ICO Whitepaper Template

ICO Whitepaper Template

ICO Whitepaper Template


Searching for an ICO whitepaper template? Obviously there is no one size fits all. Every ICO is different from one another. But the overall structure of the ICO whitepaper format is explained as below. You can have a look at them and clarify. 

ICO Whitepaper Format

ICO whitepaper format should contain a detailed version of a business model, the reliability of the project, and technology involved. Through that, the investors came to know the details of the entire project which showcases the specifications, mission, vision, objectives, roadmaps, constructive processes, funding details etc. 

Initial Coin Offering( ICO) in simple words is described as the type of funding using cryptocurrencies in blockchain environment.The white paper consists of the following topics:

  1. Introduction/ Preface( What is an ICO?)
  2. Description of tokens used in ICO
  3. How does ICO work?
  4. ICO Opportunities
  5. Investors benefits 
  6. Technical aspects used
  7. Applications of the tokens.

ICO whitepaper examples

Making an ICO success depends upon the scope of the project and how you explain them to the market. So, consider writing quality ICO whitepaper before fully developing your ICO project. Some of the best ICO Whitepapers examples are, 

EOS: EOS is a wonderful blockchain platform that has already raised over $250 million dollars and the token sale. The white paper addresses the failures of current blockchain platforms and explains how latency issues will be mitigated by dividing each block into different threads and transactions. It describes that the project supports smart contracts, integrates a governance model, increases transactional throughput and goes for a proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

FileCoin: The Initial Coin Offering of Filecoin collected $200 millions with its winning white paper that looks quite like an extensively researched article. Not only the layout loaded with schemas and formulae backs the different aspects of the project in a more concrete fashion, but also keeps the white paper easy-to-follow.

Monetha: In less than half an hour, Monetha raised $37 million, featuring a thorough white paper that describes the great project of payment system for the blockchain. Right from the working plan, to utilization plans, from token economy to service records of the team members it has got the compliments. Comprehensive diagrams and product architecture descriptions work even more in the favor of the project.

Guidelines To Follow

1. Addressed Problems

The foremost part for a winning white paper for ICO is to describe the problems that your project is going to address. Apart from the basic idea, emphasize on why the market needs the proposed project, while identifying with the troubles that the users face with similar platforms.

2. The Solution

White paper should make your project stand out by explaining why it is different from the competitors. Explanation of  ideas to benefit the target audience, discussing the market opportunities, the business model and marketing strategies, development visions, and first users of the project.

3. Startup Team

The team members details and advisors in terms of their backgrounds, qualifications and experience in ICO or similar projects must be explained. Multi-professional teams with success stories ensure your project makes an impactful impression on the investors.

4. Future Development Plans

What builds the trust of the users is a clear plan for future developments that your project is expected to showcase in the next 12 to 18 months. Some key elements of the plans may be the important source.

5. Token Utilization and Economic Considerations

White paper should explain thorough terms about the utilization of the funds raised. It works wonders if the project describes the distribution of tokens, the methods you will adopt for sales, dates of exchange listing, the date of onset of sales, redemption terms and security guarantees.

ICO whitepaper writers

The ICO whitepaper is the core foundation for the success of an ICO project. But most of the people don’t get what ICO is meant for. They write poor explanations, misleading information about the project, lack of technical understanding and over promotional messages. This causes your investors to think about your project in a skeptical way. Hire the expertise ICO whitepaper writers who are actively involved in the live projects and showcase their portfolio in a good way. In case of any help needed, you may connect with our experts to get a free consultation.

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