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Software Development Company

Snap up your business to the next move with our top-grade Sports Betting Software Services to earn more. We offer you the strong sports betting software and app with an eye on the latest trends, developing amazing visuals and experiences to grab the audience.

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Top Grade
Sports Betting Software
Development Company

Hivelance is a leading Sports Betting Software Development Company, that creates sports betting software for a variety of sports that is entirely business-oriented and revenue-based. We allow users to get hands-on and enjoy the smoothest betting experience possible with our best sports betting software development solutions. We assure you that our excellent online sports betting software developers can handle all of your technical aspects. With the assistance of our top-tier and rapidly expanding sports betting software development services, you may enhance your sports betting experience.

White Label
Sports Betting Clone Software

Hivelance offers powerful white-label Sports Betting Software Solutions that have the potential to completely transform the betting market. We provide the ideal blend of cutting-edge and expert solutions, consistently aiming to satisfy users and achieve the intended outcomes. We promise to provide cutting-edge solutions, and seamlessly integrate cutting-edge features to improve user experience. As a top Sports betting software development company, Hivelance provides feature-rich white-label sports betting software that is scalable, interactive, and practical. Our blazing-fast solution can meet the demands of your business and guarantee the greatest outcomes in the least amount of time without exceeding your budget.

Fantasy Sports Betting Software Development

In the realm of athletics, every second matters. Our fantasy sports betting software development firm makes sure your audience is on the appropriate platform with the following exclusive features.

Place Bets on Live Events

We offer a broad selection of events and betting options, covering a sizable portion of the event and betting landscape.

Play Games With Pals

With our Sports Betting Game App, you may play with your friends and stay in touch with them.

Online Sports Betting

Gain access to the world's largest betting community and use a social network to find wagers on your preferred sport. It functions similarly to Avexchange and Applebooks.

Actual Odds

We provide competitive odds in real-time so you can receive the greatest deal on every wager.

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Sports Betting Head

Take use of our betting sports manager to get all the betting information on one platform, similar to Shot365 or

Instant Casino

Based on their betting prowess, individuals can win significant sums of money by playing live casino games.

Betting API Integration

Sports betting is made more enjoyable by betting APIs like Indian Fancy, Diamond, and Sky Exchange.

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Book Creator

This is one of the essential components of any sports betting app that enables bookmakers place wagers and determine odds.


You have access to your betting history and may monitor your wins and losses. A history of all bets and transactions is included in this.

Top Scorer

Place bets on every sport and event with competitive odds and a wide range of betting choices.

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Complement-Wise Reports

We display match-specific reports so users may see how well they've gambled.

Live Commentary

Whenever it's convenient for them, users can listen to live commentary during the match.

Place Bets on Live Events

With our sports betting game software, you may get the most recent live scores for all sports, including ice hockey, tennis, hockey, cricket, and soccer.

Live Streaming/TV

We display match-specific reports so users may see how well they've gambled.


Invite your friends to use a live sports betting game app to get the Referral reward.

In-depth Scorecard

Viewers get access to a comprehensive scorecard for a match that includes lineups, statistics, and the most recent scores.

Sports Betting App Development

Are you looking for experts in the field to provide profit-driven services for developing sports betting apps?

Hivelance is a leading Sports Betting App Development company, that serves as your one-stop solution. Our team of dedicated sports betting software developers has the expertise to manage demanding business requirements. Our specialists are adept at creating engaging and powerful applications for sports betting on baseball, football, cricket, horse, racing, and soccer.

Share the details of your idea with our experts, so they can create sports betting applications and turn it into a profitable venture.

Investing In Fantasy Sports Betting App

The following are the main benefits of using advertising in fantasy sports betting apps monetization strategies:

Minimal Financial Commitment

An affordable way to obtain ready-made sportsbook solutions is by working with a sports betting software development business. Consequently, there won't be a significant upfront financial requirement if you intend to develop sports betting apps.

Elevated Profitability

Purchasing fantasy sports betting software guarantees your company will have steady cash flow. This is a result of the fact that many sports enthusiasts now wager on games they find interesting. As such, you may anticipate significant returns on your investment in this kind of software development.

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Increased Desire

These days, individuals have a new perspective on online gaming because of the rise of sports betting apps. Many see it as a way to use their athletic abilities and skills to get money. As a result, there is a noticeable customer demand for betting exchange software apps.

Maintain a Competitive Advantage

With little competition, sports betting apps are a relatively new development in software. Yet, sports betting will emerge as a significant market sector in the upcoming years. Because there won't be as many competitors, your sports betting company can expand significantly till then.

Sports Betting App Development Services

Our main objective is to implement your idea into a workable solution. We are here to push the envelope by coming up with innovative ideas for your business, regardless of how long you have been in the sports sector. By choosing to work with us on the development of your sports betting app, you can be sure that we will put in every effort to launch the application with the highest level of professionalism and the most recent features possible, giving you a breakthrough brand.

Hockey Betting App Development:

One of the most popular sports is hockey. To help hockey fans keep ahead of the competition, we create a betting app that is brimming with cutting-edge features and the newest innovations in technology.

Cricket Betting App Development:

Among the sports that provide the biggest potential for financial gain is cricket. We provide first-rate services for developing cricket betting apps that let users take advantage of incredible features and meet others who share their interests.

Soccer Betting App Development:

A lot of people are passionate about soccer; it's more than simply a game to them. Our excellent soccer betting app development services might lead to new chances to take advantage of the betting business.

Rugby Betting App Development:

Our sports betting app developers will create a professional rugby betting app for businesses and rugby enthusiasts that will support your growth in this competitive sector.

Horse Racing Betting App Development:

We create skillful and cutting-edge horse racing betting software that makes betting fun for your user. Your users can access and enjoy a variety of live betting choices through our platform with online updates and matches.

Tennis Betting App Development:

Tennis is a premier sport, and making money from it is an amazing chance that one should not pass up. Our team of software developers for sports betting assists in creating exceptional solutions that will improve your clientele's experience.

Baseball Betting App Development:

An incredible method to get money in the betting industry is through a baseball betting app. We provide the best baseball betting app development services with cutting-edge features and superior solutions so you can enjoy betting from anywhere.

Basketball Betting App Development:

The basketball betting app is a smart revenue strategy that can help you make a lot of money. Our developers can create a superb basketball betting software platform that will help you keep ahead of the competition in this fast-paced market by leveraging capabilities found in modern devices.

Golf Betting App Development:

We create a top-notch, adaptable golf betting app that allows users to keep tabs on their matches, scores, and more. Our professionals ensure that the solutions offered support your company in achieving its goals.

Boxing Betting App Development:

A popular sport and a good source of income is boxing. Our experts ensure that your Boxing betting app has the newest features and the greatest technology available.

Badminton Betting App Development:

We can assist you in finding a winning solution that goes above and beyond your expectations if you're looking for a badminton betting app. Get our betting app development services for badminton to benefit from a platform that is focused on outcomes.

Motorsports Betting App Development:

With a smooth UI/UX that makes them appear great on every device, we take great delight in producing beautiful motorsports betting apps. Our solution will undoubtedly help you achieve long- term success.

Types of Real-time
Sport Betting Apps

Sports Betting App often operates in a way that facilitates transactions between bettors and punters. Even so, there are numerous varieties of sports betting. These are some sorts that you can take into consideration for the creation of gambling websites from a trending standpoint.

Crypto Sports Betting App

An online betting program that allows users to wager using cryptocurrencies, such as bitcoins and altcoins.

Point Spread Apps

These are very common in nations such as the USA, where wagers are made on specific players rather than teams.

Straight Bets App

These let users wager on a variety of games regularly. A straight bet is a solitary stake in a certain sporting event.

Proprietary Betting Apps

This app is specifically designed for sportsbook operators and also provides the customized experience for which they are intended.

Our Sports Betting App Development
Using Advanced Technology Stack

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Sports Betting APP Panels

Hivelance is an all-encompassing solution for all of your app development needs related to online sports betting. To create a betting app at a reasonable price, our experts are prepared to assist you with excellent functionality, simple settings, and user-friendly designs that keep your users interested.

arrow image User Account
arrow image Live Feed
arrow image In-App purchase
arrow image Instinctive navigation
arrow image Virtual and Real Money Bet
arrow image Betting Tips
arrow image Calendar and Schedule
arrow image Anti-fraud system
arrow image Results Notifications
arrow image Rewards and Bonuses
arrow image Event Listing
arrow image Referral History
arrow image Dashboard
arrow image User Account Management
arrow image Game Management
arrow image Marketing Management
arrow image Live Feed Management
arrow image Risk Management
arrow image Bookmaker Management
arrow image Transaction Management
arrow image Live-Feed Management
arrow image Customer Support
arrow image Player/Player’s Management
arrow image Content Management System
arrow image Bookmaker Account
arrow image User Management
arrow image Change Availability
arrow image Providing Availability
arrow image Send Betting tips
arrow image Providing Live feed
arrow image Odds from major bookies
arrow image Send Notification
arrow image Schedules and Calendars
arrow image Customer Support
arrow image Revealing Dashboard
arrow image Real-time Odds
arrow image Sponsorship and partnerships
arrow image In-app purchases and upgrades
arrow image Subscription or membership fees
arrow image Advertising revenue
arrow image Commission
arrow image Live streaming services
arrow image Conversion fees
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Sports Betting Clone Script

A Sports betting clone script is a ready-to-use solution that provides you with an exact duplicate of existing sports betting solutions to give bettors fantastic betting experiences. Hivelance offers a ready-to-deploy solution for startups and businesses to easily start to grow their ideas.

Are you ready to launch robust sports betting software? We are the right choice with various betting options.

Sports Betting Clone Scripts

We provide the below sports betting clone scripts which are very reliable and robust for business elevation.

sports images
sports images
sports images
sports images
sports images
sports images
sports images
sports images
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Sports Betting App & Software Developer

The sports betting market is changing quickly, and cutting-edge betting options play a big part in it. One of the greatest ways to start making money is to take advantage of sports betting game development. Thus, you need professionals who can help you turn your concept into a successful sports betting app. At Hivelance, With their skills in mobile app development, our team of enthusiastic sports betting app and software developers works tirelessly to fulfill their work. In close collaboration with our clients, our talented app programmers create feature-rich, smooth sports betting solutions that meet their specific requirements. We guarantee the best possible sports betting and fantasy app development experience. Our developers are highly skilled and able to provide many forms of assistance for iOS, Android, and the web. Speak with our sports betting software developer, who will address any issues about the project.

Make The Transition Into
The Next Era Of Sports Betting

By 2028, it is projected that the global betting market will generate US$67.17 billion in revenue. For this reason, sports betting applications are the focus of entrepreneurs and startups.


Sports betting software has become one of the most popular trends in the gaming and betting sector because of its tremendous growth in user base in recent years.


Due to the enormous increase in sports and the amount of money wagered annually in each event, a plethora of sports betting applications have been released.


Sports betting software with a large user base has been developed by Hivelance who has well-known and prominent developers of sports betting software.

Sports Betting App & Software Development?

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With the help of incredible sports betting software, increase the pleasure factor of sports betting. Being an elite provider of sports app development services, we create and build sports betting apps with intriguing features that entice users to partake in the ultimate betting experience.

To transform a sports betting app's concept into a cutting-edge solution that optimizes user excitement, our skilled betting app developers integrate the newest technologies, frameworks, and sports betting APIs. While working with us, you'll get.

arrow image Anti-Fraud Mechanism
arrow image Real-time sports data
arrow image Excellent collaboration
arrow image Secure NDA
arrow image Source Code Authority
arrow image No Unexpected Fees
arrow image Flexible hiring
arrow image Timely delivery
arrow image Prompt team modification
arrow image Tech Support
arrow image QA-Tried Fixes
arrow image Live-broadcasting
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