Matr1x FIRE Clone Script To Build a next-gen FPS game in Metaverse

Are you ready to create your FPS Game like Matr1x FIRE? Hivelance's Matr1x FIRE Clone script is a ready-made solution that helps to launch your Metaverse-powered FPS Game like Matr1x FIRE effectively

Matr1x FIRE Clone Script To Build a next-gen FPS  game in Metaverse

Among the genres of video games Matr1X Fire , the first mobile shooting game in its metaverse which is now available to play because of the Matr1X  web3 project. Through its platform,MATR1X cutting edge goods are created using web3,eSports, and Artificial intelligence(AI). You can participate in the metaverse and earn NFTs in its main game which is supposed to be a player versus player game (PvP).

In this blog , we explore more about Matr1X Fire and its readymade script offered by Hivelance. 

Matr1X Fire Clone Script 

Matr1X Fire clone script is a ready-made script for the business, where the players  can play shooter games  and it has the same functionalities and features of Matr1X Fire. While our main focus is on PvP game modes, you will also find PvE gameplays where you can engage in multiplayer PvE battles, complete with maps and weapons. Our readymade script is powered by the polygon network to ensure a fast, cheap, and secure ecosystem. 

Hivelance is a Metaverse game development company,offers services for business to earn profit from shooter games like Matri1X Fire.Our Matri1X Fire clone script provides gamers with avatar themed gameplay in the metaverse. Our experts have keen knowledge in producing shooter games with advanced technologies and deep research. 

Matr1X Fire NFTs clone script’s Features 

Player-owned assets (NFTs) are also used in MATR1X FIRE gaming. Classic 5v5 shooting matches, fair play with an anti-cheating system, avatars, weaponry, and digital artworks are among MATR1X FIRE's primary features. 

The Features of MATR1X NFT clone includes the ability to facilitate cross-product applications and the creation and exchange of unique digital works with ease. 


You must have certain Avatar NFTs, such as the six heroes that make up the Hero Squad, in order to use the play-to-earn feature in the MATR1X FIRE game.The quality of the Avatar NFTs is divided into several categories: Common Avatar NFTs are the lowest grade, while Legendary and Mythic NFTs have the highest value. More Avatar NFTs can be made with Genesis Avatar NFTs.


Our MATR1X FIRE clone is a shooter game that features more than 30 different types of firearms, such as submachine guns, handguns, rifles, shotguns, and tactical projectiles. These weapons are all NFTs, and their values vary according to how well they look. A Mythic-quality weapon NFT entitles you to special advantages including in-game privileges and airdrops.

You Are The Champion (YATC) NFT

YATC is a unique platform-level NFT by MATR1X that honors the best web3 players. Because MATR1X has only created 520 YATCs, these tokens are extremely valuable because only holders of YATCs are granted the greatest privileges within our MATR1X ecosystem, including the ability to customize NFTs.


Another MATRIX platform-level NFT is MATR1X Kuku. It has many applications on the platform, including giving purchasers access to top-tier advantages like governance and profit/revenue sharing voting. Many games in the MATR1X ecosystem and exclusive game NFTs, including an upgradeable fighting pet and the capacity to use special powers, are available to you if you own a MATR1X Kuku NFT.By using FIRE tokens and completing tasks, you can breed and raise your MATR1X Kuku NFT.

Benefits of using MAtr1X Fire clone script  

Traditional Cyberworld 5V5 shooting matches:Open fire whenever you want and enjoy the best experiences in these timeless 5V5 shooting fights in a cyberpunk universe with iconic cyberpunk imagery.

Fair Play: The spirit of the game is fair play. With NFTs in hand, join your pals in combat for increased enjoyment.

Diverse Personas:To battle in each match, players will select an avatar from the collection. Every avatar is unique, with a rich life experience, objective, and renowned written story.

Superior to Web3 NFT assets and Web2 games: A good game is about having fun.

NFTs: Digital Works of Art:Every NFT is created as a digital piece of art.

Based on the individual's digital sovereignty:According to conventional wisdom, the primary artistic mediums are theater, architecture, cinema, dance, music, painting, and sculpture. We think that gaming is progressively evolving into a new kind of art. Matr1x FIRE's game philosophy, which is reminiscent of Web3 and crypto-punk tendencies, centers around the emergence of digital individual sovereignty.

Game modes of our Matr1X Clone Script 

Traditional Game Mode: Two teams of players battle over several rounds on a map, with the first team to conquer the map winning.

Battle royale game mode: Players face off against numerous opponents at once; the squad that survives longest wins.

Casual PvE game mode: Players can take on strategic gameplay and "roguelike" features while taking down a variety of dungeon-type foes.

Competitive Mode -This is the most popular game mode, which is highly competitive and revolves around scenarios of attacks and defense.

Teammatch Mode: In this team-based game, you haphazardly join a team and try to take out the members of the opposite squad. Because you will revive after every death in this game, you need to kill as many enemies as you can in order to gain as many points as possible in order to reach the point objective. Your team will win whenever you reach the point objective.

Deathmatch Mode: This game mode puts you in a battle situation where players must destroy as many opponents as they can in order to score more points. In this mode, the winner is always the player with the most points.

How to earn profit using our Matr1x Fire clone ?

  • Having an uncommon virtual character NFT is the primary means of earning money. To increase their attributes, virtual characters can be leveled up; you can earn tokens by playing and owning NFTs.
  • Owners of Battle Passes will have the opportunity to obtain a new treasure chest containing weapons during each gaming season.Weapons and artifacts of the highest rarity Misick could be found in this treasure chest.
  • Players that have higher match scores and own Misick's NFT will be eligible for a random max airdrop upon the official launch of the game.

Why choose Hivelance for Matr1X clone script ?

As a predominent Metaverse Game Development Company offers you to get an exclusive shooter game readymade scripts like Matr1X Fire to deploy directly into the business Our main goals are to create and design mobile games for all common devices as well as to update and revamp web-based games that already exist.We specializes in creating games for mobile platforms such as NFT, Web, Android, and iOS. We create inventive, graphically stunning games that will expand your brand.Our experts work tirelessly to satisfy all of your demands in order to provide you with the greatest game possible. Since we have created a ton of games, we will use our experience to create the ideal actual game with the newest features and capabilities. Our skilled developers create the most sophisticated, user-friendly games using the newest technologies.

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