  • Crypto payment gateway Development 
  • Smart contract Development 
  • P2E Game Development 
  • M2E Game Development 
  • DAO Development 
  • Blockchain Lightning Network Development 
  • Cross-chain Development 
  • Blockchain Forking 
  • Blockchain-based NFT marketplace 
  • Stablecoin Development 

Our Exclusive ready-made solutions for start-ups to build their business

If you are ready to launch a new crypto and blockchain-based business immediately with the greatest and hottest discounts then Hivelance is the best option to go with ready-made solutions. Because businesses are currently becoming more modernized and adopting cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, Metaverse, Crypto, NFT, Web3, and others. 

Grab exclusive discounts of up to 30% from our ready-made solutions. 

Let’s look at the top-recommended pre-fabricated scripts that will be available to you during the Independence Day Sale at a discounted price. 

Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script

Are you a Cryptopreneur or do you have plans to launch one similar to Binance, Coinbase, Paxful and so on?. Our cryptocurrency exchange clone script is the most sophisticated and feature-rich option for creating and managing a complete cryptocurrency exchange business.  

Our best selling Cryptocurrency Exchange Clone Script 

  • Binance clone script 
  • Binance TR clone script 
  • clone script 
  • SimpleFX clone script 
  • Paxful clone script 
  • Remitano clone script 
  • Coinbase clone script 
  • Coinswitch clone script
  • clone script 
  • CoinDCX clone script 
  • Wazirx clone script 
  • Kucoin clone script
  • ByBit clone script 
  • Kraken clone script 
  • Bitfinex clone script 
  • LocalCryptos clone script 
  • BitOasis clone script 
  • Poloniex clone script 

Begin your crypto exchange within a few days by utilizing our 30% offer on ready-made crypto exchange clone scripts. 

Metaverse clone script 

Our Metaverse clone script is created using agile technology and is specially designed with Metaverse-based business models in mind.

Our Best deal Metaverse Clone Script 

  • Alien Worlds clone 
  • Sandbox clone 
  • Decentraland clone 
  • Illuvium clone 
  • Horizon worlds clone 
  • Polkacity clone
  • Chain for alliance clone 
  • Second life clone 
  • VRChat clone 

With our 30% offer on metaverse clone script, kickstart your metaverse business ideas. 

DeFi Clone Script 

Our DeFi Clone scripts are one of the best solutions for Decentralized Finance based business models. Using our pre-made script, you can launch your own DeFi-based projects right away.

Best Selling DeFi Clone Script

  • PancakeSwap clone 
  • UniSwap clone 
  • SunSwap clone 
  • SushiSwap clone 
  • 1-inch exchange clone 
  • Panther clone 
  • Goose Finance clone 
  • Yearn.Finance clone 
  • AAVE clone 
  • FalconSwap clone 
  • BakerySwap clone 
  • USwap clone 
  • JustSwap clone 
  • JulSwap clone 
  • SafeMoon clone 
  • MooniSwap
  • Fork pancakeswap

Grab the offer we provide and get your DeFi-based business platform in a few days.

NFT Marketplace Clone Script 

The best option for swiftly starting an NFT marketplace is our NFT marketplace clone script. We have unbeatable deals compared to the competition, with special offerings at a lower cost.

The Best NFT marketplace clone script that we have at a discounted rate, 

  • Opensea clone 
  • Rarible clone
  • Binance NFT marketplace clone 
  • NFT trade clone 
  • Coinbase NFT marketplace clone 
  • Solanart clone 
  • Bored Ape Yacht club clone 
  • Gamestop clone 
  • Cryptopunks clone
  • Foundation clone 
  • Olyfans clone 
  • Solsea clone 
  • PolkaCity clone 
  • AirNFTs clone 
  • NFT clone 

Launch your NFT marketplace within a week by taking advantage of our NFT Marketplace Clone Script discount of up to 30%.

NFT Game Clone Script 

Our NFT game clone script is created for every gaming industry, including P2P, M2P, RPG, and others. We offer adaptable, reasonable, and adequate solutions at a fair price. It helps the businessman save time and money. Additionally, business experts can guarantee both an increase in consumers and profits. 
Popular selling NFT game clone script,

  • Axie Infinity clone 
  • Spring Game clone 
  • Zed Run clone 
  • NBA top shots clone 
  • STEPN clone 
  • Splinterlands clone 
  • Decentraland clone 
  • CryptoSnack clone 
  • Polkawar clone 
  • Crypto Blades clone 
  • F1 Delta time clone 
  • Sandbox clone 
  • Gods unchained clone 
  • DungeonSwap clone 
  • Sorare clone 
  • Sandbox clone

Our Stunning Blockchain and Crypto Casino game development lightens up your business 

Hivelance provides services for Blockchain and Crypto casino game development from scratch as well as game clone scripts with unbeatable prices. Use our 30% exclusive offer and get in touch with us to know more upcoming exciting offers.

Popular Crypto Casino Game Clone Scripts are  

  • Blackjack Clone Script
  • Roulette Clone Script
  • Baccarat Clone Script
  • Keno Clone Script
  • Crypto slots Clone Script
  • Craps Clone Script
  • Poker Clone Script
  • Casino hold’em  Clone Script

Blockchain game Clone Scripts are 

  • Axie Infinity Clone Script
  • Splinterlands Clone Script
  • Sandbox Clone Script
  • Ember Sword Clone Script
  • Star Atlas Clone Script
  • Blankos Block Party Clone Script
  • CryptoKitties Clone Script
  • Sorare Clone Script 
  • Crazy Defense Heroes Clone Script
  • Ethermon Clone Script

Get the most exclusive 30% offer from Hivelance for Blockchain and crypto casino game development and attain business growth easily. 

Pick the best offers from us for the Independence Day deal and make it worth your business. Kindly feel free to take advantage of our super duper deals before they expire.

Happy Independence Day!  We wish you luck in finding the best offers to launch your business.

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