Launch Your Own W-Coin Style Tap-to-Earn Game Effortlessly

Explore the W-Coin clone script—a ready-made solution to launch your tap-to-earn game like W-Coin on Telegram. Boost earnings with customizable features and blockchain options

Launch Your Own W-Coin Style Tap-to-Earn Game Effortlessly

W-Coin has grown remarkably since its inception. In just five days , it began its mining phase on May 2 , and reached 50,000 users. In addition, the game’s telegram network has grown to around 5 million members, and its X handle has more than 1 million followers. As of June 11, the game claimed to have reached 10 million users. These benchmarks show that the game is becoming more and more popular. 

In the gaming and cryptocurrency arena on telegram, W-coin has partnered with a number of noteworthy projects. One of its main collaborators is YesCoin, a clicker game played on telegram that runs on the TON blockchain. Other partners include well-known telegram games like PixelTap by Pixelverse, DotoCoin, and Catizen. 

Explore W-Coin , a tap to earn game that runs on telegram. By tapping and doing chores, you can earn in-game tokens. we discover how to play W-coin , investigate the game’s community development and potential future , and increase your earnings using boosts, staking, and referrals. 

W-Coin Clone Script 

W-Coin clone script is a ready made software solution where you can get ready made scripts on tap to earn games like WCoin for  your business venture. You don't need to work on from scratch, this W-coin clone software solutions are ready to fit for your business directly. 

Hivelance is a world class telegram based Tap-to-Earn Game Development Company, offers services for creating a tap to earn game like W-coin,DotCoin, TapSwap etc. 

What is W-Coin?

In the game W-Coin, users create in-game currency by continuously tapping a button on the Telegram platform. Playing this simple game should be enjoyable and gratifying because it doesn't take much work. Its simplicity and the chance to acquire virtual tokens that could be valuable in the future are the main draws of the game.

Whitelabel W-Coin Clone Software 

Whitelabel W-Coin clone scripts offer the ability to alter the functionality and look of the game in accordance with the specifications required for business identification. Our Whitelabel W-Coin clone software offers a customizable solution where you can enable players to select the blockchain on which they wish to launch their tokens. Solana, Ethereum, and TON are the available alternatives. Players must make a wise decision because they can only make this selection once, via the settings icon on the game screen.

Launch your own brand identity Tap to Earn game with our Whitelabel W-Coin clone software. 

How can users start using W-coin clones ?

Players only need to visit the W-Coin clone Telegram bot to get started. From there, users have the option to interact with the community, view the game instructions, or just click "Play" to get started.

The primary interface of the game will open up when you click "Play." To start earning in-game tokens, users simply tap the image of the W-coin here. The counter will rise with each tap.There is a settings indicator on the upper right corner of the screen where users can choose between Ethereum, Solana, and Ton as their preferred blockchain. 

Please take note that you can only select this once and that it cannot be modified.

How Does a W-Coin Game Clone Work? 

W-Coin clone is made with an easy-to-use gameplay system for a large user base. To get started and increase your earnings in the game, follow these steps:

  • Become a Telegram bot member: In order to play W-Coin clone, users must have a Telegram account. They can use the website link to access the game.
  • Launch the game here: Users are led to the W-Coin clone bot on Telegram after clicking the link. Here, users can view the rules of the game, interact with other players, or just click "Play" to get started.
  • Tap-to-earn: Tapping on the W-Coin graphic is the primary method of gameplay. The player's token balance in the game rises with each tap. You gain tokens by tapping more frequently.

Features of WCoin Clone Script 

W-Coin clone has a number of features to improve gameplay and boost profits, including:

  • Referral Program: Allows users to ask their friends to play the game. With every referral, you get 2,500 tokens and 1% of the friend's earnings. Adding more friends will significantly boost your token balance and earn you additional rewards and bonus levels.
  • Tasks: Getting extra tokens can also be obtained by finishing tasks. These responsibilities can include interacting with the game on social media, checking in every day, and joining the game's Telegram community.
  • Staking: In order to get more benefits, players can stake their tokens. You can receive a bonus of 2% to 20% of the staked value by locking up a portion of your tokens for a predetermined period of time (between 3 and 14 days).
  • Boosters: The game offers a number of boosters that can improve how well you tap. Among them are:
  • W-orker: An automated tapping bot that keeps on gaining tokens even when you're not playing.
  • Charger: Quickens the pace at which the energy in your bot recharges.

        ●Lucky Dice: A free daily boost that momentarily increases the benefits you    receive for tapping.

Why Hivelance for developing Tap-to-Earn Game on telegram  like W-Coin ?

Hivelance is a reputable Tap-to-Earn game development company for creating expansive and engaging gaming environments. Our team of blockchain technology professionals can provide error-free W-Coin clone scripts to assist you in creating your own T2E game.

You may alter the many elements that our tap-to-earn clone scripts come with to make them more or less what you require. In addition to development, if necessary, we can offer modification and integration support.

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