MotoDex Clone Script To Launch Your Own Multi-level Racing Gaming Platform

MotoDEX Clone Script is a ready-made multi-level racing NFT game clone script that has all the essential and advanced features and plug-ins of MotoDEX P2E Game.

MotoDex Clone Script To Launch Your Own Multi-level Racing Gaming Platform

MotoDEX has been growing, innovating, and creating communities along the way. With its continued growth and development, this exciting non-fungible token game is well-positioned to create big waves in the play-to-earn market. Watch MotoDEX as it accelerates toward its upcoming benchmarks.
In this blog, let we go in depth about MotoDEX and developing a NFT race game like MotoDEX, 

MotoDex Clone Script: 

MotoDex clone script is a ready made solution that replicates the features and functionalities of blockchain games like MotoDEX.  It is a blockchain game where players participate in the  competition of racing on motorcycles. Hivelance offers blockchain game development services for the business. Our MotoDEX clone script offers a high end solution which can be deployed easily to start your revenue generation in the competition of the gaming market. 

What is MotoDeX?

An Era of innovation in Computerized games starts with MotoDEX. Using MotoDEX , customers may train their riders, compete in motorcycle races, and enhance fast-paced courses. People have countless options to make money due to the never ending competition cycle. Champions receive actual US cash as rewards for completing each stage. With only 7 weeks of consistent competition involvement, you can build your initial game investment and profit is a fun method. 

Why do we need a MotoDex clone?

In the NFT game MotoDEX clone, players compete in  multi-level motorbike racing on fast tracks , offering them endless possibilities. Because of its clear benefits, the game has become popular in the NFT market. 

1. Character selection and gameplay is simple. Fans of vintage racing simulator genre are enthralled with the simple plot, exhilarating high-speed racing, and vibrant settings. 

2.Financial transactions using smart contracts are protected. The players' available funds are tracked , updated and generated automatically by the algorithm.Users are guaranteed honesty and payment transparency when blockchain technology replaces the human aspect.

2. Benefits at the smart contract level are extended to pioneering motoDEX buyers through the automatic price rise for new characters. The concept promises an advantage in monetizing game advancement to investors who join the game at outset.

4. A game economy that encourages NFT object prices to rise. A consistent rise in the value of in-game items is guaranteed by the algorithm’s requirement for the cost of tracks and characters to increase with each new scale.

5. High liquidity and the potential for extremely high returns. There is an opportunity for gamers to invest more in games  from the beginning of the project.

How to earn money on a MotoDEX clone?

In MotoDEX clones, the primary objective is to cross the first line in the shortest period of time. The following are NFT earnings


  • These are classic NFT characters that are released on smart contracts. Avatars from video games are available for purchase or sale. Characters can be purchased and sold by players indefinitely. The NFT object’s worth rises by 1% with each new purchase you make.
  • A portion of wagers placed throughout the competition is given to the character owners.

Health capsules: 

  • Utilized to resupply the player’s life and capsules extend life.
  • With every new sale , the price of products rises by 0.1%


  • A limited edition of 99 pieces is manufactured for each track. On smart contracts, they are sold. Its price goes up by 10% with each new sale. Players can currently choose between songs that use these well known global locales as the background.
  • Tournaments held on track provide revenue for track owners.

Revenue generation ways 

You can profit from the game’s NFTs in two important ways in addition to this frenetic competition. 

Revenue from competitions:

Every time a track is used for a competition, the track owner will get paid. In addition , you will receive a portion of the wagers placed throughout the competition if you own a gaming character. An unique smart contract manages these transactions; it takes bets and distributes earnings  at the end of each gaming session.

Selling NFTs:
In-game items such as game characters, soundtracks, and health capsules can be purchased  and sold by users using MotoDEX clones. These NFT things get more valuable with each new purchase, which could result in successful sales. 

You should plan how to purchase and use your NFTs if you need to optimize your MotoDEX clone earnings.Initial investors at MotoDEX clone are rewarded. Naturay , you can improve your earnings from contests by regularly competing in races and tournaments. Your chances of winning and earning are increased the more active you are. 

How can I begin using the MotoDex Clone script?

If you are eager to experience the excitement, here are quick and easy steps for beginning our MotoDEX clone script.

Obtain a MotoDEX platform login: Make sure you are always on the correct  homepage using motoDEX dapp page to navigate the website. 

Select a blockchain: Find the “connect wallet” button’s dropdown list, then choose the blockchain you want to utilize. 

Link wallet: Select “connect wallet”by clicking on it. You may be prompted to confirm adding and modifying the network, depending on the type of wallet. 

Get game NFTs: The button will seem gray and inactive if you don't already have game NFTs accessible. After you confirm the transaction in your wallet by clicking “buy”, you can buy game NFTs.

Construct a game smart contract with NFTs: After acquiring your game NFTs, input them into the smart contract of the game by selecting “Add”. Open your wallet and verify this transaction. You can choose your NFT to pay with once the add-on is finished. 

Pick an NFT: Choose your preferred NFT by clicking “Select”.

Examine and engage: Lastly, select the icon to modify the review. You can now start having fun with our MotoDEX clone.

Why prefer Hivelance for MotoDEX clone script?

Hivelance has expanded the scope of its NFT game development services and has a solid international clientele. Our team has developed Fintech applications for over a decade, and they have a unique approach to client fulfillment and development. We are able to meet budgetary requirements while finishing the NFT gaming project on schedule.Our MotoDEX clone script is an exact replica of the well-known NFT game MotoDEX, which is built on the blockchain. All of the capabilities that MotoDEX currently offers are integrated into the script. Entrepreneurs may start play-to-earn games like MotoDEX by putting this already prepared solution available.

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