Frontrunner Blockchain-Driven PixelTap Clone Script

PixelTap Clone script is a pre-built Telegram-based T2E game software that includes the features and functionalities of a popular Tap-To-Earn gaming platform like PixelTap

Frontrunner Blockchain-Driven PixelTap Clone Script

PixelTap is a game where you tap a large yellow coin to get in-game currency, much to the many other incremental (or "clicker") games available on Telegram. In order to upgrade bots, often referred to as pets in the game, which may subsequently be used to battle other players—where more tapping is required—the player must utilize the currency.

Throughout this blog, you might know more about clicker games like Pixeltap.At Hivelance, we offer Pixeltap ready-made scripts for your business.

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What are PixelTap games ?

Within the Pixelverse ecosystem, there is a cryptocurrency game called PixelTap. People can engage in the project using a "tap-to-earn" system using telegram bot. By tapping the screen, participating in PvP matches, inviting friends, communicating on social media, and other activities, players can earn in-game currency. In the future, these currencies will be changed into PIXFI tokens.

PixelTap Clone script 

Pixeltap clone script is an affordable way to create a clicker combat game that is similar to Pixeltap. This well-known game uses blockchain technology to let players fight and win rewards in the Telegram Pixelverse environment.Our experts are well deserved in this telegram based games and give accurate outcomes for your business venture using PixelTap clone script. Hivelance’s PixelTap clone script has many features and functionality which can easily be deployed to start the business. 

Features of PixelTap clone script 

  • Play to airdrop system -By taking part in exciting gaming challenges, players can earn tokens with the revolutionary Play-to-Airdrop system feature. Players can recruit allies, compete in tournaments, tend to their cyber-warriors, trade in the market, and even forecast the results of battles using our PixelTap clone script.
  • Evolution of Cyber Heroes-Our PixelTap clone allows Web3 heroes to organize and improve their digital defenders for autonomous warfare, making them proficient protectors of priceless NFTs. These cyber heroes have the ability to trade on the internal market and take part in epic conflicts, which opens up the possibility of actual financial success.
  • Battles and Earning Points-Players can engage in combat in our PixelTap clones to gain tokens and points. Players receive points for winning bouts, which they may use to move up the leaderboard rankings or swap for tokens.

Key takeaways of PixelTap

  • PixelTap is a popular minigame on Telegram that features a "tap-to-earn" structure that blends combat and clicker components.
  • In-game currency is obtained by tapping pixels, and this money is used to enhance robots in player-versus-player combat.
  • In its first month of launch, PixelTap had over 15 million registered players and 5 million daily active users, making it a member of the rapidly expanding Pixelverse community.
  • In order to gain money in the game, players must tap a yellow coin. As the bots advance, their fighting abilities also improve.
  • In addition to being connected with PIXFI, the ecosystem's utility token that will be airdropped in July 2024, PixelTap offers a Daily Combo challenge for additional coin prizes.

How does the PixelTap clone work ?

Players must first launch the PixelTap clone bot on Telegram in order to begin. Users of Telegram may simply access the game because it opens within the messaging app once it is active.

In the PixelTap clone, you can earn currency by tapping on the yellow coin. Each press starts a timer. Players can utilize a "claim" button to gather accumulated coins to stop tapping constantly, although doing so restarts the timer.

In addition, users get a daily income of money that they can enhance by improving their bots.

An essential component of PixelTap clone is bot upgrades. Players can boost their bots' abilities in combat by increasing their stats, which include energy, power, and recharge time.

Players must tap in certain parts of the screen faster than their opponents in order to win the tap-based combat. A cycle of constant engagement and progress is created when battles are won and additional currency is earned. This additional currency may then be used to fund enhancements.

Revenue streams  of  our Pixel Tap clone script 

  • In-app purchases: Charge for boosters, power-ups, and other features to increase income and enhance user experience.
  • Market fees: Create a marketplace where players may buy and sell in-game items, with a cut going to the seller's commission.
  • Model of Subscription: Offer enhanced earning opportunities and exclusive benefits to premium subscribers.

Why Hivelance for Tap to Earn games like PixelTap ?

Hivelance is a Tap-to-Earn Game Development company, creating Tap to Earn and Play to Earn games powered by cryptocurrency on Telegram like PixelTap. By leveraging the popularity of these games, we can create games with little effort and achieve industry leadership through astute marketing techniques.

Our highly qualified and hired group of game developers will write and configure a feature-rich PixelTap game clone script. Acquiring our PixelTap game clone script grants you access to our blockchain experts. We promise excellent items with complete personalization and branding, delivered on schedule. Before deployment, our team will conduct a thorough testing process, and after deployment, we will continue to support you.

Are you prepared to use our PixelTap Game Clone to create your Tap-To-Earn game on Telegram?

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