NFT GAMEDevelopment Company

Level up your gaming experience with Hivelance and enter the world of infinite possibilities. With our NFT gaming platform development solutions, we provide your gamer with distinctive gaming experiences.


NFT Game Development Company

Hivelance is a top-grade NFT Game Development Company who can build your NFT Gaming platform with innovative ideas to get massive revenue.We offer unique gameplay with uncommon digital resources, such as characters, tickets, and weaponry for upgrades. These digital assets are not interchangeable, because they could be utilized in the specific games for which they were designed.

We can assist you in creating a gaming marketplace where players can exchange their assets using NFT and receive cryptocurrency in return. And also we assist in receiving compensation for all the time you have invested fighting adversaries outside.

Our NFT Game Development Services

NFT Play-to-Earn Game Development

NFT games featuring P2E mechanics, where players earn cryptocurrency token prizes and monetize gaming by reselling and trading the integrated NFTs.

NFT Move-to-Earn Game Development

We provide the best M2E services for creating and delivering your gaming platform. Users can earn NFTs or cryptocurrencies as payment for walk, run, or any other motion like a dance.

NFT Sleep-to-Earn Game Development

Our S2E game development services lets users earn NFTs or cryptocurrencies in return for sleeping. NFTs can be made while users are sleeping as a passive source of income.

NFT Player versus Player Game Development

Players can profit by competing against other players online in PvP games. In these games, costumes, special abilities, and skills are tokenized as NFTs.

NFT Role-Playing-Game Development

We create RPGs with a rich game environment, compelling stories, and an excellent growth mechanism utilizing numerous in-game goods like NFTs.

NFT Player versus Player Game Development

We produce AR/VR metaverse NFT gaming systems and 3D games that incorporate NFTs like characters, lands, games, and more in a sizable virtual universe.

NFT Sports and Racing Game Development

We make thrilling racing and sports games with NFT tokenized teams, trophies, improvements, and other items as a top leading NFT game development company.

NFT Card and Casino Game Development

We provide authentic NFT casinos and entertaining card games with reliable rules and distinctive NFT in-game tokens.

Our NFT Game Development Genres

Action Game
Action games

Action games are in high demand and have enormous opportunities for NFTs as well. We convert your gaming assets such as characters, special forces, hardware, and tickets into NFTs that can accommodate a sizable crowd.

Action Game
Adventure Games

Adventure games which provide both a virtual experience and real interactions include Minecraft and Walking Dead. We provide game materials including exclusive tickets, outfits, power updates and maps in an upscale shopping area.

Action Game
PVP Battle Games

PvP combat games provide you with the platform to improve your interaction with specialized overhauls, ensembles, skills, forces, and weaponry. For specific deals, we enable tokenizing your virtual game assets into significant NFTs.

Action Game
Arcade games

Arcades games are entertaining options in the gaming world. We facilitate converting your entire game to an NFT and we aggregate NFTs in your game domain.

Action Game
Board Games

Online board and table games such as Ludo provide a localized play experience. The representation of each player’s identity will be intriguing. We enable you to use unique NFTs in the neighborhood to address you.

Action Game
Casino Games

Use NFTs to participate in club games like Casino. Instead of using real money to make purchases, we offer NFTs as payment for services. NFT also promotes resources and rewards for joining clubs by portraying them in a positive light.

Action Game
Fantasy Games

Dream sports venues like Dream 11 provide their customers the freedom to choose their team and players and play for money. We create the remedy to change your players and teams into NFTs that will benefit the customers with surplus awards.

Action Game
Racing games

Racing games are the most entertaining games that appeal to a wide range of players. We provide the development of NFTs for use in games like cars, and other objects that are essentially made to your specifications and execution.

Prime Features of NFT Game Development

Our NFT game development services merge the thrill of gaming with the strength of blockchain technology, offering gamers distinctive and rewarding experiences while transforming the gaming industry with new economic and social possibilities supported by next-gen capabilities.

Rareness and Scarcity

A sense of exclusivity and scarcity is created by NFTs’ special features, limited production runs , or rare traits which increase demand and the value of collector goods in the game.

Genuine Ownership

NFTs make it possible for players to truly own their in-game possessions, giving them full control and the power to transfer their possessions outside of the confines of the game.


The integration of NFTs allows players to use their owned assets across several games, improving the overall gaming experience and extending the usefulness of their virtual belongings.

Opportunities for Earning

NFTs games offer monetization alternatives for developers such as initial NFT sales, transaction costs, royalties from the secondary market, alliances and collaborations.

Social and community engagement

By allowing players to trade, collaborate, compete, and showcase their collections or achievements, NFT games usually promote social connections and active player communities, promoting a sense of participation and control.

Play to Earn Possibilities

By engaging in games, fulfilling objectives , or hitting milestones within the game, users can acquire valuable NFTs or cryptocurrencies, which NFT can introduce as part of P2E NFT game development features

Benefits of creating NFT Game

Aquiring Capital Venture

As an enterprise owner, you undoubtedly want to receive the best return on your investment and NFT game development can help you with that. By adding entry fee to your game, you will have the opportunity to sell special NFTs and generate extra revenue.


NFT games offer more flexibility for scalability than standard video games do. Game creators have a fantastic potential to maintain their place in the industry because NFT players are constantly looking for new games that can captivate them and help them earn and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Limitless Market

You won't have to deal with much competition because the NFT gaming market is not oversaturated. You would find it simpler to rapidly establish yourself as a premier NFT game development company.

Extra Income Sources

To start, all NFT games assume a paid membership. Additionally, gamers will be required to pay transaction fees each time they acquire or sell NFTs.

Our NFT Game Development Process


Every development project begins with research to identify major trends and evaluate key market participants. We generate concepts and brainstorming ideas during the research phase.


At Hivelance, we handle the whole NFT game development lifecycle. You can upload the finished game to the app stores with the assistance of our experts.


Users obviously want bug-free games, so we conduct a number of alpha and beta checks following the development stage to guarantee a bug-free performance of your NFT game.

Our NFT Game Development Process


We now work on your development roadmap, establish milestones, and talk about time constraints.


We construct a concept to make all the iterations and correct all the needs before moving forward with NFT game development.


Utilizing the most recent tools and technology, our developers turn your concepts and prototypes into massive NFT games.

Our Popular NFT Game Clone Scripts

Hivelance offers a special collection of Top NFT Gaming Clone Scripts that can take your business to new heights such as

Our Blockchain based NFT Game Development

There are several methods and tools available for developing NFT games on blockchains. Here are a few of the notable blockchain platforms that are frequently used in the NFT game development.

Ethereum based NFT Game Development

One of the most popular blockchain platforms for creating NFT games is Ethereum. Through the use of its smart contract capability, it provides a strong infrastructure for developing and trading NFTs.

Solana based NFT Game Development

Solana is a powerful blockchain platform renowned for its quick transaction processing and inexpensive fees. Build engaging, real-time NFT games with Solana due to its scalability and performance.

Polygon based NFT game Development

Another blockchain platform that has become well-known for NFT game development is Binance Smart Chain. As an affordable replacement for Ethereum, it offers scalability.

BSC based NFT Game Development

A Layer 2 scaling solution built on top of Ethereum is called Polygon. It seeks to increase scalability and lower transaction expenses.

Flow based NFT game Development

Building decentralized applications and NFT ecosystems is the sole purpose of the blockchain platform Flow. It provides features and tools geared for developers, including support for the creation of original digital assets and Cadence, a resource-oriented programming language.

Wax Based NFT Game Development

A blockchain and protocol coin called WAX which was created specifically to speed up, simplify and secure online transactions. The WAx blockchain is backwards compatible with EOS and uses Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) as its consensus algorithm.

Fantom Based NFT Game Development

Fantom is a layer-1 blockchain that aims to offer an alternative to Ethereum's exorbitant prices and slow performance, which users frequently criticize. Similar to Hedera Hashgraph, Fantom operates on a blockchain that uses directed acyclic graphs.

Polkadot Based NFT Game Development

A blockchain protocol called Polkadot (DOT) has a central network known as the relay chain that allows other blockchains to connect to it and communicate with it. When serving other blockchains, this relay chain also manages transactions and security. It allows for easy cross-chain interoperability.

Technologies we work on

Hivelance offers a special collection of Top NFT Gaming Clone Scripts that can take your business to new heights such as

Blockchain Platforms










Storage Platforms
NFT Standards





Front end Framework




Hire NFT Game Developers

If you're ready to move on your project, hire our NFT game developers immediately. Give us the chance to transform your concept into a game that attracts players, creates new sources of income, and positions your title at the forefront of the NFT gaming revolution. With the use of blockchain technology, we are devotedly shaping the future of the gaming sector.

By hiring our NFT game developers, you may benefit from their expertise in decentralized marketplaces, tokenomics, and smart contract development. They have a thorough understanding of the economic dynamics present in gaming ecosystems, which enables them to create and promote player participation and maintain a thriving community.

Why Choose Hivelance For NFT Game Development ?

As a top NFT game development company, Hivelance sets itself apart from the competition with its cutting-edge tech stack integration and superior user experience. The highlights of Hivelance that separate us from the competition are listed below.

Brilliant Team

Our creative team gives you access to user-friendly and stunning NFT solutions by merging the best user experience, the finest UI screens, the most presentable 3D elements, effects, etc.

Expertise in game development and design

Our game developers and designers employ cutting-edge technologies and attractive design.

Strategically profiting from low gas fee

We use considerate techniques to mint your tokens across various blockchains resulting in low gas fees.

Practical Strategy

In order to extract the maximum value from in-game assets like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other technologies, we take a realistic approach.

Rapid Launch

When you choose us for NFT gaming development, we guarantee a quicker turnaround. We are committed to helping you reach the market as quickly as possible.

Extensive Experience

In order to help you expand your business more quickly, we have years of experience creating apps that use technologies like NFTs, blockchain, and others.

Price Transparency

Regarding the costs of development, we are always transparent with our clients. There are no unforeseen costs, and you will receive a detailed pricing breakdown.

Entire end-to-end assistance

We will help you throughout the entire process from concept development through post-release support for your NFT game development projects.


What is NFT game development?

It is the process of developing an entire gaming ecosystem that utilizes Non-fungible-tokens as the in-game assets. The NFT can be designed in way to be interoperable across multiple play-to-earn NFT games.

Can you create a game on NFT?

Yes, you can create an ordinary game then integrate NFT utility inside the gameplay. There are multiple game models available such as RPG games, Play-to-earn games, Arcade games, Casino games etc. You can delpoy any game model to be used in NFT. 

How much does it cost to develop an NFT game?

It is difficult to provide an exact cost for developing an NFT game because the cost can vary significantly depending on the complexity of the game, the number of people working on the project, and other factors. You need to consider how many developers working on it, the architecture of game design, game mechanics & in-game assets protocols development.

What are NFT games built on?

NFT games are built on the top of blockchain technology that uses games engines like Unity, Unreal engine for gameplay design. The NFT games are hosted on the decentralized(dApps) marketplace platforms.

How do NFT game devs make money?

The popular models of monetization for game developers are NFTs sales, In-game purchases, Advertising, Subscription fees, Partnerships and sponsorships.

How do you create a play-to-earn NFT games?

You need to develop a stunning gameplay idea, write your whitepaper, design in-game assets and game mechanics using blockchain game development engines, the code your smart contract for NFT utility, then integrate and deploy the whole system into the mainnet. 

Who is NFT game developer?

NFT game developer can undergo various tasks that includes designing gameplay mechanics, creating art and assets, coding and programming the game, and testing and debugging the game. 

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