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We provide NFT marketplace services that enable users to establish a feature-rich NFT marketplace on several blockchain networks like as Ethereum, Tezos, and others.

Experience World-Class NFT Marketplace Development

Experience World-Class NFT Marketplace Development

As a leading NFT Marketplace Development Company, we give technical hands to validate and deploy your NFT marketplace from start to Moon.Our pool of developers who understand your nft business model and build the powerful NFT marketplace in all use cases like arts, games, sports, fashion, licences and certification.

Our NFT marketplace development company runs independent projects, mutually creates an NFT marketplace with 100% project delivery success, and provides additional add-on services. The expertise of our NFT marketplace development team allows us to cover all blockchain platforms and develop an NFT marketplace that matches the customer’s vision and user preferences. Our customer-centric approach and project development processes help you to deliver the right solutions.

Create Your Own NFT Marketplace Within 2 Weeks!

Creating your own custom NFT marketplace involves a lot of layers like backend databases, blockchain platforms, storage platforms, NFT standards and algorithms and Front-end frameworks. The fully grown NFT marketplace developers at Hivelance. As a top-notch NFT Marketplace development company, we easily make all these stages of NFT Marketplace well organised. You keep the NFT marketplace vision & mission in mind, we keep the technical infrastructure. Our NFT developers know how to transform ideas into NFT marketplace development that can bring users from various platforms to your business ecosystem.

Why is NFT Marketplace Development A Big Thing?

When seeing the lucrative business model of the NFT marketplace, there is no big question why NFT marketplace development is at peak hype. It gets the attention of entrepreneurs in a fascinating way. Listing fees, Gas fees, Minting charges played as the heart of the NFT marketplace revenue model.

Moreover, NFT's are generally the tokens that we can use to represent ownership of unique items. They help us tokenize things like art, collectibles and even real estates. The NFT use cases are unimaginable. Secured by the Ethereum blockchain, no one can modify the record of ownership or copy/paste a new NFT into existence. NFT's solve problems that exist in the internet today. As everything becomes sore digital, there is a need to replicate the properties of physical items like scarcity, uniqueness and proof of ownership. NFT's are compatible with anything. NFT marketplace platforms facilitate the creation, buying and selling of the NFT tokens. People powered NFT marketplaces have the power in delivering NFT adoption to masses.

Why is NFT Marketplace Development A Big Thing

NFT Marketplace Development Services In Singapore

Our NFT marketplace development services provide industry specific solutions that align processes and systems to empower your digital business.
Non-Fungible Token Development
Create your own NFT on various blockchain networks. Our NFT marketplace development team helps to create token along with advanced features that allow your users to mint their tokens on the platform.
Standardisation Template For NFT Marketplace
White-labelled NFT marketplace template designed with all the essential micro components needed. Feel the freedom of customising our NFT marketplace script and build your own marketplace.
NFT Marketplace Design & Development
With strong knowledge of Ethereuum, BSC (ERC721, ERC1155, ERC998, FA2, BEP721, BEP1155) and other blockchain token standards, immutable smart contracts and protocols, our pool of experts create a unique NFT marketplace platform where users can create and trade NFTs.
NFT Smart Contract Development & Audit
Writing an unique smart contract logic for your NFT marketplace and deploying the same on blockchain frameworks testnet. We are adaptable to create an NFT marketplace in any sort of blockchain network. We provide immutable, blockchain-oriented, and growth-driven smart contract that provide you with a best result, eliminating the necessity for a intermediaries.
Forking Existing NFT's Marketplaces
Having an inspiring NFT marketplace in mind? We can fork the existing NFT marketplace altering their smart contract and generate a new furnished marketplace in your hand. Based on your special goals and business focus, our expert team can design front-end, back-end, and build a high-quality custom NFT marketplace solution to fulfill your project needs and outlook.
Maintenance & Support Services
Optimize your NFT Marketplace for efficient performance levels and constantly maintain them to reduce support costs, time, and resource investment. Our team can consistently monitor your marketplace for functionality, downtime, and bug fixes through patches and software upgrades. We can help you attain business growth using right strategies and stand out in the competitive market landscape.

How NFT Marketplace Works?

User can create an account and login
Users can connect their decentralized wallets to the marketplace for trading, buying and selling NFT.
Sellers have the option to mint the assets as NFT's by declaring minting fees.
Buyers can buy their NFT's in auction based offers.
Users can use their NFT's for different purposes anywhere on a third party marketplace.

Industries Specific NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

Full freedom to play with our NFT marketplace solutions with 24/7 customer support. We don’t end up providing the white label NFT marketplace solutions and leave you middleware. We take every inch of technical phase development as our own and offer you end-end customization. Get 100% Authentic, premium, customer centric NFT marketplace solutions from us.

NFT arts marketplace development
NFT marketplace for art lets art creators digitise their works like painting art, from 2D and 3D designs to illustrations, oil paints, and logotypes. Grouped as a NFTs collection that can be bought and traded on the marketplace.
NFT games marketplace development
NFT marketplace for games can enable gamers to buy, sell or monetize their in-app purchased NFTs. Create a next generation play-to-earn game that’s supported by the NFT technology.
NFT sports marketplace development
Sports NFTs are digital collections and trading cards featuring your favourite athletes from any sport. Collectibles include trading cars, sports kits, video clips and memorables exist to trade on the marketplace.
NFT collectibles marketplace development
Digital Collectibles
Crypto collectibles bring all game, art, music, sports and other NFTs together to play. This kind of marketplace offers enormous opportunities for anyone who can be either short term gainers or cryptopreneurs who love collecting stuff.
NFT music marketplace development
The music NFT marketplace unites musicians and fans. Limited-edition album releases allow musicians to profit from their original work without having to pay a large mediatarry commission. Beat selling, Merch, and stock distribution are all typical types of distribution.
NFT virtual world marketplace development
Virtual world
Virtual land ownership in metaverse becomes the key driver for virtual land NFTs. NFT tokens are minted for buying the virtual space available in the inter-connected metaverse. People use the crypto token to buy the virtual pieces of land.
NFT utility marketplace development
Features similar to all NFTs but with extra added value. The utility NFT tokens give holders digital ownership + special membership perks in the community they are in. Popular coined as membership NFTs in marketpalces.

Features Of NFT Marketplace Development

NFT marketplace smart contract
NFT Smart contracts development
Auction format in NFT marketplace
Auction format
UI customization in NFT marketplace
Custom user interface/UX
Transaction History in NFT marketplace
Transaction History
Search filters in NFT marketplace
Filters option
NFT searching engine
NFT Searching engine
Buy/Sell option in NFT marketplace
Sell/Buy feature
Wallet integration in NFT marketplace
Wallet integration
User review system in NFT marketplace
User Ratings
minting feature in NFT marketplace

Steps to Launch Your Own NFT Marketplace

Step 1
Pick your genre of NFT marketplace
Step 2
Generate smart contract for marketplace
Step 3
Design NFT marketplace website & app
Step 4
Deploy the smart contract
Step 5
Test the platform
Step 6
Operate & Market

NFT Marketplace Tech Stack

All our blockchain solutions aim to streamline the world of finance ecosystem. To obtain this and to develop the pace in an increasingly decentralized environment, we require the latest and emerging technologies, tools and working process of our time. See our advanced tech stack below:

NFT Marketplace Tech Stack

Ready-Made NFT Marketplace Script

Hivelance is a leading NFT Marketplace Script development company, a pioneer in developing a high-end NFT Marketplace with our ready-to-launch NFT Marketplace Script which brings artists and creators together in one place. We have a pool of blockchain developers who are specialised in developing NFT Marketplace on various blockchain networks.

Launch Your NFT Marketplace With Popular NFT Marketplace Clone Script

Here, We have listed popular NFT Marketplace clone script. Choose any one of the NFT Marketplace Clone you want to launch. We provide end-to-end white label solutions with 100% bug-free & multi tested source code.
Binance NFT marketplace clone
Binance NFT Marketplace Clone
Wazirx NFT marketplace clone
Wazirx NFT Marketplace Clone
Rarible NFT marketplace clone
Rarible Clone Script
Opensea NFT marketplace clone
OpenSea Clone Script
OnlyFans NFT marketplace clone
OnlyFans Clone Script
Foundation NFT marketplace clone
Foundation Clone Script
PolkaCity NFT marketplace clone
PolkaCity Clone Script
Crypto Punk NFT marketplace clone
Crypto Punk Clone Script
Enjin NFT marketplace clone
Enjin Clone Script
Solsea NFT marketplace clone
Solsea Clone Script
Meebits NFT marketplace clone
Meebits Clone Script
Veve NFT marketplace clone
Veve Clone Script
Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT marketplace clone
Bored Ape Yacht Club Clone Script
Alibaba NFT marketplace clone
Alibaba NFT Marketplace Clone Script
Airnfts Clone Script
Airnfts Clone Script
NFT Showroom Clone Script
NFT Showroom Clone Script
Niftgateway Clone Script
Niftgateway Clone Script
GhostMarket Clone Script
GhostMarket Clone Script
MakersPlace Clone Script
MakersPlace Clone Script
Crypto-com NFT Clone Script

Best NFT Marketplace Development Solutions

Our top-notch nft marketplace developers can help you in developing interactive nft platforms that facilitate decentralized tokenization of nft exchange. We cater to the agile development process without disturbing the core objective of your nft idea.
user friendly NFT marketplace white label

User Friendly

The foremost trait you should look for in the best NFT wallet is a friendly user interface. We are adding social features that open new avenues for conversation and discovery. We are growing the creator community exponentially, a win for artists.

Boost Inclusive Growth

Boost Inclusive Growth

The important entry among the advantages of NFT's refers to the support for inclusive growth. We can facilitate new avenues for all participants. Buyers have the option of liquidity in types of assets and the prospects of royality rewards in future for creators also imply prolific implications.

Creation of Economic Opportunity

Creation of Economic Opportunity

The benefits of NFT's could lead to growth of completely new creator economy. It focus on helping content creators avoid the need of transferring ownership to platforms used for publicizing their content. The original creator get royalty for resale of tokens having address.



The next prominent answer to “what is the benefits of NFT” is evident in the transferability of NFT's. It is easy to trade freely on markets with wide range of options. It can solve the problem of “walled gardens” in the case of games. Ownership transfers are completed with outline of smart contracts.

ownership in NFT marketplace


The vital advantage is evident in the proof of ownership. Since it is on blockchain they are helpful in associating ownership to single account. It ensures buyers are safe from the fake ones. NFT's can transform the conventional norms of verifying and managing ownership easily.

NFT marketplace Authenticity


NFT's rely on the uniqueness of tokens. The traits showcase the potential of contributing value and have previlege of issuing scarcity of supply. The immutability of blockchain provides assurance of authenticity.

Why Choose Hivelance For NFT Marketplace Development?

Being the specialised NFT marketplace development company, Hivelance can bring up your NFT idea into great success. Technically sound resources in our firm can understand your vision and guide you in the right direction. Transparent pricing models, pre-post deployment support and an expertise technical team are the significant reasons why we are better than anyone. Our dedicated R&D team stays up-to-date with proposal in the field to provide our clients with robust, intuitive and efficient NFT marketplace development solutions that give companies a competitive edge. Join over 10+ NFT marketplaces who choose us. Tell us about your project and let’s work together.

Comprehensive Service
Fully Customized Solutions
Faster Time To Market
In-Depth Industry Experience
Reasonable Price
Certified Development Team
Agile Method Approach
Efficient Management

Key Highlights

Our NFT marketplace development solutions and services help startups, SMEs, and Companies to empower people using the right technology at the right time.

Enterprise Clients
Client Retention

Hire the Best NFT Marketplace Developers

Hivelance is a top NFT marketplace development company with a large pool of NFT developers available for dedicated and fixed time/cost projects. Hire NFT marketplace developers from Hivelance who have proven expertise in trending blockchain technologies and tools to develop custom and responsive NFT Maerkplace, web apps and solutions.

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