Sports Betting Game Development - Create your own sports betting app

Hivelance is the popular sports betting game developer with an outstanding record of portfolio. We have the proven expertise in developing multi-gaming platforms that can be scalable architecture.

Sports Betting Game Development - Create your own sports betting app

Sports Betting game is an online multi-gaming platform where players can be allowed to participate and win real money. The players can choose the desired game to start betting their money in the pool of similar groups they are interested in. When the player wins, the money gets deposited into the player’s bank account. 

The process of developing this multi-gaming sports betting platform can be done by the use of sports betting software and technologies. 

We enable any tech entrepreneurs to start their gaming platform no matter where they are in the development stage. There are a wide range of tools and technologies used to create the games which we’ll see later in this blog. 

Features of Sports Betting Software

The intended sports betting software should be capable of having the significant features. We can see the number of features available in our Sports betting software.

1. Promotions 

The giveaway, contest, airdrops can be conducted on a regular basis through the use of this feature. Every game developer can announce their game promotions and allow the players to enter the game competition. This feature helps initial game developers to grow their user base without going for third party advertisements. 

2. Live chat support

Live chat support is mandatory in every sports betting software that further boasts the gaming experience. Whenever players feel skeptical in playing their games, live chat support can help them to continue in the right direction. As the sports betting involves a lot of financial decisions, the 24*7 chat features should be given without excuse. 

3. Event dashboard

Live event dashboard is the place where every game club can announce their championship leagues. By accessing the events in a singleview, gamers can choose their interested clubs to participate and win money. 

4. Deposits and bonuses 

Deposit and bonus is the feature in sports betting software that gives platform operators to boost the deposit rate. Players who are depositing their money can get a welcome bonus on the fixed terms. It can be available in the form of points which they can use to enter the high paying gaming competition. 

5. Cryptocurrency support

Cryptocurrency became the mainstream of money in the majority of the multi-gaming platforms. Every sports betting gaming platform should have cryptocurrency payment support and convert their cash vice versa. We forecast this crypto evolution and implemented crypto support in our exclusive sports betting software.

6. Community forums

Every gaming platform has its own community forums to post their queries related to games. The game developers or mutual players will give answers to their problems in an instant  way. This feature allows the players to take part in socializing activities even though they are playing online. Moderation of community forums can be maintained by game operators in a single admin panel.

7. Multi-game support

Users need multiple gaming choices to participate in the betting contest. As a sports betting game developer, you have to enable all the trending games inside the platform to enhance the user base. Limiting the gaming types can bring less audience to your game that can maximize the churn rate in the long run. Football, Cricket, Golf, Casino, Basketball, Poker and Lottery are the popular models used.

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Types of Sports Betting Modules

1. Pari-mutuel wagering

Pari-mutuel wagering is a form of betting in which the final payout is determined based on the total amount of money wagered on a particular event or outcome, minus a percentage that is taken by the house (the organization hosting the event or facilitating the betting). This means that the odds and payouts are not fixed, but rather are calculated based on the total amount of money bet on each outcome.

2. Fixed odds wagering

Fixed-odds wagering is a type of betting in which the odds and payouts are determined beforehand and do not change based on the amount of money bet on each outcome. In fixed-odds wagering, the bettor knows exactly how much they stand to win or lose based on the odds and their bet amount.

3. Exchange wagering 

This method of betting allows peer-to-peer players to bet on their own terms. The operator matches bettors and opposite sides of propositions to give the payouts. For this, the hosting operators charge commission fees to facilitate the betting process.  

Technology stack used in Sports Betting Games

Web development frameworks - React, Angular, or Vue.js

Server-side technologies - Python, Java, or Ruby & web servers like apache or Nginx

Database - MySQL or PostgreSQL, or NoSQL databases like MongoDB

Payment processor - Paypal, Stripe, Crypto third party API

Data feeds -  Third party news feed API from sports channels

Multi-gaming betting platform development cost

The sports betting game development cost may be determined on the features and technology stack used. The complexity of the project may incur additional charges even after the production stage. 

The maintenance plays a crucial role in running the sports betting game operations. Since there are a lot of payments, dividends need to be automated and simulated through the right payment splitting processors. 

It is advisable to contact the sports betting game developers who had prior experience in developing these kinds of projects. Chat with our experts to know the exact cost estimation for sports betting game development.

Who can develop Sports Betting Game Apps?

Hivelance is the popular sports betting game app developer with an outstanding record of portfolio. We have the proven expertise in developing multi-gaming platforms that can be scalable architecture.

Our game developers have a solid understanding of the underlying game technologies used. Moreover, we can offer you the sports betting platform developed for affordable cost. We stand high in the code development standards that no other competitors can compete with.

Contact us to get a free consultation.

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