Crypto Exchange clone - Quick guide

Exchange clone script is the lookalike of popular crypto exchanges.

Crypto Exchange clone - Quick guide


What is an exchange clone script? 

Exchange clone script is the lookalike of popular crypto exchanges. Every crypto exchange is different from their unique selling point, but the operative procedure seems to be the same in all cases. That’s why companies started to build clone scripts that operate seamlessly when hosted on the servers with little customization done. The clone script is mainly developed to minimize the developers time in writing codes

Popular exchange clones

When taking the list of popular exchange cones, these five clones have been most referenced by the business owners. It has been ranked in terms of easy usability, high end features, successful transaction rate and more.

  1. Binance clone 
  2. Coinbase clone 
  3. clone
  4. WazirX clone
  5. LocalBitcoins Clone 
  6. Paxful Clone 
  7. Remitano cone

Programming language used

90% exchange owners stick to their opinion in choosing the reliable tech stack when operating their exchanges. It is the pillar for every exchange and should be fool-proof. Let’s see what are the common programming languages used to build the exchange clones. 

1. Exchange clone script(php)

Most of the companies use php as the programming language in their exchange clone scripts. Using laravel framework, exchange clones are being developed. It is the easiest option for purchasing or selling any crypto currency inside the website. 

There is no requirement for a personal node because it will link to a merchant account for coin payments. It is completely safe and dynamic. It works with all cryptocurrency wallets, including Coin Payment, Deposit, Withdrawal, Referral System, and more. 

2. Exchange clone script(mean stack) 

Even though php script is reliable, it has some limitations in scalability. Exchanges can’t run huge volumes of transactions as fast as the users expect. That’s why the mean stack is used nowadays.

Infact, technologies like Flutter are super good to write and launch the app in both iOS and android without developing separately. Companies like us have built exchange clones in flutter, react native, mean stack, php to meet the demands of our clients. We see clients of different sizes who have the passion to start an exchange

Customization problem

Anyone can buy the exchange clones. But not all of them are creating unique exchange platforms really. Probably, startups who don’t have enough technical support will bluntly install the code and optimize the logos, colors. That’s it. 

However, it should not be done in this manner.  Your exchange should address a key issue that other exchanges do not. In the long term, this will only help your exchange succeed or else you will get lost in the crowd.

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