Keno Game Development To Create a Trendy Casino Game

Hivelance offers market-leading keno lottery software development services. We create reliable and expandable keno lottery gaming platforms

Keno Game Development To Create a  Trendy Casino Game

Keno Game Development Company

Hivelance is a premier Keno Game Development Company offers you an alluring keno gaming creation option for your business and stays up to speed with the most recent developments in the keno game. We can easily adapt our solutions to meet evolving industry trends because of their high degree of customization. 

With a particular emphasis on their color combinations for player engagement, we build game pieces and boards. Our talented developers are able to track player activity in order to gain insight into how users interact with the game through using technology.

Keno Game Software Development 

Keno Game software development is the creation  of a game software .This software has the features and functionalities developed for Keno game.Our Keno gaming software is a one-stop destination for all your business needs.We create the capacity for users to play many games simultaneously and to have opponents automatically play according to player-customized strategies.

What is Keno Game ?

Keno is a gambling game that resembles the lottery that is frequently given as a game in some lotteries and played in contemporary casinos. Gamers place bets by selecting numbers between 1 and 80. Obtaining a ticket and matching the numbers are the first steps in playing online Keno. A Keno game is created based on the client's ideas and our professional judgment.

Features Of KENO Game  Development

Several Tickets: The games are more entertaining and worthwhile to play because our keno software solution makes it easy to raise many tickets.

Huge Reward: Players can maximize their chances of winning substantial sums of money by using our keno gaming software to place larger bets and draw larger prizes.

Multiple winner: Hivelance’s keno gaming solutions also provide a multi-winner option, which enhances player motivation and engagement.

Payment gateway:The greatest payment gateways are integrated into the Payment System. This feature enables players to place bets using a variety of payment options.

Certified RNG Games: Our team of game developers has created RNG-certified games that support random number generation for open and honest play.

Hazard Assessment:Our sophisticated security systems prevent fraud of any kind and serve as a shield in the keno games we create.

Multiple Languages:We also create multilingual keno games, apps, and websites to attract players from particular areas.

CRM and Back Office:Our keno game solutions make it simple for operators to run their gaming businesses by providing unique and incredibly user-friendly backend management systems and CRM access.

Rewards and Loyalty :Businesses that offer bingo games might start their own loyalty and rewards programs to boost player engagement.

Fraud Prevention System: The greatest anti-fraud mechanisms are built into our keno game software to prevent any form of fraud from occurring and to keep players protected.

Conscientious Gaming: To allow users to play the games without concern, our keno gaming solutions rigorously protect user privacy and data security.

High standard Security:The most secure hosting platforms in the world are home to our keno game solutions.

Business Perks of developing Keno game 

Game’s speed 

By playing at their own rate, consumers can easily adjust the game's tempo. To help users get faster results, we also provide turbo play, which allows the machine to shoot balls faster.


Customers can customize their gaming experience from wherever they are by using our sophisticated Keno software. We also give a chatbox so they can experience live keno and make it more social.

Observable rewards

Our software displays the payments adjacent to the screen of the active game. It is displayed to the clients so they can see how many numbers they have chosen and how much money they have won overall from their stake size.

System of Transactions

The essential component of gaming software is our transaction system. In addition to many other functions, it handles all validations, wagers, reporting, bookkeeping, and ticket administration. The system has been designed by our professionals to ensure that it will never fail.

Specialized Variants

We provide several unique variations of keno. Additionally, we provide a turbo speed option for speedier gameplay.

Our Keno Game software development solutions 

  • Cryptobased Keno Game Software Development 
  • Bitcoin Based Keno Game Software Development
  • BlockChain Based Keno Game Software Development
  • Keno Mobile Application Development
  • Custom Keno Game Software Development

Hire Keno Game Developer

Hire our keno game developers to handle software upgrades or we may provide a fully tailored solution for your online casino business. Our developer builds keno games while keeping you informed of all the goings-on and taking into account your ideas and requirements to deliver the best possible game. We handle timely maintenance and upgrades in addition to providing our clients with round-the-clock technical support following software development and deployment.

Why choose Hivelance for Keno game development ?

Hivelance is a pioneer in developing keno game software worldwide, having successfully supplied customers with the skilled game producers.We never skimp on implementing the highest degree of safety requirements to prevent frauds on our platforms because innovation and cutting-edge technology are at the heart of what we do. We provide safe multi-payment channels and host all of our casino game websites on the safest hosting platforms for the comfort of our gamers.

Would you like to do Keno game creation for your business? Partner with us to get an online Keno gaming solution.







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