Yescoin Clone Script - To Start Your Swipe To Earn Telegram Games

Launch your Gaming Business like Swipe To Earn Game on the Telegram Platform with our Yescoin Clone Script with Customized features

Yescoin Clone Script - To Start Your Swipe To Earn Telegram Games

Introduction About YesCoin:

YesCoin asks players to swipe across a screen full of gold tokens, which is a different strategy from the standard Telegram "clicker" concept.

Coins disappear and reappear as you swipe. However, your energy gradually wanes as indicated by a bar at the bottom of the screen. Coins start to show up less quickly after it reaches zero. You have the option to swipe each penny away as it appears or to wait for your energy bar to refill by leaving the app alone.
Similar to several clicker or "tapper" games, you can buy techniques to increase the rate at which you make money with the coins you collect. Purchase power-ups to boost the coins' worth and quicken the rate at which your energy bar refills. By taking advantage of these as soon as possible, you can get a head start on your game and purchase important improvements without having to wait.

Almost a Million Users Are Active and Counting:

Over a million active Telegram users have signed up for YesCoin since its introduction, and this is only the beginning. The project's popularity and the success of its engagement tactics are demonstrated by the YesCoin community's quick expansion. The opportunity to earn and network grows as more people sign up and participate, fostering a vibrant ecosystem that is advantageous to all parties involved.This blog explores the swipe to earn game like Yescoin  and its features and functionalities to earn while swiping. 

What is YesCoin Clone Script? 

Yescoin Clone Script is a ready-made, adaptable software solution that lets people or businesses make their telegram-based Swipe game that is comparable to Yescoin. Although our Hivelance’s Yescoin clone scripts are essentially copies of the software used in the original Yescoin, We allow users to launch their versions of the swipe to earn games like YesCoin with comparable features and functionality. You don't need to move on from scratch. It is a readymade script to power up your business easily and earn profits.

Overview YesCoin: A new way to earn: 

Yescoin is a well-liked game on Telegram that runs on the TON blockchain like Notcoin, TapSwap, W-Coin, Hamster Kombat, and Notcoin.To avoid its flaws and build on its advantages, YesCoin was created with the lessons learned from Notcoin. With YesCoin, consumers are guaranteed a more profitable and engaging experience as a new entrance point into the popular Web3 space.

You may win Bitcoin by merely swiping your screen with the help of the popular Telegram game Yescoin. With millions of users worldwide, Yescoin provides a distinctive "swipe-to-earn" experience by utilizing the TON blockchain.

Features of YesCoin clone script: 

Swipe to earn mechanism: Our "swipe-to-earn" mechanism of Yescoin is its main selling point. As you play, you can win incentives by swiping your screen to collect Yescoins. You advance through the game's different leagues—Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond—by meeting certain milestones. You can now obtain higher-value coins as you progress.

Air drops and special events: Our Yescoin clone also provides frequent airdrops and exclusive events for added revenue potential. Asking friends to join you might get you extra benefits, especially if they have Telegram Premium, which makes the game more interactive and sociable.

Boosts and power-ups: Yescoin  clone is more than just a swipe-and-earn platform. Several power-ups and boosters are included in the game, such as the YesPac, which gathers coins for you even while you're not online. Our Yescoin clone script’s feature gives the gameplay a strategic component that makes it more interesting and satisfying.

Claim Daily Rewards: With our Yescoin clone, it's simple to claim daily incentives. To automatically obtain bonus Yescoins, just log in every day. Consider paying a little price in TON to unlock more incentives in order to optimize these prizes. Your daily earnings can be greatly increased with this little investment, giving you additional Yescoins in return for your work. Daily login bonuses promote regular gameplay and accelerate currency accumulation.

Refer Your Friends: You can increase your earnings by inviting others to join the Yescoin clone. Invite friends using your referral link, and you'll get bonus Yescoins when they sign up through it. If your friends subscribe to Telegram Premium, the benefits increase even further. As you can receive bonuses for cooperating and encouraging one another in the game, forming squads with your pals can also increase your overall earnings. You can reach more potential players by strategically sharing your referral link in pertinent online groups.

Easy and seamless gaming experience: We provide a pixelated, vintage style for those who enjoy retro video games.These features are made possible by integrating with Telegram.

How do We Integrate the YesCoin clone with the TON wallet?

  • As the number of Yescoin users increases, the Yescoin clone will introduce tasks centered around TON wallets and TON space, assisting web2 users in converting to TON wallets and delivering hundreds of thousands of TON wallet addresses immediately.
  • Once it reaches a specific size, Yescoin and its TON partners will start working on memecoin plans. It is anticipated that users will generate transactions and receive real tokens through gaming mechanisms, adding tens of thousands of additional active users to TON each month.
  • Yescoin clone intends to assetize its resources and platform by producing token-related assets and TON-based NFT, increasing TVL for TON, launching a superior new meme environment, and drawing interest from outside the existing sphere.

Why Hivelance for developing Swipe-to-Earn games like YesCoin?

Hivelance, a leading Swipe to Earn game development company, enables you to create a unique swipe-to-earn game with their powerful Yescoin Clone Script solution. We give you the resources and know-how to help you through the development process, making sure your game is polished, safe, and prepared to conquer the blockchain gaming scene. Always do your research and take your risk tolerance into account before participating in any cryptocurrency-related activities. Using our Yescoin Clone Script, you can take advantage of early adopter Status. Design a game with genuine revenue possibilities in addition to entertainment value. We create a game that draws players in and brings in money consistently.

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