Illuvium Clone Script - Develop Blockchain NFT Game like Illuvium

Hivelance has been named for excellence in blockchain, Crypto Exchange, NFT game, DAO, Smart contract solutions. We are the best provider of Illuvium clone script and our script can give you a competitive advantage over others.

Illuvium Clone Script -  Develop Blockchain NFT Game like Illuvium

Illuvium Clone Script

Illuvium clone script is the NFT metaverse game script that’s been programmed in a way to perform all the functions of Illuvium. The illuvium game is an ecosystem containing NFT marketplace, decentralized exchange, DeFi protocol, Metaverse DAO and 3D gameplay. The game source code is developed with the combination of blockchain game developers, NFT marketplace experts, Crypto exchange developers, smart contract programmers and gaming engineers. 

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Why develop a NFT game like Illuvium?

Illuvium game is the first kind of AAA blockchain game that’s developed with advanced gameplay. The game has been deployed on Ethereum Blockchain which is the friendly network for crypto enthusiasts to adopt. The game employs multiple web3 business modules together to form the ecosystem. This creates a sensation among new entry NFT users and advanced traders who are leveraging the play-to-earn gameplay. 

The illuvium has native currency called $ILV. The coin holder has the rights and access to illluvium’s DAO governance and operating protocols. The token holders can lend their coins on the DeFi liquidity program created by Illuvium. The DeFi platform is co-created in parallel for the community to liquidate the tokens. 

Moreover, the NFT available in the game which are called Illuvials can be traded on the secondary NFT marketplace. The illuvium has its own decentralized exchange to facilitate the purchase of in-game assets, coins, and staking their tokens. 

With all the interconnected environments in the Illuvium space, this game is a sure winner in the Web3 era. Illuvium exists as the wave of web3 innovations packed in the single ecosystem. 

Seeing this explosive growth of Illuvium, the Web3 Entrepreneurs community has been constantly making up research towards starting apps like Illuvium. For people like them, we recreated Iluvium like game clone script that can match 100% the same features as Illuvium.

Stay to the end of this blog and explore all the technical specifications of our Illuvium clone script.

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Features of Illuvium Clone Script

At Hivelance, we built an Iluvium clone script with extra core features that can add replay value among the gamers. Through a deep research and development process, we have structured the Illuuvium clone script architecture with advanced protocols.

1. Layer 2 Ethereum Scaling Solution

Layer 2 Ethereum solution is otherwise called Immutable X. We have implemented immutable X in the illuvium clone script that’s responsible for faster NFT transactions rate, no gas fees consumption, off-chain minting, self-custody of NFT, faster computation and much more. The immutable X is the pioneer in leading the vast adoption of NFT. 

2. In-Game Purchases

You can enable in-game purchases seamlessly by integrating the native cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency is derived on the blockchain you used to create the game. There are different kinds of in-game assets like Shard Curing, (Modification to various elements of the game such as weapons or Drones, Wagering, Battles, Illuvium Revival (medical fees), Obelisk Travel, and Enhancements. 

3. Adventuring

Adventuring is one of the core elements of Illuvium-like games where players are encouraged to collect in-game characters. The process of collecting those characters tends to be tougher once the stage is getting higher. This is similar to the concept of what Pokemon and Axie infinity have done earlier. But here in Illuvium, the merge of DAO and DeFi protocols makes the game have replay value with economical benefits. 

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4. Battle Arenas

The Battle field where players are challenging themselves to compete with other players in the game. The matching engine will suggest the players rank on the terms of their skill, game level, and the points they have. The segregated group of players on the similar rankings can compete against each other. 

5. In-built DEX 

Illuvium has in-built DEX, the place used to get and exchange all the in-game characters in one place. We developed our illuvium game clone script with DEX protocols merged with it. Through seamless DAO smart contract execution, you can facilitate low gas fees for every transaction happening in the DEX.  

6. Mining and Harvesting

Mining and harvesting are nothing but the staking and yielding protocols. The platform utilizes a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, where users can stake their assets to earn rewards. In addition to mining and harvesting, users can also trade and collect digital assets on the platform. We have designed these programs inside the illuvium clone to make the development process hasslefree. 

7. Shards

Shards are the important element in illuvium games that players use to acquire rare illuvials(NFT). The harder the game is getting, the quality of shards will make players ahead of the game. 

Game-play attributes in Illuvium Clone Script

1. Rich and immersive story-driven campaign: Experience the story of Illuvium like user interface, with a detailed and enthralling narrative of all the characters.

 2. Diverse and dynamic environments: Explore a variety of vibrant and stunning locations, from the deserts of the south to the mountains of the north. The visuals are delicately designed to replicate the original game version.

3. Strategic turn-based combat: Players can outwit their enemies with tactical decisions and counter-moves. The battle mechanism is designed intuitively to make every newbie play better.

4. Unique character progression: Players can customize their characters with a variety of skills and abilities and level them up to unlock powerful abilities. Every player has an individual profile management section to experience the game at fullest. 

5. Crafting system: Craft weapons and armor with the resources you find in the world. It is used to sharpen the skills of game characters, upgrade the levels using gameplay involved. 

6. Special events and challenges: As a game operator, you can enable the special contest like the arena inside the game. There, players can participate in exciting events and challenges, from time-limited missions to PvP duels. 

7. Cross-platform play: Play with friends on any platform and continue your progress across all devices. The game is interoperable with all the blockchains and interconnected to the play-to-earn gaming universe. The illuvium game clone script is crafted with 

Benefits of Choosing Illuvium clone script

  1. Cost-effective: Using an Illuvium clone script can be a cost-effective way to launch your own blockchain-based game platform, as it eliminates the need to develop the platform from scratch.
  2. Time-efficient: An Illuvium clone script can significantly reduce the time required to launch your platform, as much of the development work has already been done.
  3. Customizable: Illuvium clone scripts are highly customizable, allowing you to add your own features and tailor the platform to your specific needs.
  4. Proven technology: Illuvium is a proven and successful platform, so using an Illuvium clone script can give you the benefit of using a platform that has already been tested in the market.
  5. Scalability: The sharding feature of Illuvium allows for a scalable platform. The illuvium game is developed with the combination of DAO governance protocol so that the scalability is no longer an issue.

Why Choose Hivelance for Illuvium Clone Script?

Hivelance has been named for excellence in blockchain, Crypto Exchange, NFT game, DAO, Smart contract development. We are the best provider of Illuvium clone script and our script can give you a competitive advantage over others. Why because, you can simply avail our solutions and work on the project directly.

You don’t have to hire or buy any other third party solutions for illuvium game clone development. The complete software package is available with us at an affordable cost. 

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