Remitano Clone Script

Kickstart Your Own Peer-to-Peer Cryptocurrency Exchange like Remitano. We provide a thorough and feature-rich Remitano clone script that will enable you to start a prosperous cryptocurrency exchange in a short duration.

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Build a Profitable Peer-to-Peer Crypto Exchange with Our Remitano Clone Script

Remitano Clone Script is a pre-made software solution that enables users to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrency with other users. Our pre-built Remitano clone script includes a number of engaging crypto exchange features, such as swapping, staking, and investment possibilities, that will draw users to your new platform often.Our developers use cutting-edge technology and techniques to assure the scalability and transparency of our Remitano clone creation. Begin developing your powerful P2P Remitano exchange to ensure secure crypto trading.

Whitelabel Remitano Exchange Clone software

Market Size, Users, and Industry Growth

White-label Remitano clone software refers to the customizable cryptocurrency exchange software that replicates the features and functionalities of Remitano that we can rebrand based on your business requirements.Our Whitelabel Remitano Clone Software offers you a top-notch trading experience for your business needs. At Hivelance, we provide whitelabel solution which is a fully scalable and effective exchange customization solution, making it very well known among startups and business owners.

Features of Remitano clone script

  • Swift registration
  • GEO tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Live chat
  • Manageable User profile
  • Affiliate /referral programs
  • Margin trading
  • Crypto wallet integration
  • Referral programs
  • User to user trading
  • Online /offline trading
  • Atomic swap
  • Admin dashboard
  • Automate KYC /AML verification
  • Manage verification and transactions
  • Escrow system
  • Access user profile and transaction status
  • Listing crypto tokens
  • Support Center
  • Multi-currency support
  • Powerful trading bot
  • Device management
  • Blockchain technology enabled
  • Easy customization
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Escrow protection
  • CSRF protection
  • Anti-distributed denial of service
  • Jail log-in guard
  • SSL integration
  • End-to-end encrypted transactions
  • HTTPS authentication
  • Browser detection security
  • Server-side forgery protection
  • Cross-site request forgery protection
  • Fingerprint authentication

Benefits of creating a crypto exchange like Remitano

When building a P2P cryptocurrency exchange like the well-known Remitano, startups like to use clone scripts. Using our Remintano clone script, they can leverage the advantages offered by such platforms at an unbeatable price. At Hivelance, we will help you launch a cryptocurrency exchange business similar to Remitano in a few days

Multi-tested and free of flaws

Our development team adheres to multi-tested procedures to complete the successful cryptocurrency exchange platform like Remitano.We collaborate closely with quality assurance experts to swiftly fix any defects, ensuring that the platform performs with expectations

Affordable solution

A feasible solution strikes a balance between affordability, scalability, accessibility, and cost-effectiveness. We offer a workable, affordable solution that satisfies the requirements of its target audience without sacrificing quality or functionality.

Access to the source code

For the Remitano clone script, Hivelance offers user liberty, security, customization possibilities, collaboration, and learning chances. We provide consumers more power over the software, building confidence and allowing them to customize the solution.

Customization Option

Users can easily and intuitively customize specific features of software or other technological solutions using our Whitelabel Remitano Clone Software. This improves the user experience, encourages uniqueness, and guarantees that shows brand value.

Promptly build a platform

You can build a cryptocurrency exchange platform with our Remitano clone script easily in a few days. With this clone script you don't need to spend more time and money. ALongside, you can deploy easily with any technical expertise.

Revenue generation

With the help of our Remitano clone script, you can make money in your business. You may offer premium membership plans, impose fees for trades, withdrawals, or listings, provide advertising space. This revenue builds your brand and business growth constantly.

Remitano Clone App Development

With our Remitano Clone App development, you may trade cryptocurrencies on your convenient smartphone. You won't ever miss any updates or notifications on the bitcoin market thanks to the mobile app for a cloned exchange. Our Remitano clone mobile application uses cutting-edge technology and knowledge to guarantee high-quality and quiet transactions.

Hivelance offers Remitano clone app creation services, which shrinks down the globe of your cryptocurrency exchange. Our Remitano clone app is cross-platform compatible, meaning it can run on other operating systems like Android and iOS. Get our renowned Remitano clone software to draw in mobile cryptocurrency traders.

Revenue model for Remitano Clone Script

Our Remitano exchange clone script provides a variety of revenue-generating opportunities. Thus, diverse user actions and platform use cases improve your earnings through the crypto exchange. Our Remitano clone is designed to revitalize your P2P bitcoin exchange business by bringing up different revenue sources.

Premium services

Business owners can expand their offerings by giving away essential services for free and charging the premium features like limitless ad posting, access to numerous payment methods, verification badges, etc.

Commission fee

You might get a certain percentage of the money as a commission for each successful transaction that happens on your platform. This is the go-to strategy you use to generate money from the application.

Publication Charges

For adding additional cryptocurrencies to your exchange, you might impose a significant fee. Publication fee collection is required for any exchange platform with automatic trading functionality regardless of user transactions.


Business owners can contribute a respectable percentage of revenue by setting up cutting-edge systems for cryptocurrency mining, and this revenue can be expanded by broadening the crypto exchange platform.

Web-based mining

Business owners can contribute a respectable percentage of revenue by setting up cutting-edge systems for cryptocurrency mining, and this revenue can be expanded by broadening the crypto exchange platform.

Token airdrops and IEOs

You can collaborate with cryptocurrency projects to arrange token airdrops or initial exchange offers (IEOs) on your Remitano clone script to increase liquidity and attract new users.

Why should you choose Hivelance to construct your Metaverse Project?

At Hivelance, we have assembled a skilled development team who works with pioneers in the cryptocurrency sector to conceptualize and build a top-notch P2P crypto exchange platform.

Hivelance equips businesses with a ready-made Remitano clone script that was created using the most advanced technology and is fully adaptable to work for the company's potential expansion. Here are a few factors that influence why clients pick us to build their Crypto Exchange like Remitano.

Specialists in crypto trading
Time and cost Efficacy
World-class quality standards
Multi-device compatibility
Customizable for rebranding
Quick deployment
Proven reliability
Enhanced user experience


How much time does it take to launch remitano clone script?

You will be provided with 2 options.Developing from scratch takes a long time which is more than 5 months. Adopting our ready-made cryptocurrency exchange script will be available within one week.

Can I get a customized remitano clone script?

Our developers can embrace your clone script with your own customisation in it.

Can I get remitano clone scripts for both android and ios?

Yes, our app developers will help you to launch successful cryptocurrency trading mobile apps like Remitano which will be compatible with both IOS and Android devices.

What is the price of a Remitano clone script?

The price estimate for remitano clone script can be subjected to change. To get a custom quote for your requirement, drop your details and we'll get back to you.

Can I launch the Remitano clone script on my own?

It depends on whether you’re a non-tech founder or having hands-on experience in development. We’ll help you from the start to moving the project to live.

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