NFT Storage Solutions

Looking for a secure and reliable NFT storage solution? Hivelance has got you covered! Our platform offers a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology to keep your digital assets safe and accessible at all times.

NFT Storage Solutions

What is NFT Storage Solution?

NFT storage solution is the eternal storage and retrieval system used for storing off-chain NFT data which enables creators and NFT marketplace owners to keep their data’s safeguarded on IPFS in a decentralized manner.  

How NFT Storage Solution Works?

NFT storage solution may use IPFS (Inter Planetary File System) to create the digital fingerprint, which enables the content to be universally referenced and the location of storage. The usage of these fingerprints is to identify the NFT assets and information, which reduces the problems of NFT assets going missing or being "rug pulled." NFT Storage uses IPFS to store NFT assets and data across hundreds of international storage providers, ensuring that the stored Data is continuously accessible to the public with no single point of failure over the long term. the data stored in the IPFS can be fetched by any public IPFS gateway. This IPFS-stored data is directly accessible in the browser using any public IPFS gateway.

How NFT Storage Platform Beneficial To Others?

Service Providers:
With the help of our IPFS-based NFT storage platform service providers may get the benefit of storing an enormous volume of data with lower bandwidth cost and deliver secure peer-to-peer content storage. 

Artists and Creators: 
NFTs are often used to represent unique digital artwork or other creations like content creators, offline book publishers, and journalists are minting their data in our IPFS-based NFT storage platform which is protected and can be easily accessed by their owners or buyers.

Our NFT-based storage platform greatly benefits researchers and developers in any industry who must work with large amounts of datasets. By using an IPFS-like storage solution that allows for decentralized archiving of all NFT data, it speeds up data access in your custom-designed platform.

Blockchain Experts
The NFT storage system, like IPFS with our specially designed solution, collaborates with blockchain developers in the industry. In other words, our solutions help in permanently storing massive amounts of data off-chain. They securely store all of the contents of the given data and timestamp the transactions so that they can access them whenever they are on-chain.

Why Should You Use IPFS For NFT Storage?

The Interplanetary File System is a distributed system entity that manages storage and transfer processes. The IPFS makes sure that files transferred through the system function properly. The below reasons show that IPFS use for NFT storage is the correct choice.

IPFS is a decentralized storage system, which means that NFTs stored on IPFS are not dependent on a central server or authority. Instead, the NFT is broken up into smaller chunks, encrypted, and distributed across multiple nodes on the IPFS network, making it more resilient to failures and attacks.

Permanent Storage:
IPFS provides permanent storage for NFTs, as once the data is added to the network, it is replicated across multiple nodes, ensuring that it is always available even if some of the nodes go offline.

Data Integrity:
IPFS validates the integrity of data saved on the network using cryptographic hashes, ensuring that the NFT is not tampered with or altered.

Fast Access:
IPFS allows for fast access to the NFT, as it uses a distributed network of nodes to retrieve the data, rather than relying on a central server. This can significantly reduce the time it takes to access and transfer NFTs.

IPFS is built to operate with several blockchain systems without a hitch, making it simple to store and access NFTs on various blockchain networks.

Features of NFT Storage Solution

Pin Manager:
Our easy-to-access Pin manager allows you to easily view, manage, and grab your IPFS files with ease.

File Infrastructures for NFT’s:

For your NFTs, our NFT Storage solution offers safe and verified files. Before minting, all users—creators, platform owners, and collectors—must upload using our NFT storage system, duplicate their IPFS CIDs, and attach their NFT.

User-Driven API:

For your NFTs, our NFT Storage solution offers safe and verified files. Before minting, all users—creators, platform owners, and collectors—must upload using our NFT storage system, duplicate their IPFS CIDs, and attach their NFT.

Faster Content Accessibility:

Increase the speed of your IPFS gateways by spinning them with custom domains.


Simply upload your data and store the IPFS hash of the content (CID) that is used as a reference to the content in on-chain NFT data. Filecoin is utilized for long-term data storage and assures that even if our NFT storage fails, NFT data remains.

Retrieve Data:

Accessing the stored NFT data is easy with our decentralized IPFS network. CIDs refer to immutable material, ensuring that you are accessing the original NFT data. The data can be accessed easily using a public IPFS gateway, an IPFS command line, or an IPFS desktop.

Why Choose Hivelance as NFT Storage Solution Provider?

Hivelance is the pioneer organization in the development of NFT Storage Solutions, We use IPFS for our NFT storage platform, which means that NFTs are stored in a decentralized manner, without relying on any central server or authority. And Hivelance offers a low-cost solution for NFT storage, making it accessible to NFT creators and collectors of all levels. We use encryption and hashing to ensure the security of the stored NFTs, preventing unauthorized access or tampering.

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